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The first Falkland Islands Gazette to be published in its present form was Volume 1 No 1 dated Thursday 1st January 1891.  Previous to this, official and private notices were pinned on the Government Board situated on Ross Road. “There is no Official Gazette in this Colony.  The only mode of publishing Government notices is to affix them to a board which stands in the principal street of Stanley, called the ‘Notice’ or ‘Gazette’ board.”  [B20; 340, 4]

The Archives hold three volumes of handwritten copies of these early gazettes, proclamations and notices:

  1. Volume E2 covers the period 1846 to 1849 and only the relevant pages have been scanned as it also contains copies of non-related government records. The full volume is available under Government - Laws and Ordinances.
  1. Volume E4 covers the period 1850 to 1867 and also contains an index.
  1. Volume E5 covers the period 1867 to 31 July 1879 and does not contain an index.

From 1891 the Gazettes also contained copies of Ordinances and copies of Legislative Council Minutes of Meetings; the minutes were no longer printed in the Gazette from 1987.


General Index of Gazettes 1850-1867 & 1891-1998

This is a transcription of the indexes to the gazettes for the periods listed and was primarily created as a research aid for Archives staff. As this database has been added to over the years by different people from indexes of varying formats variations should be checked for.

pdfGeneral Index of Gazettes 1850-1867 and 1891-1998.pdf(9.37 MB)


Series E - Gazettes, Proclamations, Notices

pdf1846 to 1847. Miscellaneous Memoranda (only Gazettes Proclamations Notices etc copied) - E2.pdf15.49 MB

pdf1848 to 1849. Miscellaneous Memoranda (only Gazettes Proclamations Notices etc copied) - E2.pdf18.11 MB

pdf1850 to 1855. Proclamations and Gazettes. Volume 2 - E4.pdf29.66 MB

pdf1856 to 1860. Proclamations and Gazettes. Volume 2 - E4.pdf23.43 MB

pdf1861 to 1865. Proclamations and Gazettes. Volume 2 - E4.pdf25.91 MB

pdf1866 to 5 Nov 1867 and Index to book. Proclamations and Gazettes. Volume 2 - E4.pdf13.06 MB

pdf1867 Nov 7 to 1870. Proclamations and Gazettes. Volume 3 - E5.pdf24.18 MB

pdf1871 to 1874. Proclamations and Gazettes. Volume 3 - E5.pdf25.54 MB

pdf1875 to 31 Jul 1879. Proclamations and Gazettes. Volume 3 - E5.pdf26.53 MB                             

Series R

pdf1891 and 1892. R1 and R2.pdf26.9 MB

pdf1893 and 1894. R3 and R4.pdf26.44 MB

pdf1895 and 1896. R5 and R6.pdf27.06 MB

pdf1897 and 1898. R7 and R8.pdf24.49 MB

pdf1899. R9.pdf17.19 MB

pdf1900. R9.pdf20.06 MB

pdf1901 to 1903. R10 to R12.pdf14.55 MB

pdf1904 to 1906. R13 to R15.pdf16.86 MB

pdf1907.pdf3.61 MB

pdf1908.pdf4.53 MB

pdf1909.pdf5.68 MB

pdf1910 to 1912. R19 to R21.pdf24.33 MB

pdf1913 and 1914. R22 and R23.pdf19.7 MB

pdf1915 to 1917. R24 to R26.pdf18.28 MB

pdf1918 to 1921. R27 to R30.pdf24.19 MB

pdf1922 to 1924. R31 to R33.pdf20.02 MB


pdf1925.pdf(7.25 MB)                               pdf1954.pdf(8.48 MB)                    pdf1983.pdf(3.35 MB)

pdf1926.pdf(6.06 MB)                               pdf1955.pdf(5.59 MB)                    pdf1984.pdf(7.24 MB)

pdf1927.pdf(10.62 MB)                             pdf1956.pdf(7.05 MB)                    pdf1985.pdf(12.39 MB)

pdf1928.pdf(9.79 MB)                               pdf1957.pdf(5.41 MB)                    pdf1986.pdf(14.47 MB)

pdf1929.pdf(8.53 MB)                               pdf1958.pdf(6.93 MB)                    pdf1987.pdf(11.37 MB)

