Legislative Council Minutes



By a gazette notice published in Stanley 30 December 1845 Governor Moody announced the formation of a Legislative Council of the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies consisting of himself Richard Clement Moody, the Stipendiary Magistrate William Henry Moore and the Colonial Chaplain Reverend James Leith Moody.

Minutes of these meetings were recorded in a series of manuscript books.  From Thursday 1st January 1891 the minutes of Legislative Council meetings were also published in the Falkland Islands Gazette commencing with the minutes of the meeting held 29 December 1890 and finishing with the minutes of the meeting held 10 December 1985.    

The Archives holds a full set of copies of the Legislative Council Minutes of Meetings from 1845 to 1972 in manuscript books; series Q.

The Legislative Assembly minutes from 2008 onwards are available on the Falkland Islands Government Assembly website under Public Papers - Assembly Transcripts.

pdf1845 Minutes - Q1.pdf(14.22 MB)            pdf1846 Minutes - Q1.pdf(43.1 MB)            pdf1847 Minutes - Q1.pdf(25.31 MB)

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pdf1851 Minutes - Q1.pdf(10.69 MB)            pdf1852 Minutes - Q1.pdf(5.75 MB)            pdf1853 Minutes - Q1.pdf(37.58 MB)

pdf1856 Minutes - Q1.pdf(847.88 KB)           pdf1857 Minutes - Q1.pdf(12.23 MB)          pdf1858 Minutes - Q1.pdf(6.13 MB)

pdf1859 Minutes - Q1.pdf(5.82 MB)               pdf1862 Minutes - Q1.pdf(5.92 MB)           pdf1864 Minutes - Q1.pdf(15.88 MB)

pdf1865 Minutes - Q1.pdf(2.08 MB)               pdf1866 Minutes - Q1.pdf(3.68 MB)           pdf1867 Minutes - Q1.pdf(8.14 MB)

pdf1871 Minutes - Q2.pdf(12.88 MB)             pdf1872 Minutes - Q2.pdf(6.63 MB)           pdf1873 Minutes - Q2.pdf(6.51 MB)

pdf1874 Minutes - Q2.pdf(1.29 MB)               pdf1875 Minutes - Q2.pdf(9.71 MB)           pdf1876 Minutes - Q2.pdf(3.32 MB)

pdf1878 Minutes - Q2.pdf(4.88 MB)               pdf1879 Minutes - Q2.pdf(2.59 MB)           pdf1880 Minutes - Q2.pdf(8.29 MB)

pdf1881 Minutes - Q2.pdf(7.97MB)                pdf1882 Minutes - Q2.pdf(11.54 MB)         pdf1883 Minutes - Q2.pdf(1.2 MB)

pdf1884 Minutes - Q2.pdf(6.62 MB)               pdf1885 Minutes - Q2.pdf(8.12 MB)           pdf1886 Minutes - Q2.pdf(12.15 MB)

pdf1887 Minutes - Q2.pdf(13.01 MB)             pdf1888 Minutes - Q2.pdf(7.92 MB)           pdf1889 Minutes - Q2.pdf(7.24 MB)

pdf1889 Minutes - Q3.pdf(9.75 MB)               pdf1890 Minutes - Q3.pdf(9.08 MB)          


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