When the French withdrew from Port Louis in 1767 they left behind cattle and horses which survived and multiplied. By 1842 when a civil administration was established there were considerable herds of wild cattle.  The land however, was better suited to sheep farming.

In the census of 31 March 1843 a total of 312 sheep were recorded: Governor Moody 22; Antonina Roxa 40; and John Whitington 250. Of these 200 Lincolns and 12 Leicesters had been imported from England with the remainder from the River Plate.  Unfortunately scab and foot rot were also introduced and by 1846 there were only 100 sheep. 

The Falkland Islands Company Limited was formed in 1851 and among the new company’s objectives under the Royal Charter dated 10 January 1852 was the development of sheep farming.

South American sheep did not adapt well to the climate so experiments were carried out with various breeds from England. By 1860 there were approximately 10,000 sheep on East Falkland.  West Falkland was opened up to farming in 1867 and in less than five years there were approximately 30,000 sheep recorded.  Experimentation and importation of rams continued and in the 1890s rams were being imported from New Zealand.  Professionals were also employed to improve stock, farming methods and pasture.  To date sheep farming continues to dominate with the majority of farm land given over to it. 

English romneys at Darwin FIC

English Romneys at Darwin - photo FIC Collection


Agriculture - Government Holdings Database

This database contains a listing of the government files and documents held. For ease of use the records have been sorted into categories: AGRICULTURE and then into sub-categories. The government records mainly cover the period post World War I to the late 1970s with some files as early as 1916.  The database will be updated from time to time as new accessions are added.

NB: For private farming records, ie non-government, refer to the section AGRICULTURE - FARM RECORDS (NON-GOVT).  For Falkland Islands Company farm records refer to the section FALKLAND ISLANDS COMPANY LTD COLLECTION.

 pdfAgriculture list of holdings Government.pdf(679.85 KB)

 pdfList of the horses at Port Louis 24 January 1842 - H1 170.pdf(358.74 KB)



AGR-GEN-1-1. Progress reports of agricultural adviser.pdf13.44 MB

AGR-GEN-1-2. Farmers Conference.pdf10.81 MB

AGR-GEN-1-3. Farmers Conference Stanley Falkland Islands 13th 14th and 15th May 1937.pdf2.41 MB

AGR-GEN-1-4. Colonial development welfare act.pdf1.09 MB


Crops & Importation of Fodder

AGR-CRO-1-1. Hay and tussac to be put through a chaff-cutting machine.pdf457.8 KB

AGR-CRO-1-2. Falkland Islands Company apply for permission to import alfalfa from Punta Arenas.pdf1.55 MB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-3. Applications to purchase alfalfa 1923.pdf1.84 MB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-4. Mr J Miller applies to be allowed to import fodder from Chile.pdf861.04 KB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-5. Applications to import alfalfa from South America 1924.pdf2.39 MB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-6. Enquiry regarding possibility of the introduction of disease with fodder imported from Argentina and Uruguay.pdf4.29 MB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-7. Potato Disease Provision of potato seed by Government immune from.pdf14.45 MB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-8. Agricultural Department Vegetable and milk production.pdf8.16 MB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-9. Introduction of Algerian oats into Falkland Islands.pdf6.44 MB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-10. Suggestion that part of Sulivan House Garden be placed at disposal of Agricultural Dept for the purpose of establishing nursery beds.pdf429.67 KB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-11. Handing over of control of Government House Gardens to Agricultural Dept.pdf5.72 MB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-12. Agricultural notes for circulation to the general public.pdf1.39 MB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-13. Memorandum on the question of raising seed potatoes in the dependencies.pdf2.6 MB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-14. Crop reports.pdf2.84 MB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-15. Grain seed from overseas.pdf8.88 MB

pdfAGR-CRO-1-16. Potato diseases.pdf2.33 MB


Grasslands & Pastures

AGR-GRA-1-1. Grazing of animals on Town Land during winter months.pdf639.77 KB

AGR-GRA-1-2. Enquiries if licences to tether animals on Crown waste lands in the town of Stanley are to be issued.pdf836.78 KB

