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Unfortunately only four censuses have survived prior to the invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982. The 1851 census should be treated with caution as it was used as a template for subsequent censuses and jury lists and the pencil additions often relate to later years.

The transcriptions are in alphabetical order and contain additional notes made by the Archives.


pdf1833 Aug 26 - Port Louis population murders.pdf(16.63 MB)

pdf1837 Dec 07 - Port Louis - H1.pdf(2.77 MB)

pdfList of settlers at Port Louis 7 Dec 1837 to 3 July 1840 from H1 37 with notes H1.pdf(141.99 KB)

pdf1842 Jan - Census - B1.pdf(2.93 MB)

pdf1842 Jan - alphabetical order notes - B1.pdf(155.13 KB )

pdf1843 Mar 31 - Census - G1.pdf(3.14 MB)

pdf1843 - alphabetical order notes.pdf(193.5 KB)

pdf1846 Oct 12 - Census - D2.pdf(2.27 MB)

pdf1846 - alphabetical order notes.pdf(194.85 KB)

pdf1851 Feb 22 - Census.pdf(9.24 MB)

pdf1851 - alphabetical order notes.pdf(390.8 KB)

pdfReport of Census 1881.pdf(1.08 MB)

pdfReport of Census 1891.pdf(841.67 KB)

pdfReport of Census 1901.pdf(2.6 MB)

pdfReport of Census 1921.pdf(2.51 MB)

pdfReport of Census 1931.pdf(3.73 MB)

pdfReport of Census 1946.pdf(5.04 MB)

pdfReport of Census 1953.pdf(2.91 MB)

pdfReport of Census 1962.pdf(2.99 MB)

pdfReport of Census 1972.pdf(2.52 MB)

pdfReport of Census 1980.pdf(2.67 MB)

pdfReport of Census 1986.pdf(3.12 MB)

pdfReport of Census 1991.pdf(2.83 MB)

pdfReport of Census 1996.pdf(14.61 MB)

pdfReport of Census 2001.pdf(14.05 MB)

pdfReport of Census 2006.pdf(9.62 MB)

pdfCensus 2012 - Statistics and Data Tables.pdf(1.47 MB)

pdfCensus 2016 - Full Report.pdf(18.82 MB)


pdfCensus Reports - population by birth place 1833-1996.pdf(248.61 KB)



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors in the transcribing of these records or in the additional notes.

Copyright guide:

Copies of government records may be used freely for private research and educational purposes. If material is to be used for commercial publication, exhibition or broadcast the written permission of the Jane Cameron National Archives must first be obtained. Whenever material from the Jane Cameron National Archives is reproduced in any form or in any medium, the user must acknowledge the Jane Cameron National Archives as the source and give all document references. For non-government records it is your responsibility as the user to ensure that copyright is not infringed and any infringement that does occur is your responsibility.