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Proclamation No 8 dated 4th April 1861 published in the Stanley Gazette, Falkland Islands. 

His Excellency the Governor with the advice and consent of the Executive Council hereby makes known that Grazing Stations will hereafter be leased on the following terms.

  1. Any person may on application to the Governor & on payment of Five pounds into the Colonial Treasury obtain a licence to occupy a station.
  2. Every such licence will be given in writing and be for one year only, & not renewable.
  3. Every Station will contain as near 6,000 acres as may be convenient having regard to natural boundaries. The boundaries of each Station shall be determined by the Surveyor General with the approval of the Governor.
  4. At any time before the expiration of the licence the licensee may obtain a lease for 10 years of this Station at a rent of £10 a year, provided he prove to the satisfaction of the Governor, that he has built on the Land a house of wood or stone walls not less than 24 feet by 12 feet and 6 feet high and has stocked the station with a least 50 cattle or horses or 100 sheep.
  5. It will be a condition of the Lease that during the continuance the Station shall be kept stocked with at least the number of Stock before specified, and also be occupied by the Lessees or any person in his employment, and in case of any failure in this condition it shall be lawful for the Governor to resume possession of the Station.
  6. The Lessee of any Station must within five years from the date of his lease purchase at the upset price of land for the time being (not exceeding 8ˢ/- an acre) a section not containing less than 160 acres; and he may also at any time during his lease purchase any further quantity of land in his Station at the same price.
  7. If the Lessee of any Station under this Proclamation or under the Proclamation issued by Governor Rennie on the 31st July 1849 shall be desirous of obtaining an extension of his lease he shall give notice thereof to the Governor six months before the expiration of his lease; and the Governor shall with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, determine whether it is expedient that the Land shall be sold or reserved for any public purpose, if the Land be not required for sale or otherwise, then the Governor may grant to the Lessee an extension of his Lease for 5 years on the same terms as to rent & occupation as the first Lease. Provided that no Lessee under the said Proclamation of 31st July 1849 shall receive an extension of his lease for more than 6,000 acres, and provided also that no such Lessee shall receive an extension of his lease unless all the districts leased by him are stocked and occupied in manner hereinbefore required.
  8. Every Lease under this Proclamation or the Proclamation of 31st July 1949 shall be transferable, subject only to the condition of giving notice of such transfer to the Colonial Secretary.
  9. The Rent of each Station shall be paid by the Lessee to the Colonial Secretary at Stanley, yearly, in advance, from the day of the grant of the Lease; and if delay be made in such payment the Colonial Secretary within two months after the rent is dues send notice thereof to the Lessee if in Stanley; and if the Rent be not paid within one month after such notice, of (if the Lessee be not resident in Stanley) if the rent be not paid within six months after it is due the Lease shall be null and void ad the Governor may resume possession of the Station without making to the former Lessee any compensation.
  10. No licence shall be granted to occupy any Station within six miles (by land) of Stanley or of any Township which may hereafter be proclaimed.
  11. Every Station leased and every block of land sold under these Regulations shall be as far as possible of a square figure of which not more than one side shall have available water frontage.
  12. Every Lease shall convey the right to use the land for pastoral purposes and shall be subject to all such reservations as are contained in the printed Crown Grants of Land in this Colony, and the Governor shall have power at any time to proclaim a Public Road through any station.
  13. No person shall be licensed under the first clause of this Proclamation to occupy more than one Station at the same time, and no lessee of any districts under the said Proclamation of 31st July 1849 shall be licensed to occupy a Station unless the said districts shall be stocked and occupied in manner hereinbefore required.
  14. Every Station shall be defined with reference to the Nautical Chart of the Survey. [E4; 248]

These files are not a complete representation of settlements on West Falkland Island and are not necessarily a complete history but are intended to give a timeline of some of the more well-known and may be added to from time to time.


pdfChartres or Chartres River Station, Black Hill, Green Hill, The Saddle ,Goring House and The Boundary.pdf(1.26 MB)

pdfFox Bay East or Packes Fox Bay, Little Chartres and Dunnose Head.pdf(1.37 MB)

pdfFox Bay West or Baillons Fox Bay, Leicester Creek, East Bay, Mount Sulivan and Spring Point.pdf(2.15 MB)

pdfHill Cove, Shallow Bay, Teal River, Crooked Inlet and Main Point.pdf(1.56 MB)

pdfPort Howard, Manybranch or Packes Port Howard, White Rock Station, Mount Moody Station, Port Purvis Station, Shag Cove and Hill Gap.pdf(1.36 MB)

pdfPort Stephens, Port Edgar, South Harbour, Double Creek and Dyke Island.pdf(1.01 MB)

pdfRoy Cove or Westbourne Station, Shallow Bay or Adelaide Station, Port North, Dunbar, Bense Island, New Island and West Point Island.pdf(2.03 MB)



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