AGR-GRA-1-3. Provision of grass seed for sandy areas.pdf2.98 MB

AGR-GRA-1-4. Soil analysis.pdf11.63 MB

AGR-GRA-1-5. Respecting arrangements for thinning out and distributing Sand Grass Plants.pdf819.08 KB

pdfAGR-GRA-1-6. Mineral content of natural pastures.pdf3.12 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-1-7. Nauru Phosphate.pdf11.51 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-1-8. Pasture improvement of.pdf2.16 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-1-9. Agricultural experiences on sheep farms. Falkland Islands.pdf1.59 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-1-10. Grazing on town land.pdf19.95 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-1-11. Samples of grasses for experimental sowing.pdf3.01 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-1-12. Improvement of pastures.pdf35.59 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-1-13. Improvement of pastures.pdf641.86 KB

pdfAGR-GRA-1-14. Grasslands of the Falkland Islands amd problems associated therewith.pdf2.21 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-1-15. Samples of soils and grasses forwarded to Mr. William Davies in the United Kingdom.pdf1.58 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-1-16. Pedigree seed for agricultural department.pdf2.07 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-1. Enquiry regarding the possibility of obtaining limestone from Patagonia.pdf10.19 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-2. Report by Mr. W Davies on the grasslands of the Falkland Islands.pdf23.87 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-3. Articles published in Times regarding the improvement of grassland and the teaching of agriculture in school.pdf802.29 KB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-4. Application to import hay from Chile for the feeding of army horses.pdf1.25 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-5. Soil surveys.pdf18.64 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-6. Town grazing rights.pdf3.85 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-7. Grass seed.pdf1.22 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-8. Agricultural department pasture experiments.pdf2.16 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-9. Setting fire to grass.pdf5.15 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-10. Paddocks.pdf1.1 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-11. Pasture improvement.pdf3.77 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-12. Land leases.pdf8.35 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-13. Proposals for long term research and experimentation into pasture improvement.pdf22.92 MB

pdfAGR-GRA-2-14. Pasture young report 1968.pdf21.06 MB



AGR-FOR-1-1. Tree planting in the Falkland Islands.pdf10.41 MB

AGR-FOR-1-2. Suggested appointment of a Forestry Officer in the Falkland Islands.pdf2.11 MB

AGR-FOR-1-3. Advises placing of order for trees and tree seeds with Messrs Dicksons Ltd.pdf7.23 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-4. Report on ground at Sparrow Cove and Moody Valley.pdf1.87 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-5. Forest Officer applies to be permitted to employ labour in connection with the planting of trees. Submits special warrant to cover expenditure.pdf1.75 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-6. Preperation of ground at Sparrow Cove for plantation of trees.pdf1.8 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-7. Visit of forest offices to West Falkland Island.pdf2.14 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-8. Sparrow Cove tenders for drainage at.pdf3.23 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-9. Trees at Sullivan House. Report on forwarded.pdf7.82 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-10. Supply of trees and seeds from Punta Arenas.pdf6.23 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-11. Planting of trees at Hill Cove West Falklands.pdf1.62 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-12. Reports on trees imported 1922.pdf4.59 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-13. Visit of forest officer to West Falkland 1923.pdf3.34 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-14. Report on progress of forest trees in the Falkland Islands.pdf3.38 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-15. Visit of Forest Office to tree plantation in West Falkland.pdf938.53 KB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-16. Indent for tree seeds for Forestry Dept.pdf2.74 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-17. Report on progress of forest trees in the Falkland Islands 1924.pdf737.73 KB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-18. Report on afforestation experiments for the year 1924-25.pdf2.75 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-19. Report on experiments with forest trees since April 1925.pdf10.6 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-20. Programme of work for forestry department 1926.pdf983.61 KB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-21. Forwards packet of seed of the shrub Caragana Arboescens.pdf9.42 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-22. Seed samples forwarded to the forest officer Falkland Islands.pdf5.99 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-23. Agriculture notes on.pdf3.32 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-24. Suggested introduction into Falkland Islands of certain plants growing on the sub-antarctic islands of New Zealand.pdf7.77 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-25. Dr T P Binns asks for assistance in order to assist him to cultivate trees etc at Fox Bay.pdf1.55 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-26. Transparente Possibility of planting in the Falkland Islands.pdf2.83 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-27. Gift of tree seeds.pdf746.95 KB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-28. Tree planting in the Falkland Islands.pdf15.01 MB

pdfAGR-FOR-1-29. Forestry.pdf17.15 MB


Livestock (including Dogs and Horses)

