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Due to the geography and the isolation of the Falkland Islands shipping has always been an important part of life.

The opening of the Panama Canal in 1914 reduced the need for many ships to brave Cape Horn however the Falkland Islands remained an important strategic outpost and a convenient port for ships visiting and trading with southern South American countries.

Local vessels consisted of schooners, ketches, cutters and the like, and were a mixture of condemned vessels, whale boats that had been fixed up or converted for the local interinsular and coasting trade, locally built cutters, ketches and schooners, ready-built second-hand overseas purchases and custom-builds.

Visiting ships included whalers, sealers, mail ships and general cargo vessels.

ss Lafonia 2 Chile April 1932

ss Lafonia 2 at Islas Rusio Sawmill wharf, Otway Water, Chile April 1932 - photograph FIC Collection, JCNA


Government Files

The Government file system was started post World War I; previous to this all correspondence was kept in manuscript books.  The following Government files contain information on local and visiting vessels.  Due to the volume of files and for ease of research they have been uploaded in loose alphabetical order.

pdfSHI-VES-6-5. AK Gambler I.pdf2.96 MB

pdfSHI-VES-6-6. Settlement of accounts in connection with the hire of mv Gentoo. Remission of Dental fees to certain people residing in the Camp.pdf2.82 MB 

pdfSHI-VES-6-7. MV Gentoo.pdf1.34 MB

pdfSHI-VES-7-1. Hon LWH Young MLC raises question regarding payment for Georgia.pdf518 KB

pdfSHI-VES-7-2. Services of power boat Georgia.pdf5.16 MB

pdfSHI-VES-7-3. Calls for services of Power Boat to bring urgent medical cases to Stanley.pdf1.72 MB

pdfSHI-VES-7-4. Provision of dinghy for power boat Georgia.pdf490.34 KB

pdfSHI-VES-7-5. Installation of a wireless telephone in the power boat Georgia.pdf2.93 MB

pdfSHI-VES-7-6. Visit of US icebreaker Glacier.pdf614.97 KB

pdfSHI-VES-7-7. John Aitken. Master of yawl Gleam asks for permission to be allowed to carry passengers.pdf929.98 KB

pdfSHI-VES-7-8. Receiver of Wrecks. Examination on Oath of the Yawl Gleam.pdf657.7 KB

pdfSHI-VES-7-9. Report from Master of HMCS Afterglow regarding the hulk Glengowan at New Island.pdf271.09 KB

pdfSHI-VES-7-10. Magistrate. Forwards extract from Police occurrence book relative to Articles stated to have been brought from the wreck Guvernoren.pdf199.49 KB

pdfSHI-VES-7-11. Receiver of Wrecks. Stranding of the ss Guvernoren.pdf2.32 MB

pdfSHI-VES-7-12. Receiver of Wrecks. Enquiries regarding Law as to Wrecks etc.pdf1.19 MB

pdfSHI-VES-7-13. Auction of marine stores - proposed purchase at.pdf278.08 KB

pdfSHI-VES-7-14. Sale by Auction of perishable goods salved from the ss Guvernoren.pdf659.76 KB

pdfSHI-VES-7-15. Gwendoline Schooner. Respecting the re-registration of.pdf701.08 KB

pdfSHI-VES-7-16. Falkland Islands Co. Forward thanks for offer of assistance in refloating Schooner Gwendoline.pdf177.93 KB

pdfSHI-VES-7-17. Estate L Williams. Enquiry as to cirumstances of casualties to Schooner Gwendoline.pdf845.67 KB

pdfSHI-VES-7-18. Newspaper print of Great Britain to be sent to the Chairman of the Museum Committee includes Sea Breezes The PSNC Magazine No 13 Vol II December 1920.pdf2.43 MB

pdfSHI-VES-7-19. Harbour Master. Beaching of Lady Elizabeth and disposal of Great Britain.pdf5.29 MB

pdfSHI-VES-7-20. Centenary of the Great Britain 1843-1943.pdf4.3 MB 

pdfSHI-VES-7-21. The Great Britain.pdf15.53 MB

pdfSHI-VES-8-1. Harbour Master. Reports sinking of Government boat Helen Bloom.pdf2.46 MB

pdfSHI-VES-8-2. Light of strange vessel reported off Port Harriet.pdf142.8 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-3. Proposed visit of French training ship Jeanne DArc and others.pdf2.92 MB

pdfSHI-VES-8-4. Damage caused to local cutter owned by Mr Fred W Barnes by motor boat belonging to French cruiser Jeanne DArc.pdf2.05 MB

pdfSHI-VES-8-6. Receiver of Wrecks. J R Kelly . Submits application to remove wood being wreckage of ship John R Kelly.pdf598.02 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-7. Mr K V Lellman requests information regarding the loss of the two American vessels City of Philadelphia and John R Kelly.pdf262.51 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-8. Proposed visit of Spanish training ship Juan Sebastian Elcano.pdf269.26 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-9. Submits letter from master of ss Junin reporting passing object at sea resembling small craft keel up on 7 December 1920.pdf266.41 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-10. Agent FI Transport Co. Requests permission to send ss Falkland to Monte Video for repair survey after arrival of ss Kenuta.pdf400.14 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-11. Mr G T Dean Asks permisson for Pebble Island Schooner to carry produce to Stanley.pdf1.06 MB

