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The first recorded cargo of sealskins and seal oil to be exported from the Falkland Islands was by Louis Bougainville and other French settlers at Port Louis in 1766. By 1774 mixed whaling and sealing voyages were being made by crews from the United States, soon to be followed by British vessels.

The first sealing license was issued in 1840 by Lieutenant John Tyssen, the Naval Officer in Charge of the Falkland Islands, for the rookery off Volunteer Point. Despite measures to try to control the wanton destruction of the seal rookeries in subsequent years the herds were severely depleted by poaching.  In 1881 the Seal Fishery Ordinance was passed to help with the recovery of the seal colonies so that a domestic sealing industry could be established.

Seal on slipway Albemarle 1950 John Rowlands Fred Boniface

Dead seal on slipway at Albemarle Sealing Station

These files are part of the collection of Government Files held on Natural History - Seals and Sealing. NB: These files are on seals and sealing in the Falkland Islands. For sealing in the Dependencies see Dependencies.

These files have not been uploaded in any particular order but represent those scanned to date for researchers.

 pdfNAT-SEA-1-1 Sealing rights of land owners where no reservation was made at time of sale of land - also question of acreage c.pdf(129.49 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-2 Draft lease to Messrs Salvesen Coy of the fur seal rookeries of the Colony.pdf(281.6 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-3 Fur seal annual report concerning required by Sec of State.pdf(113.97 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-4 E Schroder. Applies for permission to kill 200 fur seal on Bird Island.pdf(105.54 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-5 Application of Mr R Bailey to take fur seal from Volunteer Rocks.pdf(361.27 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-6 Fur sealing licences granted to Mr R Carey Mr J Hansen.pdf(502 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-7 Application to take fur seal from Volunteer Rocks.pdf(330.52 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-8 Mr A G Bennett reports that tussock grass on Kidney Island is being destroyed by sea-lions.pdf(238.83 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-9 M Craigie-Halkett. Forwards Mr A G Bennetts report on inspection of fur seal rookery at Volunteer Rocks.pdf(344.82 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-10 British Museum desires collection of skulls of Antarctic seals sea lions.pdf(180.28 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-11 Licence issued to Mr J E Hamilton S M West Falkland c to take specimens for scientific purposes.pdf(84.22 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-12 W Ratcliffe. Applies for licence to take fur seal from Volunteer Rocks and Bird Island.pdf(84.87 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-13 G E Parrin. Applies for licence to take fur seal from Volunteer Rocks.pdf(90.05 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-14 Application of Mr Albert Curzon Crichton to conduct sealing operations in Falkland Islands.pdf(304.1 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-15 J Erik Hamilton. Forwards report on inspection of fur seal rookery Jason Islands and a note on sea-lions.pdf(1.11 MB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-16 Report on Mr J E Hamiltons visit to seal rookeries on Volunteer Rocks.pdf(482.31 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-17 J E Hamilton. Reports presence of fur seal in Tamar Pass.pdf(53 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-18 D Shaw. Applies for a sealing licence for Buchene Beauchene and Bird Islands.pdf(122.95 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-19 Experimental killing of seals and dispersal of products by Government.pdf(461.74 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-20 J E Hamilton. Report on fur seal rookery at Jason Island.pdf(163.68 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-21 B A Brown. Reports damage done to tussac grass by hair seal and suggests destruction of a certain number.pdf(420.04 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-22 Applications for sealing licences 1921.pdf(521.1 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-23 Fur seal. Protection of. Issue of notice in connection with.pdf(116.96 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-24 Fur seal. Protection of.pdf(2.87 MB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-25 Hair seal. Experimental culling of.pdf(1.2 MB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-26 Legislation for the further protection of the fur seal. Ordinance No 8 of 1921.pdf(1.9 MB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-27 A F Cobb. Hair seal. Applies for permission to be allowed to kill.pdf(180.61 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-28 G J Felton. Hair seal sea-lions. High Island Salvador waters permission to drive off or kill applied for.pdf(192.86 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-29 Number of seals which may be taken from rookeries. Jason Is Bird Is Beauchene Is and Volunteer Rocks 1921-22.pdf(108.88 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-30 Colin E Hockly Harbour Master. 1 Recommends use of 12pdr field gun landed from HMS Glasgow. 2 Appointment of armed guard for seal rookeries.pdf(337.47 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-31 Accommodation for guard on Elephant Jason Island.pdf(272.12 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-32 J E Hamilton. Mr Jason Hansen. Forwards report on working of fur seal by.pdf(536.47 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-33 H C Harding. Hair seal. Burnt Island Kelp Lagoon permission to kill applied for.pdf(104.84 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-1-34 Sealing officers. Suggestion as to appointment of.pdf(151.18 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-1 Opening of Museum by Uruguayan Government.pdf(631.53 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-2 Falkland Islands and Dependencies Sealing Company. Requests Government assistance to enable Company to operate.pdf(10.51 MB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-3 Proposal that fuller records should be obtained of elephant seals taken in the Falkland Is and Dependencies.pdf(189.74 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-4 Mr Fred Bonner applies for a licence to take fur seal.pdf(83.31 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-5 Operations of Falkland Islands and Dependencies Sealing Company.pdf(10.98 MB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-6 Prevalence of sea leopards in the Falkland Islands.pdf(273.07 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-7 E Gray Co. Makes application for seal-hunting licence.pdf(257.41 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-8 Sealing in the Falkland Islands. Mr E G Rowe enquires whether facilities could be granted.pdf(202.22 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-9 Poaching on seal rookeries in the Falkland Islands.pdf(118.87 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-10 W J Hutchinson Makes application for a sealing licence elephant seal.pdf(1.56 MB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-11 Mr C W Bertrand makes application for a sealing licence sea lions leopards elephants.pdf(234.24 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-12 Sealing in the Falkland Islands.pdf(2.42 MB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-13 The Falkland and Dependencies Sealing Company Limited.pdf(506.25 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-14 Sealing concession to Couper Friend Co.pdf(5.09 MB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-15 Application by Mr J Hansen to kill elephant and leopard seals.pdf(241.38 KB)

pdfNAT-SEA-4-16 Sea lion and sea elephant experiments.pdf(2.18 MB)



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

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