Livestock - General:

AGR-LIG-1-1. Notification of importation of stock 1919.pdf4.22 MB

AGR-LIG-1-2. Stock brands 1919.pdf2.5 MB

AGR-LIG-1-3. Notification of importation of stock 1920.pdf3.95 MB

AGR-LIG-1-4. Stock brands 1920.pdf2.44 MB

AGR-LIG-1-5. Stock brands 1921.pdf1.53 MB

AGR-LIG-1-6. Imports into the Colony of cattle and poultry.pdf13.44 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-1-7. Regarding the erection of.pdf4.18 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-1-8. Notify intending importation of live stock.pdf623.65 KB

pdfAGR-LIG-1-9. Respecting shortage of water supply.pdf1.13 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-1-10. Notifications of importation of stock 1924.pdf9.24 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-1-11. Stock brands 1924.pdf425.18 KB

pdfAGR-LIG-1-12. Enquires whether Government will consider the question of compensation for the animals and hay ordered to be overcarried by the Bogota.pdf9.8 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-1-13. Return of brands used on stock on Stanley Common.pdf1.04 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-1-14. Inspection of meat.pdf17.82 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-1-15. Several applications to import livestock.pdf36.44 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-1-16. Live stock brands.pdf7.57 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-2-1. Importation of livestock by Falklands Co Ltd via Montevideo.pdf2.28 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-2-2. Enquiries regarding possibility of obtaining mutton and beer for export.pdf640.31 KB

pdfAGR-LIG-2-3. Control of public pound.pdf4.07 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-2-4. Purposed holding of a stock show in 1939.pdf21.68 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-2-5. Importation of livestock from South America.pdf10.01 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-2-6. Agriculture bill book - Part 1.pdf41.39 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-2-6. Agriculture bill book - Part 2.pdf33.54 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-2-7. Importation of livestock.pdf10.52 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-2-8. Stock.pdf10.39 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-2-9. Slaughtering of animals.pdf6.68 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-2-10. Increase in price of mutton and beef.pdf24.63 MB

pdfAGR-LIG-2-11. Importation of livestock from South America.pdf8.46 MB


Livestock - Sundry:

pdfAGR-LIS-1-1. Importation of pigs from Argentina or Chile.pdf614.08 KB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-2. Applies for permission to import pigs from South America.pdf1.48 MB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-3. Mr F. G. Aldridge applies for permission to import pigs from South America.pdf727.09 KB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-4. Mr G. P. Hardy applies for permission to import pigs from Argentina.pdf664.64 KB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-5. Applications to purchase poultry 1923.pdf1.53 MB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-6. Mr A. Steel Asks permission to exchange pigs with Norwegian Whaling Factory.pdf786.39 KB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-7. Importation of pigs from dependencies.pdf1.72 MB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-8. Importation of reindeer and muskoxen into the Falkland Islands and its dependencies.pdf4.66 MB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-9. Proposed introduction of a stud flock of goats for the supply of milk.pdf1.33 MB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-10. Proposed introduction of legislation covering the importation of poultry.pdf642.48 KB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-11. Possible market for goat hair from Falkland Islands.pdf1.66 MB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-12. Proposed establishment of a small poultry farm.pdf1.32 MB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-13. Purchase of bee hives in South America.pdf991.26 KB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-14. F.I.C mink farm new butchery.pdf16.05 MB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-15. Importation of donkeys.pdf1.3 MB

pdfAGR-LIS-1-16. Rabbits.pdf14.34 MB


Livestock - Dogs:

