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Over the years the Falkland Islands Company Ltd were the agents for many of the shipping companies, such as the Pacific Steam Navigation Company (PSNC), as well as acting for many of the shipping casualties in their capacity as Lloyd’s Agents in the Falkland Islands. They also dealt with a number of shipping agencies around the world.

NB: There are a number of gaps in the following collections.

67. PSNC vessel ss Oravia wrecked November 1912The PSNC vessel ss Oravia on Billy Reef November 1912 – photo FIC Collection


Maclean & Stapledon, Montevideo

pdfFIC-WS-MAC-1-1. Tumbled correspondence - 1918 to 1923.pdf2.63 MB

pdfFIC-WS-MAC-1-2. Tumbled correspondence - 1931.pdf4.01 MB

pdfFIC-WS-MAC-1-3. Tumbled correspondence - 1932.pdf4.18 MB

pdfFIC-WS-MAC-1-4. Tumbled correspondence - 1933.pdf3.33 MB

pdfFIC-WS-MAC-1-5. Tumbled correspondence - 1934.pdf2.72 MB

pdfFIC-WS-MAC-1-6. Tumbled correspondence - 1954.pdf2.43 MB

pdfFIC-WS-MAC-1-7. Tumbled correspondence - 1955.pdf1.67 MB

pdfFIC-WS-MAC-1-8. Tumbled correspondence - 1957 to 1959.pdf5.04 MB

pdfFIC-WS-MAC-1-9. Tumbled correspondence - 1960 to 1963.pdf5.71 MB

Pacific Steam Navigation Company

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-1-1. Various re claims for damaged goods on the Oravia 1911 - tumbled papers.pdf19.55 MB 

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-1-2. Oravia wreck. Action of Receiver of Wrecks - tumbled papers.pdf2.43 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-1-3. Oravia. Letters from Receiver of Wrecks with accounts as to salvage and sundries. Rams and PSN salvage.pdf1.08 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-1-4. Oravia. Rams.pdf1.96 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-1-5. Oravia. Salvage distribution.pdf2.3 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-1-6. Oravia. Copies of telegrams and correspondence between FIC Agency and PSNC.pdf3.77 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-1-7. Oravia. Forwarding agent. Oravia A8.pdf1.14 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-1-8. Oravia. Boarding lists. Passengers and crew.pdf12.46 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-1-9. Tumbled correspondence - 1911 to 1914.pdf8.57 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-1-10. Tumbled correspondence - 1918.pdf2.39 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-1-11. Tumbled correspondence - 1919.pdf1.68 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-1-12. Tumbled correspondence - 1920.pdf3.6 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-2-1. Tumbled correspondence - 1921.pdf4.44 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-2-2. Tumbled correspondence - 1922.pdf3.07 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-2-3. Tumbled correspondence - 1923.pdf3.34 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-2-4. Receipt book for outward bound cargo - 4 September 1925 to 9 March 1936.pdf7.66 MB

pdfFIC-WS-PSN-2-5. Tumbled correspondence - 1935.pdf4.89 MB


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