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For many years the Falkland Islands Company Limited was the largest single employer in the Falkland Islands. During the 19th and 20th Century the Company imported labour from Uruguay, Chile, Scotland and England; both single men and married men accompanied by their families. Many decided to settle and a large number of people living in the Falkland Islands now can trace their ancestry back to these early immigrants.

The Archives hold a number of wage ledgers for the Company’s employees, mainly Camp, some of which have been summarised in a database.

The Employees & Passengers listing is part of an internal staff research aid.

Finlayson  Boy

“Finlayson and Boy” – photo FIC Collection


pdfWage Ledgers - 1858 to 1930.pdf(193.23 KB)

pdfCamp Wage & Store Ledgers - 1858 to 1873.pdf(607.72 KB)

pdfSalaries wages paid in the Islands 1 September 1876 - FIC-D4.pdf(19.69 MB)

pdfShepherds etc employed in Companys Camp 1 December 1876 - FIC-D4.pdf(7.81 MB)

pdf1879 Jun - FIC employees with wages - FIC-E4.pdf(426.13 KB)

pdf1880 Aug - Men on Camp books men on books not retained for the winter cost of tallow works - FIC-E4.pdf(542.71 )KB

pdfCamp Wage & Store Ledgers - 1881 to 1893.pdf(1.14 MB)

pdfCamp Wage & Store Ledgers - 1894 to 1913.pdf(1.67 MB)

pdfEmployees & Passengers - 1867 to 1894.pdf(604.06 KB)

 pdf1877 Camp Wages - FIC-D5.pdf(6.63 MB)

pdf1880 Dec 31 Men on Camp Books - FIC-E5.pdf(1.1 MB)

pdf1882 Jun Distribution of Shepherds - FIC-E5.pdf(394.83 KB)

pdfEmployees 30 June 1938 Record of Service.pdf(262.51 KB)



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors in the listing and transcribing of these records.

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