pdfAGR-DOG-1-1. Period of quarantine for dogs landed in United Kingdom extended from four to six calendar months.pdf679.19 KB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-2. List of holders of dog licences 1919.pdf514.23 KB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-3. Suggests erection of quarantine accommodation for imported dogs.pdf830.48 KB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-4. List of Dog Licences 1921.pdf854.17 KB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-5. Mr S Miller importation of fox terriers by. Rabies in South America.pdf4.18 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-6. Importation of dogs Chief Constable enquires regarding.pdf2.79 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-7. Mr P McPherson applies to be allowed to keep dog without licence.pdf806.8 KB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-8. Outbreak of distemper among dogs in Falkland Islands. The dogs importation regulations 1928.pdf19.53 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-9. Applications to exercise and work dogs in Stanley during the outbreak of distemper.pdf1.11 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-10. Mr H S Browning submits notice regarding dogs on Mullet Creek Farm.pdf694.36 KB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-11. Innoculation for canine distemper.pdf1.21 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-12. An ordinance to provide for the better control of dogs in the Colony.pdf14.05 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-13. Wire haired fox terrier for Dr Paterson Darwin.pdf1.38 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-14. Agricultural department suggested importation of high class sheep dog and bitch.pdf1.98 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-15. Hydatid disease eradication campaign proposed.pdf12.77 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-16. Hydatid disease. Statistics - Stanley Butchery.pdf14.59 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-17. Hydatid disease. Statistics - Farms.pdf7.39 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-1-18. Stanley Butchery. Hydatids statistics.pdf7.34 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-2-1. Hydatids committee.pdf14.96 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-2-2. Eradication of hydatid disease.pdf25.86 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-2-3. Hydatid Disease Policy - Vol 1.pdf32.38 MB

pdfAGR-DOG-2-4. Hydatid Disease Policy - Vol 2.pdf11.8 MB


Livestock - Horses:

pdfAGR-HOR-1-1. Certification of horses shipped to Falkland Islands from Rio Grande Tierra del Fuego.pdf888.69 KB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-2. B A Brown Indent No 15. Suggests adoption of glanders test for horses imported from Chile and Argentina and applies for supply of necessary drugs.pdf4.5 MB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-3. B A Brown Suggests quarantining on an island all horses landed for West Falkland pending inspection.pdf1.08 MB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-4. Francis LLanso Applies to be allowed to import one hundred horses from Argentina.pdf4.5 MB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-5. Enquiry regarding the quarantining of horses from Punta Arenas Chile.pdf5.71 MB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-6. Importation of horses from Bahia Blanca 1923.pdf680.81 KB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-7. Importation of horse from Punta Arenas.pdf917.11 KB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-8. Importation of stallion from Buenos Aires.pdf6.57 MB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-9. Importation of horses from Punta Arenas by La Paz 29 May 1923.pdf912.26 KB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-10. Notification of importation of horses from Chile.pdf3.67 MB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-11. Notifications of importation of live stock 1925.pdf1.01 MB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-12. Mr R C Pole-Evans advises shipment of horses to San Carlos from Punta Arenas by SS Apolo.pdf1.8 MB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-13. Request by Stanley carters that carthorses be granted free grazing licences on common.pdf999.87 KB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-14. Importation of horses and cattle 1929.pdf554.6KB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-15. Disposal of public works cart horse.pdf1.31 MB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-16. Care of horses in quarantine.pdf1.08 MB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-17. Importation of breeding mares from Chile.pdf2.05 MB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-18. Purchase of horses for agricultural department.pdf7.33 MB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-19. Agricultural department. Riding equipment.pdf768.63 KB

pdfAGR-HOR-1-20. Movement of stock within the Colony by land sea or air.pdf665.27 KB


Sheep and Wool

AGR-SHE-1-1. Papers re shipment of wool from Colony by S.S Crown of Arragon.pdf1.28 MB

AGR-SHE-1-2. Sheep Exportation from Falkland Islands to the Compania Frigorifico de la Patagonia of Chile. Letter from Messrs J L Waldron Ltd Concerning.pdf424.06 KB

