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With their involvement with shipping from 1852 onwards the Falkland Islands Company Limited had many dealings with visiting ships and distressed seamen, both as ship’s chandlers and also as Lloyd’s Agents.  This constant shipping contact also ensured that the Colonial Managers were perfectly suited to being foreign Consuls in the Falkland Islands for many of the visiting, distressed and wrecked ships, starting with Thomas Havers as Consul for Hamburg in 1855.


Olai Johnsen, a Norwegian subject, whose descendants are still in the Falkland Islands



pdfForeign Consuls in the Falkland Islands.pdf199.48 KB


pdfFIC-OC-CHI-1-1. Correspondence - 1924 to 1928.pdf3.68 MB


pdfFIC-OC-ITA-1-1. Correspondence - mostly in Italian - 1927 to 1930.pdf1.52 MB

pdfFIC-OC-ITA-1-2. Correspondence - mostly in Italian - 1931 to 1934.pdf3.5 MB


pdfFIC-OC-NOR-1-1. Correspondence passport applications etc - 1925 to 1966.pdf4.22 MB

pdfFIC-OC-NOR-1-2. Correspondence - 1925 to 1930.pdf1.96 MB

pdfFIC-OC-NOR-1-3. Correspondence re strikers etc - 1930 to 1931.pdf2.61 MB

pdfFIC-OC-NOR-1-4. Correspondence - 1931.pdf1.32 MB

pdfFIC-OC-NOR-1-5. Correspondence - 1932 to 1934.pdf1.26 MB

pdfFIC-OC-NOR-1-6. Correspondence re Olaf Johannes FASTO FI and Dependencies Sealing Co Ltd - 1930 to 1931.pdf679.18 KB

pdfFIC-OC-NOR-1-7. Correspondence re claimants against FI and Dependencies Sealing Co Ltd - 1932 to 1933.pdf419.55 KB

pdfFIC-OC-NOR-1-8. Correspondence re claimants against FI and Dependencies Sealing Co Ltd - 1934.pdf709.57 KB

pdfFIC-OC-NOR-1-9. Correspondence re strikes FI and Dependencies Sealing Co Ltd - 1930.pdf821.01 KB

pdfFIC-OC-NOR-1-10. Correspondence re FI and Dependencies Sealing Co Ltd share claimants - 1931.pdf4.52 MB

pdfFIC-OC-NOR-1-11. Circulars - 14 March 1931 to 10 August 1934.pdf1.82 MB

pdfFIC-OC-NOR-1-12. Correspondence - 28 January 1970 to 13 September 1974.pdf2.9 MB

pdfFIC-OC-NOR-2. Journal - 27 March 1894 to 14 March 1966.pdf6.37 MB


pdfFIC-OC-URU-1-1. Correspondence - 1924 to 1930.pdf6.36 MB

pdfFIC-OC-URU-1-2. Correspondence - 1933 to 1934.pdf3.73 MB


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