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Arthur Frederick COBB was an avid ornithologist and photographer. He leased Bleaker Island from the Falkland Islands Company Ltd and while there made copious notes recording his observations on the wildlife. Although these records are incomplete they are a valuable resource.

pdfA F COBB. Bleaker Island - Cattle Book 1910 to 1922.pdf(1.4 MB)

pdfA F COBB. Bleaker Island - Farm Diaries 1910 to 1921 loose pages and incomplete.pdf(4.27 MB)

pdfA F COBB. Bleaker Island - Farm Diary 1914 incomplete.pdf(4.75 MB)

pdfA F COBB. Bleaker Island - Notebook wildlife weather and other observations. C 1906 to 1923.pdf(21.24 MB)

pdfA F COBB. Notes for lectures and miscellaneous notes.pdf(12.39 MB)

pdfA F COBB. Correspondence from A G Bennett 10 Apr 1907 to 8 Sep 1954.pdf(13.34 MB )


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