AGR-SHE-1-3. Requests permission to purchase sheep casings from K Reddermann enemy alien.pdf744.78 KB

AGR-SHE-1-4. No probability of British Government purchasing more Falkland Islands wool.pdf384.29 KB

AGR-SHE-1-5. Notifications of quantities of wool in Stanley awaiting shipment to United Kingdom - 1919.pdf9.89 MB

AGR-SHE-1-6. Expat H Reddermann. Applies for licence to export casings to Punta Arenas.pdf680.58 KB

AGR-SHE-1-7. John McGill. Difficulty in obtaining sheep to supply the town of Stanley with mutton.pdf2.78 MB

AGR-SHE-1-8. With reference to Argentine wool stocks.pdf1.05 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-9. Pebble Island Estate West Falkland value of dip and draining stage at.pdf485.08 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-10. Prices of wool tallow and whale oil. Information as to.pdf18.51 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-11. Petition by Falkland Islands Sheep-Farmers respecting the tax on land.pdf4.88 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-12. Representation by Falkland Islands Company regarding crisis in sheep farming industry.pdf1.89 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-13. Manager FIC Ltd. Asks to be allowed to import rams via Punta Arenas.pdf1.74 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-14. Sheep Lice Infection of Sheep at Port Howard Station with.pdf733.28 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-15. Regarding investigations and bacteriological examinations of stock on the West Falkland.pdf11.37 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-16. Respecting wool returns of the Falkland Islands.pdf953.15 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-17. Respecting losses in lambs in the Falkland Islands.pdf6.27 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-18. Fitzroy South Sheep infected with lice reported at.pdf6.72 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-19. Regarding the import of rams from San Julian Chile.pdf10.36 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-20. John McGill. Application to be allowed to drive sheep from Rincon Grande to Stanley.pdf745.54 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-21. Requests information from Australia and New Zealand as to lice in sheep.pdf1000.56 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-22. Exportation of sheep from Falkland Islands to Argentina.pdf14.37 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-23. Prices of produce 1923.pdf6.29 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-1-24. Importation of rams from Punta Arenas per SS Losada.pdf273.92 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-1. Comparative notes on sheep farming in the Falkland Islands and South Patagonia.pdf10.75 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-2. FIC Ltd. Regarding the import of rams from Chile. Voyage of SS Falkland to Punta Arenas.pdf7.82 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-3. J Robertson. Notifies import of Rams from Tierra del Fuego.pdf850.02 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-4. FIC Ltd. Questions of tax on wool baled before 1 January 1924.pdf4.29 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-5. Application by Mr H C Harding to commence dipping on 20 Febuary. Section 28 Live Stock Ordinance 1901.pdf788.48 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-6. Application by Mr R C Pole-Evans to import sheep from Patagonia.pdf12.95 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-7. Falkland Islands Company. Enquiry respecting death of rams in quarantine.pdf2.18 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-8. Mrs Fannie M Scott. Respecting subsitution of tax on wool for land tax.pdf906.64 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-9. Rowett Research Institute. Investigation of sheep farming industry undertaken by.pdf1.97 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-10. Certificates of landing of wool 1924.pdf7.74 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-11. Loans to sheep farmers for developement and Improvement of farm stations.pdf14.17 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-12. Rowett Research Institute. Respecting forwarding of samples of ewes milk to.pdf3.67 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-13. Rowett Research Institute. Respecting forwarding of bones for examination.pdf6.51 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-14. Sheep Breeders Association. Draft rules for.pdf6.39 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-15. Respecting outbreak of scab disease amongst sheep at Speedwell Island.pdf28.87 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-16. Stock Commissioner forwards report on the sheep farming industry in the Falkland Islands - Part 1.pdf12.87 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-16. Stock Commissioner forwards report on the sheep farming industry in the Falkland Islands - Part 2.pdf35.95 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-16. Stock Commissioner forwards report on the sheep farming industry in the Falkland Islands - Part 3.pdf37.52 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-2-16. Stock Commissioner forwards report on the sheep farming industry in the Falkland Islands - Part 4.pdf12.79 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-1. Alteration in ear mark of stock at Rincon Grande Station.pdf553.68 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-2. Prices of Produce 1925.pdf9.11 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-3. Shipments of sheep from New Zealand - Part 1.pdf25.67 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-3. Shipments of sheep from New Zealand - Part 2.pdf19.72 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-4. Utilization of whale bone meal for sheep feed.pdf1.58 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-5. Alteration of ear mark of stock on Moody Valley Station.pdf600.84 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-6. Sheep Breeders Association.pdf10.32 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-7. Prices of produce 1926 and 1927.pdf19.7 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-8. Certificates of landing of wool 1925.pdf2.48 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-9. Second shipment of sheep and fodder from New Zealand.pdf336.94 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-10. Suspected outbreak of lice on stations of East Falklands.pdf11.43 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-11. Request that permission be granted for Mr J Robertson to sign health certificate of 300 sheep to be shipped from West Falkland to Punta Arenas.pdf1.13 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-12. Enquiry regarding arrangements for feeding sheep brought into Stanley for slaughter.pdf2.99 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-13. R C Pole-Evans. Requests permission to 1 Import rams from Tierra del Fuego 2 Enter vessel at Fox Bay and clear from