Gazettes, Estimates and Accounts



From 1910 to 1949 the estimates for the Dependencies were included with the Falkland Islands Estimates.  From 1950 the Dependencies were listed separately.

On 3 March 1962 The British Territory Order in Council came into operation.  From this date all the islands and territories whatsoever between the 20th degree of west longitude and the 80th degree of west longitude which were situated south of the 60th parallel of south latitude, which were previously part of the Dependencies of the Falkland Islands, as defined in the Letters Patent dated 21 July 1908 and 28 March 1917, became the British Antarctic Territory.  The first gazette for the new territory was issued 1 January 1963,

On 3 October 1985 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands ceased to be Dependencies of the Falkland Islands and became a separate territory with their own Gazette. Previous to this, all notices and publications that needed to be gazetted were published in the Falkland Islands Gazette.


Approaching Leith Harbour, South Georgia - FIC Collection, JCNA


pdfR-DEP-GZE-1-1 to 1-30. The British Antarctic Territory Gazette. 1962 to 1988.pdf7.13 MB

pdfR-DEP-GZE-2-1 to 2-51. The South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Gazette. 1986 to 2014.pdf18.91 MB


pdfR-DEP-EST-1-1 to 1-19. Dependency of South Georgia. Estimates. 1962-63 to 1984-85.pdf4.87 MB

pdfR-DEP-EST-1-20 to 1-26. South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. Estimates. 1985-86 to 1996-97 - incomplete set.pdf2.77 MB



pdfR-DEP-ACC-1-1 to 1-17. Dependency of South Georgia. Annual Accounts. 1963 to 1984.pdf5.35 MB

pdfR-DEP-ACC-1-18 to 1-19. South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. Annual Accounts. 1990 and 1994.pdf351.47 KB



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