Jane Cameron
National Archives

"An archivist is part of the glue that holds the community together" (Donald Cameron 2010).

Welcome to the Jane Cameron National Archives, the National Archives of the Falkland Islands. Here you can find out more about the archives service and access our extensive online collection of digitised material.

The Jane Cameron National Archives ensure the long-term survival and easy accessibility of all those records most important to the history and administration of the Falkland Islands.

Jane Cameron was born in the Falkland Islands in 1950. She returned to the Islands in 1989, after living in the United Kingdom where she studied, to take up the newly-created post of Government Archivist. Jane's brother, Donald, said that Jane's work started with a mountain of cardboard boxes filled with dusty historic documents stored in Government House and the Secretariat. Over the next 20 years Jane became well known for her dedication to preserving the Islands' history in all of its forms. Jane sadly passed away in 2009 and in 2010 the archives were changed to a National Archives, and re-named in her memory. Since then the National Archives staff have continued to expand the collections and ensure the preservation and accessibility of records held.

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[FC-001-0023. Colonial Manager's old house, Ross Road, Stanley (right hand side stone building)]

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[FC-003-0027. Postcard of Stanley from the air - prior to building of Infant Junior School on John St]

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[FC-003-0222. Picnic at Rookery Bay, Stanley People in five lorries]

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[FC-004-0106. Goose Green jetty, sheep coming down]

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[Watercolour of first peat slip 1878 Dec 01]