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When the French withdrew from Port Louis in 1767 they left behind cattle and horses which survived and multiplied. By 1842 when a civil administration was established there were considerable herds of wild cattle.  The land however, was better suited to sheep farming.

In the census of 31 March 1843 a total of 312 sheep were recorded: Governor Moody 22; Antonina Roxa 40; and John Whitington 250. Of these 200 Lincolns and 12 Leicesters had been imported from England with the remainder from the River Plate.  Unfortunately scab and foot rot were also introduced and by 1846 there were only 100 sheep. 

The Falkland Islands Company Limited was formed in 1851 and among the new company’s objectives under the Royal Charter dated 10 January 1852 was the development of sheep farming.

South American sheep did not adapt well to the climate so experiments were carried out with various breeds from England. By 1860 there were approximately 10,000 sheep on East Falkland.  West Falkland was opened up to farming in 1867 and in less than five years there were approximately 30,000 sheep recorded.  Experimentation and importation of rams continued and in the 1890s rams were being imported from New Zealand.  Professionals were also employed to improve stock, farming methods and pasture.  To date sheep farming continues to dominate with the majority of farm land given over to it. 

English romneys at Darwin FIC

English Romneys at Darwin - photo FIC Collection


Agriculture - Government Holdings Database

This database contains a listing of the government files and documents held. For ease of use the records have been sorted into categories: AGRICULTURE and then into sub-categories. The government records mainly cover the period post World War I to the late 1970s with some files as early as 1916.  The database will be updated from time to time as new accessions are added.

NB: For private farming records, ie non-government, refer to the section AGRICULTURE - FARM RECORDS (NON-GOVT).  For Falkland Islands Company farm records refer to the section FALKLAND ISLANDS COMPANY LTD COLLECTION.


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