any port on the West Falkland.pdf6.2 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-14. Prices of produce.pdf10.5 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-3-15. Imports of sheep 1928. Reports on by Chief Inspector of Stock.pdf2.82 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-1. Professor J Buxton requests assistance in investigations into sheep diseases in Falkland Islands.pdf3.71 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-2. Falkland Islands Company Limited Proposal to buy a steamer to transport wool from the Colony to Montevideo for shipment to England.pdf719.88 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-3. Mineral mixture ordered by Mr J Morton for treatment of sheep.pdf4.55 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-4. Release of rams from quarantine request for by the Hon G J Felton.pdf357.83 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-5. Comparative prices of Falkland Islands and Patagonian wool.pdf708.74 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-6. Importation of rams by Mr R C Pole-Evans.pdf10.09 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-7. Appeal for relief in taxation for local sheepfarming industry - Letter from Hon L W H Young.pdf28.2 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-8. Mr R C Pole-Evans requests assistance of Govt in drawing up plans of wool shed etc at Port Howard.pdf2.87 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-9. Prices of wool tallow and whale oil.pdf19.79 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-10. Importation of 15-20 Corriedale rams from South America by Falkland Islands Company.pdf1.34 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-11. Notification of discovery of sheep infected with lice on North Arm Section and on the Fitzroy and Port Louis Sections.pdf2.35 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-12. Importation by G Bonner and Co Ltd of 4 Romney Marsh rams from the United Kingdom.pdf1.19 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-13. Lice in sheep on Teal Inlet Station and on other stations on the East Falkland.pdf1.31 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-14. Report by Mr Tom C Norris on the possibilities of the sheep farming industry in the Falkland Islands.pdf16.39 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-15. Request regarding a health certificate covering the import of tallow from the Falkland Islands.pdf624.23 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-16. Notifications of infected sheep etc.pdf8.72 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-17. Sheep farming industry-statistics showing amount of money retained by absentee owners during each of last fifteen years.pdf6.69 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-4-18. Representations made by the Falkland Islands Sheepowners Association.pdf8.51 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-1. Note on the high mortaility rate of sheep in the Falkland Islands.pdf4.6 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-2. Imperial Institute s Advisory Committee. Compilation of monograph showing the work which is being done to improve the quality of hides and skins.pdf1.98 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-3. Helminthic diseases in Sheep.pdf1.53 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-4. Disposal of Falkland Islands surplus sheep.pdf36 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-5. Brief notes on economical flock improvement for circulation to farmers.pdf3.14 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-6. Swift Company of Buenos Aires enquire regarding exportation of sheep from Falkland Islands.pdf1.16 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-7. Questions of general policy in relation to the sheep farming industry.pdf6.14 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-8. International wool publicity and research.pdf2.89 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-9. Falkland Islands wool clips question of purchase of by the Imperial Government. Includes files S. 1. 40.pdf11.2 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-10. Export of mutton and tallow.pdf5.08 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-11. Suggested call of a New Zealand vessel at Port Stanley.pdf1.23 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-12. Claim in respect of ram imported by HolmEsted Blake and Company Ltd.pdf2.83 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-13. Falkland Islands Sheepowners Association Representations regarding Agriculture Dept.pdf10.84 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-14. Loss of sheep while undergoing quarantine.pdf9.14 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-15. Export tax on wool.pdf614.29 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-16. Conference with Sheepowners Association 1947.pdf3.61 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-5-17. Chairman FI Sheep Owners Association. Minutes of proceedings of meetings.pdf5.46 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-1. Falkland Islands wool clips wool tax.pdf17.77 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-2. Purchase of Falkland Islands sheep.pdf2.45 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-3. Falkland Islands Romney Marsh Sheep Breeders Association.pdf3.12 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-4. Provision of Christmas lambs.pdf989.18 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-5. Sheep ailments in Falkland Islands.pdf2.98 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-6. Application of Messrs Sahakian and Company to export sheep casings.pdf2.96 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-7. Sheep Owners Association.pdf16.45 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-8. Wool clips wool production costs.pdf2 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-9. Sheep - experimental drenchings with cobalt.pdf2.16 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-10. Sheep shifting around the Falkland Islands.pdf1.2 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-11. Dipping.pdf24.32 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-12. Sheep Farming in the Falkland Islands.pdf16.23 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-13. Combined meeting of Executive and Legislative Councils and Sheep Owners Association 1957.pdf1.24 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-6-14. Proposed hire of drainage machines by farmers.pdf303.67 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-7-1. The livestock amendment ordinance 1949.pdf17.1 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-7-2. Meat cold storage.pdf512.68 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-7-3. Dipping of sheep.pdf32.7 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-7-4. Driving of sheep across farms.pdf1.01 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-7-5. Sheep Owners Association - 1969 meeting.pdf891.69 KB

