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 Kelp at Cape Dolphin FIC Collection JCNA

Kelp at Cape Dolphin – FIC Collection, JCNA


Government Files


pdfMIN-GEO-1-1. Geological survey. As to desirability for in respect of bitumen and other minerals. Forwards specimen Black Shale slate.pdf457.72 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-2. Mineral specimen from Colony. Pyritis slate of no commercial value.pdf115.2 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-3. Mineral specimens from Falkland Islands sent home in 1844.pdf345.76 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-4. J E Hamilton Magistrate West Falkland. Forwards report on possibility of local preparations of lime.pdf811.88 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-5. Appointment of Dr H A Baker to be Government Geologist in the Falkland Islands.pdf362.66 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-6. Selection of Mr H A Baker as Government Geologist.pdf282.66 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-7. Quarterly reports to be furnished on geological investigations.pdf5.35 MB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-8. Imperial Institute. Requests that samples of minerals and other materials collected by the Govt Geologist may be forwarded.pdf255.02 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-9. Lime. Possibility of local preparation of.pdf1.43 MB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-10. Rock specimen forwarded to the Director Imperial Institute.pdf1.53 MB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-11. Report by Dr H A Baker on occurrence of certain minerals other than coal and oil.pdf522.55 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-12. Report by Dr H A Baker on the possibility of the occurrence of coal in the Falkland Islands.pdf673.38 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-13. Dr H A Baker Government Geologist. Requests case for conveyance of geological chart to England and certain printed slips.pdf157.68 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-14. Dr H A Baker Government Geologist. Collection of rock specimens from outlying islands.pdf363.21 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-15. Slides and negatives in connection with Dr Bakers geological survey of the Falkland Islands.pdf406.36 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-16. Cost of Dr H A Bakers geological equipment.pdf1.61 MB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-17. Printing of geological report on Falkland Islands by Dr H A Baker.pdf2.79 MB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-18. Dr J W Evans. Question of remuneration for work in connection with geological survey of Falkland Islands.pdf797.11 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-19. Dr H A Baker. Application for service in Falkland Islands to be counted as Pensionable.pdf658.32 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-20. Report on possibility of obtaining lime from local stone.pdf533.74 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-21. Mineral resources of the Empire.pdf409.98 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-22. Falkland Islands sand. Possibility of use of in manufacture of glass.pdf383.55 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-23. Enquiry from Mr J B S Coates relating to geological formation of Falkland Islands.pdf635.54 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-24. Examination of local quartz crystals relative to their commercial value.pdf234.46 KB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-25. Geological survey.pdf2.04 MB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-26. Lime deposits. Final geological report on a recent limestone deposit at Shell Point Fitzroy area East Falkland by R J Adie.pdf1.34 MB

pdfMIN-GEO-1-27. Radio active minerals.pdf362.6 KB



Information on Guano is also in some files under General/Geology.

pdfMIN-GUA-1-1. Guano. Agreement with Dr Newton for a Lease of certain rights to work for.pdf889.59 KB

pdfMIN-GUA-1-2. Guano deposits on Cochon and Kidney Islands. Agreement with Dr Newton lapsed. Application by Jenkins.pdf230.25 KB

pdfMIN-GUA-1-3. Mr A Lupton asks information as to guano in Falkland Islands.pdf727.09 KB

pdfMIN-GUA-1-4. Proposal of Mr A Lupton to take up a guano concession in the Falkland Islands.pdf498.73 KB

pdfMIN-GUA-1-5. Guano deposits in the Falkland Islands.pdf254.69 KB

pdfMIN-GUA-1-6. Guano. Kidney Island.pdf950.23 KB

pdfMIN-GUA-1-7. Dr H A Baker. Report on the Penguin guano deposits on Kidney Island East Falkland.pdf1.64 MB 

pdfMIN-GUA-1-8. Application by Mr E Goldsmid-Abrahams to be allowed to work guano deposits.pdf236.48 KB

pdfMIN-GUA-1-9. Mr C Bender. Application to collect 5 cwt of guano from Kidney Island.pdf323.6 KB

pdfMIN-GUA-1-10. Mr G Philip-Tussaud. Wishes to obtain concession for working guano deposits in Falkland Islands.pdf874.41 KB

pdfMIN-GUA-1-11. Mr J S Barnes applies for permit for the exploitation of guano on Kidney and Cochon Islands.pdf1.68 MB

pdfMIN-GUA-1-12. Mr T Binnie makes application for a permit to take four tons of guano.pdf219.8 KB

pdfMIN-GUA-1-13. Mr Jos Weil. Requests particulars with regard to the fertiliser contents of Falkland Islands guano.pdf233.72 KB

pdfMIN-GUA-1-14. Reports on guano deposits in the Falkland Islands.pdf960.38 KB



NB: This topic still has files to be added to it.

pdfMIN-KEL-1-1. A kelp industry for the production of potash.pdf350.14 KB

pdfMIN-KEL-1-2. Exploitation of kelp. 1. Possibility of establishing industry for the extraction of potash from kelp 1928. 2. Export to UK for processing 1945.pdf4.44 MB

pdfMIN-KEL-1-3. Kelp utilization of Macrocystitis Pyrifera. Seaweed required by the Colonial Office and others.pdf443.36 KB

pdfMIN-KEL-1-4. Forestal Land Timber and Railways Company Ltd. Kelp industry in the Falkland Is.pdf405.09 KB

pdfMIN-KEL-1-5. British American Kelp Company.pdf9.3 MB

pdfMIN-KEL-1-6. British American Kelp Company. Labour.pdf2 MB

pdfMIN-KEL-1-7. Alginate Industries.pdf5.49 MB

pdfMIN-KEL-1-8. Alginate Industries.pdf12.09 MB

pdfMIN-KEL-1-9. Alginate Industries Ltd.pdf5.99 MB



pdfR-MIN-GEO-1-1. Geological reports made in 1921 - Dr Herbert Baker.pdf500.29 KB

pdfR-MIN-GEO-1-2. Final report on geological investigations in the Falkland Islands - H A Baker Government Geologist 1920-1922.pdf6.47 MB

pdfR-MIN-GEO-1-3. Notes on a crag limestone from Port Pleasant Fitzroy Area Falkland Islands - R J Adie 1950.pdf729.29 KB

pdfR-MIN-GEO-1-8. On the Geological Structure and History of the Falkland Islands - Thore G Halle. 1911.pdf12.79 MB




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