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The Public Works Department essentially started with the arrival of the party of Miners and Sappers, who arrived in 1842 under the command of Lieutenant Governor Moody.  On the move of the capital to Stanley the Department was concentrated in the Government Dockyard for over 165 years.

PWD steam roller compressed

PWD steam roller on Ross Road.  L-R: Gordon Roberts, Fred Allen, George Kelway, Tom ‘Harry’ Duffin, Peter Hills

- Maud Sollis Collection, JCNA

Government Files

pdfUTI-PWD-1-1. Public Works materials and stores. Instructions to account for.pdf790.26 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-2. Public Works materials and stores. Approval generally of instructions for.pdf330.12 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-3. Cement. Application for Colonial Government for from Admiralty Stores.pdf105.83 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-4. Admiralty cement. Colonial Governments application to purchase.pdf343.76 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-5. R B Baseley Colonial Engineer. Applies for an increase of salary.pdf293.62 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-6. Increase of War Bonus payable to hourly employees of PWD.pdf245 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-7. Chief Constable. Reports fire in Govt Dockyard on the evening of the 11th May 1920.pdf497.15 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-8. Colonial Engineer. Submits report of Chief Inspector of Stock on condition of mare belonging to the Public Works Department.pdf486.34 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-9. Colonial Engineer. Increase in rate of wages for stone-breaking.pdf224.06 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-10. Salary of Foreman of Works and Timekeeper.pdf715.91 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-11. Seats on Public Road. Damage to and repair of.pdf303.39 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-12. Programme of public works for year 1924.pdf2.03 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-13. R B Baseley Colonial Engineer. Application for increase in salary.pdf672.52 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-14. Colonial Engineer. Report on Flagstone Quarry at Fox Bay West Falkland.pdf331.04 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-15. Quarrying of stones at Fox Bay by crew of Afterglow.pdf347.07 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-16. Colonial Engineer. Requests quotation for a motor tractor and trailer.pdf1.59 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-17. Stanley Improvement Scheme. Tenders for 1. Steam roller 2. Ford lorries 3. Rock drilling plant.pdf2.68 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-18. Stanley Improvement Scheme. Quotations for Incinerator.pdf5.23 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-19. Tenders for extension of sea wall.pdf2.46 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-20. Co-operation of Colonial Engineer with Consulting Engineer in carrying out Improvement Works.pdf428.98 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-21. Proposed employment of Mr G Roberts Admiralty Foreman for Stanley Improvement Works.pdf3.9 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-22. Stanley Improvement Scheme. Report by Mr A A P Neave on.pdf838.15 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-23. Statements shewing expenditure on sanitary service in Stnaley and lighting of Stanley for years 1921 1922 1923.pdf323.5 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-24. Enquiry meaning of walk off practice.pdf501.38 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-25. Colonial Engineer. Submits order for wood to be obatined from Punta Arenas.pdf589.57 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-26. Programme of public works for 1925.pdf628.99 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-27. Public Works Store. Alterations to.pdf2.55 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-28. Stanley Improvement Scheme. Mr G Roberts selected as Officer in Charge of.pdf2.23 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-29. Stanley Improvement Scheme. Statements of expenditure and liabilities 1925.pdf3.21 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-30. Stanley Improvement Scheme. Progress reports 1925.pdf2.35 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-1. Programme of public works for 1926.pdf789.75 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-2. Stanley Improvement Scheme. Progress reports 1926.pdf2.39 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-3. Complaints against Mr J Dickson and Mr J F Harling carpenters PWD.pdf1.01 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-4. Acting Colonial Engineer. Submits suggested scheme for re-organisation of Public Works Department to commence January 1st 1928.pdf2.75 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-5. Acting Colonial Engineer. Constructional work on the West Falkland.pdf236.25 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-6. Public Works Department. Proposed re-organisation of storekeeping.pdf2.48 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-7. Programme of work to be carried out during 1928.pdf218.97 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-8. Tipping of rubbish opposite First and Last House.pdf246.65 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-9. PWD. Notice to men regarding the danger of wearing loose clothing when in close proximity to machinery in motion.pdf255.64 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-10. Accident sustained by Mr W McPherson while blasting rock in the Government quarry.pdf698.15 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-11. Storage of detonators.pdf456.24 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-12. General instructions with regard to the use of explosives.pdf381.77 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-13. No 3 PWD lorry. Collision with cyclist at junction of Ross Road and Villiers Street.pdf855.13 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-14. Suggestion re the training of a shoeing smith.pdf623.99 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-15. Timing-in of men employed by the Public Works Department.pdf435.85 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-16. Magazines and storage accommodation for explosives.pdf877.68 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-17. G Roberts Director Public Works. Requests permission to retire from the public service under Section 7 of the Pensions Ordinance 1937.pdf3.87 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-18. Public Works Department. Reorganisation of.pdf1.37 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-19. Wages of men employed by the Public Works Department.pdf1.66 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-1-20. Co-operation of Colonial Engineer with Consulting Engineer in carrying out Improvement Works.pdf428.98 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-21. Executive Engineer. Applies for remuneration for performing duties of SNO SSTO and SO.pdf457.04 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-22. Appointment of bricklayer mason and plumber apprentices Public Works Department.pdf455.71 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-23. Suggested shipment of PWD stores by certain Admiralty store ships.pdf934.01 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-24. Reorganisation of Public Works Department.pdf559.35 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-25. Expenditure during the year 1942 under public works recurrent and public works extraordinary.pdf4.93 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-26. Reorganisation of the system of stone collection stone crushing and block making in the Public Works Department.pdf3.92 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-27. Reconstruction repair and development requirements on the termination of hostilities.pdf1.67 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-28. Public Works Department. Work by contract.pdf390.66 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-2-29. Public Works Department. Labour position.pdf4.02 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-3-1. Re-arrangement of Government Dockyard.pdf1.68 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-3-2. Public Works Department.pdf2.13 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-3-3. Public Works Department. Major works out to contract in the United Kingdom.pdf5.22 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-3-4. Public Works Department. Major works out to contract in the United Kingdom.pdf1.76 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-3-5. Proposed central unallocated store.pdf587.19 KB

pdfUTI-PWD-3-6. PWD - reorganisation of.pdf1.77 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-3-7. Public Works Department. Proposed construction of new Public Works Department store.pdf1.09 MB

pdfUTI-PWD-3-8. PWD - transport.pdf447.68 KB


pdfR-UTI-PWD-1-1. Report on Improvement Works in Stanley proposed as eligible for grant from Colonial Development fund - 9 September 1929.pdf525.67 KB 


While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

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