pdfAGR-SHE-7-6. Visit of Mr D H Braun.pdf3.91 MB

pdfAGR-SHE-7-7. FIG. wool sales papers.pdf15.7 MB


Stanley Common

AGR-STA-1-01. Grazing licenses 1919.pdf926.08 KB

AGR-STA-1-02. Padlocking of Peninsula gate in the Common fence.pdf649.04 KB

AGR-STA-1-03. Drainage of Stanley Common.pdf1.11 MB

AGR-STA-1-04. Reports condition of Common fence as being the cause of cattle straying to the Public thoroughfare.pdf929.99 KB

AGR-STA-1-05. Chief Inspector of Stock. Submits suggestions for improving the Common for grazing purposes.pdf560.56 KB

AGR-STA-1-06. Report on gathering of Common March 1921. Licences issued under Tresspass Ordinance No 5 of 1904.pdf1.6 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-07. Draining of Felton Stream and Eliza Cove Stream.pdf1.72 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-08. Mr Alexander Martin applies for renewal of lease of Pensioner s Special Allotments Nos 1 and 2.pdf817.28 KB

pdfAGR-STA-1-09. Common petition for enlargement of.pdf6.5 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-10. J Davies. Application for permit to keep bull on Common.pdf6.5 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-11. Common improvement of grazing area available on.pdf10.49 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-12. Mr Percival Skilling applies to purchase plot of land on Common.pdf1.14 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-13. Mr Alex Steel. Asks for repair of fence to eastward of paddock rented by him.pdf559.21 KB

pdfAGR-STA-1-14. Report by Mr H Munro on the improvement of grazing areas of the Common.pdf31.49 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-15. Common fence - Town boundary.pdf6.5 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-16. Mr A Steel applies to lease one acre of land adjoining present piggery.pdf8.17 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-17. Setting back of Common fence to the south of Magazine Valley and proposed removal of gate.pdf1.14 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-18. Application for Mr John McGill to purchase a piece of land to west of Common gate.pdf4.32 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-19. Lease of land for garden purposes until recently leased to Mr James Clifton.pdf3.48 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-20. Request by public for the erection on Stanley Common near Goose Green of a catching corral.pdf1.4 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-21. Gathering of the animals on Stanely Common.pdf1.77 MB 

