South Georgia - Fauna and Flora



‘From the point of view of its terrestrial fauna and flora South Georgia is absolutely unique.  It presents a fascinating field laboratory for the study of isolated populations almost entirely exempt from Man’s influence.  For this reason, as well as aesthetic ones, it is undesirable to upset the natural balance of species on the Island unless positively beneficial results can be expected.’

W Nigel Bonner, BSc 13 March 1959


Herd of Reindeer on South Georgia, 1930s - J E Hamilton Collection, JCNA


pdfSGA-FAU-1-1. National Scottish Zoological Gardens. Specimens of seals and penguins to be obtained from South Georgia for.pdf226.33 KB 

pdfSGA-FAU-1-2. Secretary of State. Asks for available information relative to life history of Notothenia rossii South Georgia codfish.pdf266.36 KB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-3. Secretary of State. Requests further information for British Museum re reindeer in South Georgia.pdf329.99 KB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-4. Correspondence with British Museum re killing of male reindeer in South Georgia.pdf181.33 KB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-5. Report of Mr J E Hamilton on visit to South Georgia includes information on whaling and sealing and on Beauchene Island.pdf1.26 MB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-6. Secretary of State. Observations on reports by Mr J E Hamilton on sealing and whaling.pdf209.82 KB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-7. Southern Whaling and Sealing Co. Apply for permission to collect penguin eggs for purpose of research.pdf332.82 KB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-8. Suspected outbreak of foot and mouth disease at South Georgia.pdf1.13 MB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-9. Visit of Dr Erich Dautert to South Georgia to make a collection of maritime fauna.pdf177.06 KB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-10. Visit of ornithologists to South Georgia.pdf1.42 MB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-11. Cia Argentina de Pesca fur company mink farm.pdf315.08 KB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-12. Proposed importation of livestock into South Georgia meat supplies.pdf7.38 MB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-13. Introduction of Upland geese Chloephaga picta into South Georgia.pdf220.57 KB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-14. Supply of fresh meat to whaling companies importation of live sheep.pdf929.66 KB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-15. Biological research in the Dependencies.pdf2.72 MB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-16. Biological reports South Georgia includes whaling and sealing.pdf10.95 MB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-17. Bipolar botanical expedition South Georgia.pdf982.06 KB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-18. Reindeer. Also contains information on introducing reindeer to the Falkland Islands.pdf5.14 MB

pdfSGA-FAU-1-19. Reindeer etc NB. Was created as a South Georgia file but also contains information on introducing red deer mink and the arctic blue fox in the Falkland Islands.pdf745.91 KB



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