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These files have not been uploaded in any particular order but represent those scanned to date for researchers.


pdfNAT-FAU-1-1 [246-15] Brooks to study bird life in the FI.pdf(313.35 KB)

pdfNAT-FAU-1-5 [810-20] Mr A G Bennett reports existence of English Sparrow in the FI and draws attention to their becoming a danger to crops.pdf(161.47 KB)

pdfNAT-FAU-1-6 [294-22] Mr J E Hamilton forwards memorandum on the rarity of the Jack Rook.pdf(472.08 KB)

pdfNAT-FAU-1-7 [357-22] Governor asks for statement regarding close season for birds.pdf(403.56 KB)

pdfNAT-FAU-1-10 [834-22] Application to import foxes from Chile.pdf(478.17 KB)

pdfNAT-FAU-1-17 [473-25] Snaring of hares amongst sand grass planted on the Peninsula.pdf(238.38 KB)

pdfNAT-FAU-1-19 [278-26] Proposed importation of the Pampa fox into the FI.pdf(7.5 MB)

pdfNAT-FAU-1-20 [343-26] Mr E Gebbardt requests information regarding the introduction into the FI of the English sparrow.pdf414.09 KB

pdfNAT-FAU-2-2 [237-27] Logger ducks collected for forwarding to the Zoological Gardens London.pdf(239.3 KB)

pdfNAT-FAU-2-8 4[19-28] Destruction of house sparrows.pdf(1.05 MB)

pdfNAT-FAU-2-18 [137-32] Messrs Miller and Morrison make application to import silver foxes for breeding purposes. Bluff Cove Station.pdf(468.57 KB)

pdfNAT-FAU-2-21 [229-33] General applications to import foxes. Carcass and New Islands.pdf(1.95 MB)

pdfNAT-FAU-2-22 [250-35] Messrs Tetzlaff Pisano and Co. Proposal to establish a fox farming industry in the FI.pdf(2.38 MB)

pdfNAT-FAU-2-25 [136-40] Introducton of wild animals and birds into the Colony.pdf(223.09 KB)



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