pdfAGR-STA-1-22. Mr A P Hardy applies to hire Spring Paddock.pdf1.04 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-23. Appointment of a commitee to advise on matters relating to Stanley Common.pdf17.28 MB

pdfAGR-STA-1-24. Stanley Common lease of 30 acres to Mr W S Hutchinson for the purpose of holding sheep.pdf2.47 MB

pdfAGR-STA-2-01. Stanley Common improvement of.pdf17.73 MB

pdfAGR-STA-2-02. Mrs E J Bernsten and others apply for a refund of Common fees.pdf2.75 MB

pdfAGR-STA-2-03. Stanley Common question of clearing rubbish accumulated thereon.pdf424.33 KB

pdfAGR-STA-2-04. Mr Andrew W O Neill. Application by for land for agricultural purposes.pdf3.72 MB

pdfAGR-STA-2-05. Scheme for improvement of the pasture on Stanley Common in connection with the general policy of increasing the stock carrying capacity of land throughout the Colony.pdf703.95 KB

pdfAGR-STA-2-06. Appointment of Mr J D McKay and others to act as Common Ranger during the absence on duty in Magallanes of Mr B Fleuret.pdf2.69 MB

pdfAGR-STA-2-07. Mr Keith Hutchinson. Applies to lease land on Stanley Common.pdf677.47 KB

pdfAGR-STA-2-08. C McCarthy. Applies to lease piece of land on Stanley Common.pdf2.56 MB

pdfAGR-STA-2-09. Mr J Miller. Purchase or lease of land west of Eastern Slaughter House.pdf846.41 KB

pdfAGR-STA-2-10. Mr A M Carey. Lease of land east of Hutchinson s Slaughterhouse.pdf483.58 KB

pdfAGR-STA-2-11. Stanley Common rules.pdf11.31 MB

pdfAGR-STA-2-12. Application by Mr C McCarthy to lease a section of the Common.pdf1.13 MB

pdfAGR-STA-2-13. Application by Mr A H Clifton to lease land on Stanley Common.pdf628.34 KB

pdfAGR-STA-2-14. Stanley Common pounds. Report on Stanley Common etc.pdf5.67 MB


Noah's Ark - Post Conflict 

AGR-LIN-1-1. Shippers. Potential suppliers breed societies. Lists of stock losses etc.pdf11.54 MB

AGR-LIN-1-2. Correspondance with Appeal and Rex Hunt.pdf6.79 MB

AGR-LIN-1-3. Government announcements etc.pdf1.79 MB

AGR-LIN-1-4. Local correspondance.pdf20.66 MB

AGR-LIN-1-5. Lists Orders etc.pdf7.3 MB

AGR-LIN-1-6. Telexes in and out.pdf12.71 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-1-7. Telexes out and copies of initial draft.pdf5.31 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-1-8. Miscellaneous loose items.pdf6.63 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-1-9. Dogs which arrived on Sandshore 22.11.83.pdf4.07 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-1-10. Outstanding still to come.pdf13.07 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-2-1. Sheep.pdf37.84 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-2-2. Cattle.pdf17.92 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-2-3. Horses.pdf11.12 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-2-4. Goats and pigs.pdf6.74 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-2-5. Dogs.pdf12.77 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-2-6. Cats and budgerigars.pdf1.82 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-2-7. Dispersal of animals. Follow up 1984.pdf13.37 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-2-8. Follow up 1986.pdf10.72 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-3. Noah s Ark Photos - Part I.pdf40.77 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-3. Noah s Ark Photos - Part 2.pdf40.66 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-3. Noah s Ark Photos - Part 3.pdf40.79 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-3. Noah s Ark Photos - Part 4.pdf40.49 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-3. Noah s Ark Photos - Part 5.pdf38.3 MB

pdfAGR-LIN-3. Noah s Ark Photos - Part 6.pdf21.49 MB



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