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The Letters Patent dated 23 June 1843:

And whereas it is expedient that an Executive Council should be appointed to advise and assist the Governor of Our said Settlements in the Falkland Islands and in their Dependencies, for the time being, in the Administration of the Government thereof, We do therefore, by these Our Letters-Patent, authorise the Governor of our said Settlements, for the time being, to summon as an Executive Council such persons as may, from time to time, be named or designated by Us in any Instructions under Our Signet and Sign-Manual to him in that behalf”

In a letter to Lord Stanley dated 21 July 1845 Governor Moody wrote “I have the honor to inform your Lordship that in obedience to Her Majesty’s Instructions I formed the Executive Council for this Colony on the 2nd April 1845.” [H1]

Minutes of these meetings were recorded in a series of manuscript books. The first volume of Executive Council minutes is missing as it was lost in the wreck of the Levenside in Port William. The Levenside was a British barque that had been collecting guano from New Island. She was returning to Stanley to land Governor Rennie, who had taken the opportunity to visit West Falkland. He had taken official papers with him hoping to do some office work whilst on the voyage. On the night of the 26th of January 1852 the Levenside struck on the Billy Rock and foundered in Port William. Everyone on board was saved but the ship was a total loss, as was the Executive Council Minute Book.

The Archives holds a full set of copies of the Executive Council Minutes of Meetings from 1852 to 1976 in nine manuscript books; series P. The later manuscript books are not yet open to researchers.

The Details of Subjects Covered lists was originally a database started as a research aid for Archives staff and therefore some information may be in addition to that in the manuscript book.


pdf1850 to 1872 - P1 - Details of Subjects Covered.pdf(314.79 KB)

pdf1872 to 1889 - P2 - Details of Subjects Covered.pdf(445.39 KB)

pdf1889 to 1904 - P3 - Details of Subjects Covered.pdf(551.55 KB)

pdf1904 to 1908 - P4 - Details of Subjects Covered.pdf(284.36 KB)

pdf1909 to 1912 - P5 - Details of Subjects Covered.pdf(286.38 KB)

pdf1913 to 1921 - P6 - Details of Subjects Covered.pdf (368.55 KB)

pdf1922 to 1934 - P7 - Details of subjects covered.pdf(585.67 KB)

pdf1850 to 1851 Minutes - P1.pdf(21.11 MB)

pdf1852 Jan to Mar Minutes - P1.pdf(19.28 MB)

pdf1852 Mar Minutes - P1.pdf(23.12 MB)

pdf1852 Mar [2] Minutes - P1.pdf(15.6 MB)

pdf1852 Apr Minutes - P1.pdf(13.62 MB)

pdf1852 Apr to Sep Minutes - P1.pdf(16.57 MB)

pdf1853 Minutes - P1.pdf(14.99 MB)

pdf1854 to 1857 Minutes - P1.pdf(13.32 MB)

pdf1860 Minutes - P1.pdf(17.44 MB)

pdf1861 to 1862 Minutes - P1.pdf(17.33 MB)

pdf1863 Minutes - P1.pdf(7.62 MB)

pdf1864 Minutes - P1.pdf(16.68 MB)

pdf1865 to 1866 Minutes - P1.pdf(7.76 MB)

pdf1867 to 1868 Minutes - P1.pdf(18.07 MB)

pdf1869 to 1870 Minutes - P1.pdf(20.82 MB)

pdf1871 to 1872 Mar Minutes - P1.pdf(21.34 MB)

pdf1872 Apr to Dec Minutes - P2.pdf(9.02 MB)

pdf1873 Minutes - P2.pdf(12.82 MB)

pdf1874 to 1877 Minutes - P2.pdf(18.95 MB)

pdf1879 to 1880 Minutes - P2.pdf(20.88 MB)

pdf1881 Minutes - P2.pdf(12.81 MB)

pdf1882 Minutes - P2.pdf(18.44 MB)

pdf1883 to 1884 Minutes - P2.pdf(16.57 MB)

pdf1885 to 1886 Minutes - P2.pdf(16.91 MB)

pdf1887 Minutes - P2.pdf(16.85 MB)

pdf1888 Minutes - P2.pdf(23.05 MB)

pdf1889 to 1904 Index - P3.pdf(24.66 MB)

pdf1889 to 1890 Minutes - P3.pdf(35.46 MB)

pdf1891 Minutes - P3.pdf(24.87 MB)

pdf1892 Jan to Aug Minutes - P3.pdf(17.54 MB)

pdf1892 Aug to Dec Minutes - P3.pdf(18.21 MB)

pdf1893 Jan to May Minutes - P3.pdf(21.26 MB)

pdf1893 Jun to Dec Minutes - P3.pdf(22.41 MB)

pdf1894 Jan to Sep Minutes - P3.pdf(19.48 MB)

pdf1894 Sep to Dec Minutes - P3.pdf(11.5 MB)

pdf1895 Minutes - P3.pdf(17.61 MB)

pdf1896 Minutes - P3.pdf(15.3 MB)

pdf1897 Minutes - P3.pdf(15.88 MB)

pdf1898 to 1900 Minutes - P3.pdf(18.54 MB)

pdf1901 to 1902 Minutes - P3.pdf(19.86 MB)

pdf1903 to 1904 Minutes - P3.pdf(15.47 MB)

pdf1904 to 1908 Index - P4.pdf(7.86 MB)

pdf1904 Minutes - P4.pdf(9.72 MB)

pdf1905 Minutes - P4.pdf(18.04 MB)

pdf1906 Minutes - P4.pdf(12.33 MB)

pdf1907 Minutes - P4.pdf(11.21 MB)

pdf1908 Minutes - P4.pdf(10.1 MB)

pdf1909 to 1912 Index - P5.pdf(8.25 MB)

pdf1909 Minutes - P5.pdf(14.94 MB)

pdf1910 Minutes - P5.pdf(5.88 MB)

pdf1911 Minutes - P5.pdf(29.64 MB)

pdf1912 Minutes - P5.pdf(21.72 MB)

pdf1913 to 1921 Index - P6.pdf(7.46 MB)

pdf1913 Minutes - P6.pdf(27.69 MB)

pdf1914 Minutes - P6.pdf(17.97 MB)

pdf1915 Minutes - P6.pdf(20.61 MB)

pdf1916 Minutes - P6.pdf(24.84 MB)

pdf1917 Minutes - P6.pdf(13.7 MB)

pdf1918 Minutes - P6.pdf(12.72 MB)

pdf1919 Minutes - P6.pdf(8.71 MB)

pdf1920 Minutes - P6.pdf(27.9 MB)

pdf1921 Minutes - P6.pdf(15.98 MB)

pdf1922 to 1934 - P7.pdf20.53 MB

pdf1935 to 1958 - P8.pdf18 MB



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