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Section 13 of the Live Stock Ordinance 1901 (Ordinance 6 of 1901) stated:
Every farmer shall, on or before the 31st day of May in every year, make and transmit to the Chief Inspector a return in Form 5 of the First Schedule hereto.
From the return for 1954-1955 they were furnished in accordance with Section 40 of the Live Stock Ordinance, Cap. 40. As well as separate printed returns from 1902 to 1981 the returns were also published in the Falkland Islands Gazette.

From 1901 to the return of 1970/71 they were entitled Annual Stock Returns and from the 1971/72 return their title changed to Farming Statistics.

The Archives does not hold a complete set of the separate annual stock returns/farming statistics. The returns are held under series R/AGR/FAR.

From the return for 2015-16 to present date the returns can be accessed on the Department of Agriculture’s website:

 Sheep imported from NZ 1940

1940 - Sheep Imported from New Zealand

pdfAnnual stock returns 1901 to 1909.pdf 7.05 MB

pdfAnnual Stock Returns 1910 to 1919-20.pdf 11.65 MB

pdfAnnual stock returns 1920-21 to 1929-30.pdf 9.05 MB

pdfAnnual stock returns 1930-31 to 1939-40.pdf 7.57 MB

pdfAnnual stock returns 1940-41 to 1949-50.pdf 5.58 MB

pdfAnnual stock returns 1950-51 to 1959-60.pdf 6.68 MB

pdfAnnual stock returns 1960-61 to 1969-70.pdf 7.53 MB

pdfFarming statistics 1970-1 to 1979-80.pdf 7.55 MB

pdfFarming statistics 1980-1 to 1989-90.pdf 11.07 MB

pdfFarming statistics 1990-1 to 1994-95.pdf 13.33 MB

pdfFarming statistics 1995-6 to 1999-2000.pdf 16.52 MB

pdfFarming statistics 2000-1 to 2004-05.pdf 2.73 MB

pdfFarming statistics 2005-06 to 2009-10.pdf7.8 MB

pdfFarming Statistics 2010-11 to 2014-15.pdf7.7 MB


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