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The Stanley Town Council was constituted 1 January 1948 under the provisions of Ordinance No 1 of 1947.  The Council consisted of nine members; three nominated or appointed by the Governor and six elected by the Stanley electorate.  The first elected members were Les Hardy (Centre Ward), William J McAtasney (West Ward), Sylvester Barnes (West Ward), Martin G Creece (Centre Ward), Robert Reive (East Ward) and Robert L Robson (East Ward).  The first appointed members were Dr F J Sladen – Senior Medical Officer, Eric F Bunting – Executive Engineer, and Miss Madge B Biggs. The first town clerk was Karl V Lellman.

In December 1972 Executive Council decided that the Stanley Town Council was rather cumbersome and unnecessary and that Stanley would be more efficiently administered if the Council’s functions were undertaken directly by Government departments.  The Stanley Town Council was wound up 30 June 1973.

Town Council Files

pdfUTI-TOW-1. Stanley Town Council Minutes 1948 to 1952.pdf42.52 MB 

pdfUTI-TOW-2. Minute Book - Part 1 - Index to Page 214 - 5 January 1953 to 2 December 1957.pdf34.41 MB

pdfUTI-TOW-2. Minute Book - Part 2 - Page 215 to 540 - 6 January 1958 to 19 December 1967.pdf35.51 MB

pdfUTI-TOW-3. Minute Book - 1 January 1968-2 March 1973.pdf15.71 MB

pdfUTI-TOW-4. Stanley Town Council. Assessment Committee Minutes 1948.pdf3.86 MB

pdfUTI-TOW-5. Stanley Town Council. Health Committee Minutes front of book. Entertainments Committee Town Hall Gym and Library Committee back of book.pdf2.77 MB

pdfUTI-TOW-6. Stanley Town Council. Register for elections.pdf15.47 MB

pdfUTI-TOW-7. Stanley Town Council. Public Appeal fund. Tribute in memory of the late Mrs Mary Eleanor Watson - 1958.pdf1.7 MB



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