pdfSHI-VES-8-12. Kelp Schooner Wreck of.pdf122.18 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-13. Call of ss Kia Ora at Port Stanley. Facilities for importing sheep from New Zealand.pdf2.24 MB

pdfSHI-VES-8-14. Survey on ships at the Falkland Islands also repairs to Distressed Vessels.pdf144.34 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-15. Stranding of ss Lafonia on William Point February 1934.pdf565.56 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-16. Notes regarding ss Lafonia and freight rates and passenger service between Stanley and United Kingdom.pdf506.12 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-17. Proposed replacement of ss Lafonia by a larger vessel.pdf1.15 MB 

pdfSHI-VES-8-18. Packet Licences.pdf179.2 KB 

pdfSHI-VES-8-19. Accident sustained by E Liliga - Boatswain mv La Paz on 14 March 1931.pdf120.19 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-20. Steamer Mamari bound from New Zealand to United Kingdom reported in collision with iceberg.pdf515.72 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-21. Motor launch purchased for the Port and Marine Department.pdf251.56 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-22. Three members of crew of ss Ortega left behind at Port Stanley.pdf1.37 MB

pdfSHI-VES-8-23. Suggested enquiry as to the movements of the motor schooner Morven.pdf1.14 MB

pdfSHI-VES-8-24. Registration of schooner Morven at Port Stanley Falkland Islands.pdf1.37 MB

pdfSHI-VES-8-25. Movements of mv Morven.pdf234.33 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-26. Casualty. Loss of ss Neko.pdf430.62 KB 

pdfSHI-VES-8-27. Visit of cable ship Norseman.pdf260.88 KB

pdfSHI-VES-8-28. Manager F Is Co requests permission to cut Admiralty cable at a point in the vicinity of Oil Berth.pdf364.26 KB

pdfSHI-VES-12-9. The Lady Elizabeth.pdf1.67 MB


Log Books and Crew Agreements

 Gentoo 1955:

pdfSHI-LOG-GE-1. Agreement and Account of Crew - 8 August 1955 to 14 August 1955.pdf804.36 KB


Gwendolin 1921 to 1925:

pdfSHI-LOG-GW-1. Agreement and Account of Crew - 4 October 1921 to 21 March 1922.pdf667.57 KB

pdfSHI-LOG-GW-2. Agreement and Account of Crew - 9 July 1923 to 29 October 1923.pdf982.05 KB

pdfSHI-LOG-GW-3. Agreement and Account of Crew - 15 May 1924 to 31 May 1924.pdf1.06 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-GW-4. Agreement and Account of Crew - 1 July 1924 to 13 December 1924.pdf1.25 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-GW-5. Agreement and Account of Crew - 19 June 1925 to 12 August 1925.pdf875.23 KB

pdfSHI-LOG-GW-6. Agreement and Account of Crew - 19 October 1928 to 11 January 1929.pdf716.34 KB


Lafonia 1931 to 1938:

pdfSHI-LOG-LA-1. Lafonia. Agreement and Account of Crew. 10 November 1931 to 4 January 1932.pdf1.48 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-LA-2. Lafonia. Agreement and Account of Crew. 4 January to 15 July 1932.pdf2.55 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-LA-3. Lafonia. Agreement and Account of Crew. 15 July to 31 December 1932.pdf1.75 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-LA-4. Lafonia. Agreement and Account of Crew. 1 January to 30 June 1933.pdf1.64 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-LA-5. Lafonia. Agreement and Account of Crew. 1 July to 31 December 1933.pdf1.67 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-LA-6. Lafonia. Agreement and Account of Crew. 1 January to 3 July 1934.pdf2.16 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-LA-7. Lafonia. Agreement and Account of Crew. 3 July 1934 to 5 January 1935.pdf2.4 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-LA-8. Lafonia. Agreement and Account of Crew. 5 January to 2 July 1935.pdf3.61 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-LA-9. Lafonia. Agreement and Account of Crew. 2 July to 31 December 1935.pdf2.95 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-LA-10. Lafonia. Agreement and Account of Crew. 1 January to 7 July 1936.pdf2.34 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-LA-11. Lafonia. Official Log Book and Agreement and Account of Crew. 10 January to 19 May 1938.pdf5.26 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-LA-12. Lafonia. Agreement and Account of Crew. 19 May 1938.pdf1.22 MB


Louisa 1881 to 1882:

pdfSHI-LOG-LO. Log Book of the Louisa - 24 October 1881 to 9 September 1882.pdf3.71 MB


Morven 1931 to 1933:

pdfSHI-LOG-MO-1. Morven. Agreement and Account of Crew. 16 May to 4 August 1931.pdf1.55 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-MO-2. Morven. Official Log Book and Agreement and Account of Crew. 6 August 1931 to 26 May 1933.pdf4.65 MB



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any omissions or errors in these records.

Copyright guide

Copies of government records may be used freely for private research and educational purposes.  If material is to be used for commercial publication, exhibition or broadcast the written permission of the Jane Cameron National Archives must first be obtained. Whenever material from the Jane Cameron National Archives is reproduced in any form or in any medium, the user must acknowledge the Jane Cameron National Archives as the source and give all document references.  For non-government records it is your responsibility as the user to ensure that copyright is not infringed and any infringement that does occur is your responsibility.