pdf1930.pdf(7.36 MB)                               pdf1959.pdf(7.27 MB)                    pdf1988.pdf(17.69 MB)

pdf1931.pdf(7.17 MB)                               pdf1960.pdf(9.49 MB)                    pdf1989.pdf(30.11 MB)

pdf1932.pdf(5.7 MB)                                 pdf1961.pdf(6.81 MB)                    pdf1990.pdf(14.67 MB)

pdf1933.pdf(5.02 MB)                               pdf1962.pdf(7.2 MB)                     pdf1991.pdf(18.29 MB)

pdf1934.pdf(6.79 MB)                               pdf1963.pdf(5.09 MB)                    pdf1992.pdf(12.62 MB)

pdf1935.pdf(7.05 MB)                               pdf1964.pdf(7.74 MB)                    pdf1993.pdf(12.65 MB)

pdf1936.pdf(9.29 MB)                               pdf1965.pdf(9.58 MB)                    pdf1994.pdf(36.49 MB)

pdf1937.pdf(8.46 MB)                               pdf1966.pdf(9.43 MB)                    pdf1995.pdf(20.11 MB)

pdf1938.pdf(9.4 MB)                                 pdf1967.pdf(10.4 MB)                    pdf1996.pdf(29.44 MB)

pdf1939.pdf(10.21 MB)                             pdf1968.pdf(9.49 MB)                    pdf1997 Jan-Jun.pdf(18.49 MB)

pdf1940.pdf(10.18 MB)                             pdf1969.pdf(6.95 MB)                    pdf1997 Jul-Dec.pdf(27.28 MB)

pdf1941.pdf(6.44 MB)                               pdf1970.pdf(6.31 MB)                    pdf1998.pdf(26.97 MB)

pdf1942.pdf(8.69 MB)                               pdf1971.pdf(5.92 MB)                    pdf1999.pdf(24.92 MB)

pdf1943.pdf(10.52 MB)                             pdf1972.pdf(5.11 MB)                    pdf2000.pdf(16.55 MB)

pdf1944.pdf(5.51 MB)                               pdf1973.pdf(10.08 MB)                   pdf2001.pdf(14.52 MB)

pdf1945.pdf(6.89 MB)                               pdf1974.pdf(11.43 MB)                   pdf2002.pdf(12.75 MB)

 pdf1946.pdf(5.32 MB)                              pdf1975.pdf(6.26 MB)                    pdf2003.pdf(21.64 MB)

pdf1947.pdf(9.25 MB)                              pdf1976.pdf(10.42 MB)                   pdf2004.pdf(16.55 MB)

pdf1948.pdf(11.73 MB)                            pdf1977.pdf(16.55 MB)                

 pdf1949.pdf20.32 MB                                pdf1978.pdf9.76 MB

pdf1950.pdf7.64 MB                                   pdf1979.pdf16.54 MB

pdf1951.pdf10.47 MB                                 pdf1980.pdf11.46 MB

pdf1952.pdf7.02 MB                                   pdf1981.pdf6.41 MB

pdf1953.pdf4.77 MB                                   pdf1982.pdf1.91 MB


pdf2005 Jan-May.pdf18.56 MB                                 

pdf2005 Jun-Dec.pdf18.64 MB            

pdf2006 Jan-May.pdf17.29 MB           

pdf2006 Jun-Dec.pdf17.93 MB

pdf2007.pdf4.96 MB                                                  

pdf2008.pdf14.3 MB                                 

pdf2009.pdf11.51 MB                        

pdf2010.pdf16.78 MB

pdf2011.pdf13.62 MB                                                 

pdf2012.pdf8.65 MB                                  

pdf2013.pdf15.75 MB                      

pdf2014.pdf20.39 MB

pdf2014 Supplement 10.pdf2.24 MB                          

pdf2014 Supplement 11.pdf4.45 MB



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

Copyright guide

Copies of government records may be used freely for private research and educational purposes.  If material is to be used for commercial publication, exhibition or broadcast the written permission of the Jane Cameron National Archives must first be obtained. Whenever material from the Jane Cameron National Archives is reproduced in any form or in any medium, the user must acknowledge the Jane Cameron National Archives as the source and give all document references.  For non-government records it is your responsibility as the user to ensure that copyright is not infringed and any infringement that does occur is your responsibility.