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‘I, William Lamond Allardyce, Governor, Commander-in-Chief and Vice-Admiral as aforesaid, do hereby proclaim that a state of war exists between His Majesty the King and the Emperors of Germany and Austria-Hungary and do hereby notify declare and make known that the Supreme Court of the Falkland Islands is a Prize Court to take cognizance of and judicially to proceed upon all and all manner of Captures Recaptures, Seizures Prizes and reprisals of all Ships Vessels and Goods seized and taken and which are or shall be brought within the limits of the said Court.

Given under my hand at Government House, Stanley, this seventeenth day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fourteen.’


pdfWAR-PRI-1-1. Insurance of prize cargoes. Documents relative to.pdf660.91 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-2. Rules as to the procedure and practice of Prize Courts. Order in Council. Papers on the subject of.pdf452.14 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-3. Josephina - Grahamland telegrams in connection with.pdf1.04 MB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-4. Prize ship Bangor advises removal to Prize Court of big Colony.pdf3.12 MB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-5. Schooner Pax. Certain papers respecting.pdf143.37 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-6. Schooner Pax taken as a Prize being sent to Port Stanley.pdf2.13 MB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-7. Victuals on Josephina. Claim for compensation for.pdf375.69 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-8. ss Josephina claim by the Captain of the.pdf170.23 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-9. On the subject of the detention of two United States citizens.pdf173.28 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-10. Prize Court. No fees yet paid. Statement of in cases Josephina Bangor and Pax.pdf346.6 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-11. Claim of the late master of the Josephina. Payment of.pdf84.57 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-12. Prize Courts overseas. Complete records of should be sent home.pdf142.01 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-13. ss Bangor. Insurance of Cargo of.pdf306.15 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-14. Pax. Value for the Linseed on board accepted by the Underwriters. Form H to be filled up.pdf149.57 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-15. Prize ship Pax and cargo. Secure from Prize Court cancelling order for.pdf518.13 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-16. Prize Bangor. Contention by the master of the that the capture was effected in Chilean territorial waters.pdf618.26 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-17. ss Josephina. Telegram alleged to have been sent by Captain of to owner of never received.pdf140.95 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-18. Bangor. Cancel registration of.pdf105.2 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-19. Josephina. Certified copies of the prize court proceedings in the case of to be sent by first opportunity.pdf998.59 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-20. Bangor. Cargo of. Valuation of coal of.pdf200.48 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-21. Prize ship Bangor. Was du Boulay examined.pdf501.4 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-22. Arrival of HMS Kent and prize Edna.pdf2.32 MB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-23. Prize Edna. Reasons for seizure.pdf138.36 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-24. Case in re Prize Edna amount to be paid by Crown on delivery of Ship to Crown.pdf84.74 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-25. Prize ships. Inventories of the stores and equipment of.pdf743.27 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-26. Prize Court. Half yearly return. New revised form.pdf305.58 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-27. Prize Court. Return of cases adjudged Jan 1915 to Sept 1916. Date of condemnation of Josephine.pdf85.32 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-28. Prize Court. Remuneration of Officers.pdf179.97 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-29. Comments on expenditure in connection with the Prize Vessels Josephina Bangor Pax and Edna.pdf308.38 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-30. Mr E Headford. Correspondence regarding Prize money believed to be due to him from Admiralty.pdf224.58 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-31. Messrs C W Kellock Company Limited. Enquiry concerning certain German vessels captured during the War stated to be still at Port Stanley.pdf295.24 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-32. Seizure in prize of enemy merchant ships. Seizure of enemy civil aircraft. Prize Court.pdf3.01 MB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-33. Forms for use by the Registrar of the Prize Court.pdf747.36 KB

pdfWAR-PRI-1-34. Prize court. Seizure in prize of enemy merchant ships c. Part II.pdf290.57 KB



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