Certificates of Nationality and Passport Applications



Government Notice No. 123 printed in the Falkland Islands Gazette Vol XXIV No 9 dated 1 September 1915 stated:

The Governor directs it to be notified, for general information, that British-born persons proceeding to the United Kingdom from the Falkland Islands should before leaving provide themselves with a certificate which will enable the Colonial Office on their application to recommend them for passports for the purpose of returning to the Colony.

Application for such certificates should be made in writing to the Colonial Secretary, evidence of nationality being furnished in such cases as may be required by the Colonial Secretary.

The Archives hold four files of these early applications, from 1919 to 1922. At the front of each file there is an alphabetical listing of the certificates for that year.

The early volumes of passport applications suffered fire and water damage during the Town Hall fire of 1944 and scans are the best that can be achieved without damaging the volumes further.


pdf1919 Certificates of Nationality.pdf(23.11 MB)

pdf1920 Certificates of Nationality.pdf(19.32 MB)

pdf1921 Certificates of Nationality.pdf(11.48 MB)

pdf1922 Certificates of Nationality.pdf(12.32 MB)

pdfPassport Applications - 1922 May to 1923 Sep - PPL-PPA-2.pdf(24.96 MB)

pdfPassport Applications - 1923 Sep to 1924 Dec - PPL-PPA-3.pdf(20.57 MB)

pdfPages from cancelled passports - 1922 to 1969.pdf(23.11 MB)



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