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Various Utilities including the Printing Office and Sanitation.



 pdfR-UTI-GEN-1-2. Report by Robin A V Benbow Overseas Development Agency on banking facilities in the Falkland Islands - March 1980.pdf1.02 MB

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Printing Office

John Nixon, the first recorded printer in the Falkland Islands, arrived with his wife and children on board the Ealing Grove 12 January 1858 as part of the Falkland Islands Garrison.  He worked as Government Printer from 1874, employed at 4 shillings a day when required, and was responsible for the printing of official forms, gazettes and other Government publications and papers.

The Government Printing Office was originally in a building in the Dockyard.  The office was very cramped and unfit for purpose so a new building measuring 40 by 20 feet with large windows was erected and was opened early 1909 behind where the Secretariat is now situated. 


Henry Sedgwick in the Printing Office

Government Files

pdfUTI-PRI-1-1. Vacancy for an assistant Government printer.pdf413.41 KB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-2. Lighting of Government Printing Office.pdf192.76 K

pdfUTI-PRI-1-3. Comparison of rates of overtime being paid to Government printers with their salaries under increased scale of pay.pdf195.21 KB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-4. Head printer and second assistant refuse to work overtime.pdf614.08 KB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-5. Guillotine knife. Enquiry regarding.pdf296.29 KB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-6. Father M L Migone. Asks that printing may be done for free educational show to children.pdf743.84 KB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-7. Government Printing Office. Report on new type and material submitted.pdf305.37 KB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-8. Purchase of printing plant and material from Cathedral Press.pdf419.98 KB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-9. Printing Office - private work by.pdf5.18 MB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-10. Printing Office. Schedules of work.pdf1.72 MB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-11. Printing Office. Alterations equipment and furniture.pdf7.21 MB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-12. Printing machinery.pdf1.07 MB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-13. Proposed purchase of automatic typesetting equipment for Printing Office.pdf6.01 MB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-14. Government Printing Office.pdf2.21 MB

pdfUTI-PRI-1-15. Private printing charge book.pdf29.51 MB

pdfUTI-PRI-2-1. Printing Office Sample Book 1948 to 1951.pdf4.98 MB


Government Files

pdfUTI-SAN-1-1. Colonial Surgeon. Reports on the hygienic conditions of the Town of Stanley.pdf300.2 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-2. Colonial Surgeon. Reports insanitary condition of latrines and urinals at the Government School.pdf821.11 KB 

pdfUTI-SAN-1-3. Board of Health. Recommends improvements in roads and drains and the providing of an adequate water supply.pdf88.22 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-4. Board of Health. Practice of dumping rubbish on the foreshore. Suggests purchase of an incinerator.pdf1.1 MB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-5. Board of Health. Reports condition of drain situated of house occupied by Mr Abner Berntsen.pdf409.82 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-6. Colonial Surgeon. Reports on the insanitary condition of drain in John Street.pdf767.67 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-7. Mrs W Bonner. Draws attention to the condition of drain in Fitzroy Road.pdf523.36 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-8. Colonial Surgeon. Reports outbreak of enteric fever at the residence of Mr J Walsh Philomel Street. Insanitary condition of drains.pdf288.09 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-9. Colonial Surgeon. Report by the Inspector Nuisances on the condition of certain drains in Stanley.pdf438.24 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-10. Acting Clerk to Board of Health. Reports on condition of stone drain on the north side of Drury Street.pdf262.92 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-11. Enquiry by Bd of Health whether Building Bye-laws under S 18 of Public Health Ord 1894 refer only to new buildings or applicable to all buildings in Stanley.pdf216.43 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-12. Construction of drains in Government House gardens.pdf340.91 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-13. Colonial Surgeon. Report of condition of drain in John Street near Barrack Street.pdf553.66 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-14. Rubbish dump. Suggested extension of sea wall of.pdf461.37 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-15. Governor. Repair of culverts near Sulivan House.pdf419.39 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-16. Preliminary report by A A P Neave esquire AMICE. Scheme proposed for the improvement of Stanley.pdf3.11 MB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-17. HE the Acting Governor. Calls for report on state of drain in St Marys Walk.pdf524.75 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-18. A A P Neave. Stanley Improvement Scheme. Submits report on drainage scheme.pdf1.14 MB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-19. Drainage of houses in Dairy Paddock. Condition of.pdf493.17 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-20. Executive Engineer. Fitting of WCs to private property in Stanley.pdf845.67 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-21. Institution of a public scavenging service in the Town of Stanley.pdf12.63 MB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-22. Urgent draining work at Government House.pdf295.09 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-23. Messrs John Ratcliffe and Alex L Kiddle submit a complaint regarding Government drain passing through their property.pdf296.42 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-24. St Marys Catholic School. Improved sanitary arrangements to be carried out by Public Works Department.pdf1001.96 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-25. Notes on sanitation and general health matters in the Camp.pdf3.1 MB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-26. Construction of comfort stations.pdf1.71 MB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-27. Sewage disposal. Scheme for installation of water closets.pdf2.89 MB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-28. Maxwell Biggs. Assistant sanitary carter.pdf534.04 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-29. Sewage disposal. General.pdf1.92 MB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-30. Chief Constable. Reports by sanitary inspector.pdf1.82 MB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-31. Development policy. Sewage disposal.pdf5.91 MB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-32. Sewage disposal in the Camp.pdf349.11 KB

pdfUTI-SAN-1-33. Stanley Town Council. Sanitation general. Sanitary Carter. Sanitary Inspector. Sewers and drains. Flush and earth lavatories.pdf2.8 MB  NB: As the Sanitary Inspector was also the Fire Brigade Superintendant this file also contains reports on fires.


pdfR-UTI-GEN-1-5. Falkland Islands Government Falkland Islands waste disposal final report - Sir William Halcrow Partners Ltd - 1998.pdf3.87 MB

pdfR-UTI-GEN-1-6. Falkland Islands Government Falkland Islands waste disposal. Appendices - Sir William Halcrow Partners Ltd - February 1998.pdf7.16 MB


While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

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