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Captain William Smith discovered the South Shetlands in 1819 and reported the presence of whales there.  In 1842 Sir James Clark Ross particularly noted the presence of whales in Erebus and Terror Gulf, on the south east tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, which led to the despatch of four vessels from the Dundee whaling fleet to the area in 1892; a Norwegian expedition under Captain Larsen also left for the Gulf at about the same time.  The whaling enterprise was a failure as the vessels were not properly equipped for whale hunting.

Steam whaling around the Falkland Islands and the South Shetlands was started by Alexander Lange in the 1905-06 whaling season with one floating factory and two whalers, with a catch off of the South Shetlands of 58 whales.  During the 1907-08 season four companies operated in the South Shetlands, with a total catch of 650-700 whales, and a first attempt of whaling was made in the South Orkneys but ice forced the expedition to go to the South Shetlands.  Actual whaling operations were first conducted in the South Orkneys in the 1911-12 season.  By the 1912-13 season, the whaling industry in the Dependencies had become the largest in the world and there were 32 whale catchers operating around the South Shetlands alone.

Initially licences were issued covering all of the Dependencies, excluding South Georgia which was licenced separately, but in 1912 it was decided to issue separate whaling licences for the South Shetlands and Graham Land, the South Orkneys, and the South Sandwich Islands.  By 1915-16 there were nine whaling companies operating a total of 29 whale catchers in the South Shetlands.

Hektor Companys Shore Station and Government House Deception Island 1918 Bennett Collection JCNA

Government House and Hektor Whaling Company’s Shore Station, Deception Island, 1918 - A G Bennett Collection, JCNA


pdfDEP-WHA-1-1. Copy of despatch on 1907-08 whaling season.pdf274.23 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-2. Return of whales caught c. in Dependencies exclusive of South Georgia season 1911-12.pdf3.23 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-3. Whale oil. Correspondence re refusal to permit steamers Neko and Horatio to proceed to Norway with.pdf368.05 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-4. Export duty on the whale oil on board the ss Guvernoren Whaling licence for Odd Company for ensuing season Papers on the subject of.pdf467.81 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-5. Market for whale bone in South Shetland Islands.pdf349.35 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-6. Whale oil on ss Guvernoren. Export duty on.pdf709.54 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-7. Additional whaling licence. Salvesen and Companys application for.pdf684.66 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-8. Inquiring if Sociedad Ballenera Magellanes has stopped work and if applied for licence for next season.pdf1.56 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-9. Whaling licences. Papers on the subject of.pdf255.7 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-10. Telegraphic despatches. Copies of sent by Sec of State.pdf583.78 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-11. Southern Whaling Company. Any objection to renewal of licences of the.pdf87.65 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-12. Southern Whaling Company. Renewal licences of.pdf219.53 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-13. Hektor Whaling Company. Application for leave to use 3rd whaler at Deception Islands South Shetland.pdf405.03 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-14. Sydhavet Whaling Company. Application for licence by.pdf329.54 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-15. Hvalen Companys whaling licence. Transfer of to the Hektor Company.pdf388.71 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-16. Whaling licences season 1915-1916.pdf516.91 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-17. Odd Whaling Company. Operations 1915-16.pdf289.43 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-18. Enquiring as to when whaling statistics for season 1914-15 may be received. South Shetlands South Orkneys.pdf811.57 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-19. Whaling facilities at South Shetlands and Grahamsland or at the South Orkneys. Messrs Salvesens request for.pdf281.23 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-20. Whale oil shipped from Colony in the Orn II and Bombay. Licence authorising exportation of to Norway.pdf604.75 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-21. Whaling licence South Shetlands. Application by Bogen for.pdf243.58 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-22. Whaling season south Shetlands 1915-16. Preliminary report.pdf1014.75 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-23. Hektor Whaling Company. Application by Mr Bugge for use of 3rd catcher.pdf218.72 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-24. Sandefjord Whaling Company. Two extra catchers to be used from South Shetlands.pdf85.29 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-25. Registration of Grahamland. Close and report to Chief Registrar of Shipping London.pdf142.1 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-26. Whaling licences 1916-17. Issue of.pdf507.14 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-27. Whaling licence to British Antarctic Whaling Company. Licence for 1 floating factory 3 whalers for South Shetlands and Graham Land.pdf459.58 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-28. Whale oil. Cargoes of received.pdf166.94 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-29. Whaling report South Shetlands and Grahamsland. Appreciation of Mr Wilsons.pdf120.84 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-30. Salvesen and Cos whaling licence 1916-17.pdf348.56 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-31. Whaling licence. Messrs Geddes and Son unable to renew their application for.pdf106.32 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-32. Rollo and Grib Whaling Companies.pdf395.4 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-33. Rethval and Thule Whaling Company. Renewal of licences for South Orkneys.pdf290.02 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-34. A G Bennett Customs Officer. Forwards whaling report and diary for South Shetlands season 1917-18.pdf2.61 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-35. Chartering of ss Roald Amundsen Laboremas Co by Messrs Furness Withy and Co for six months from 10 September 1918. Retention by Crown Agents of licence fees.pdf239.32 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-36. Laboremas Cos licences not prejudiced by non-operation in 1918-19 season owing to charter.pdf201.09 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-37. Payment of rent for Deception Island by Hektor Whaling co for year ending 30 September 1919.pdf114.71 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-38. Correspondence regarding permission granted to Messrs Bryde and Dahl to employ a 4th catcher at South Shetlands 1918-19 season.pdf159.98 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-39. Application for renewal of licences for Southern Whaling Co for 1919-20 season.pdf334.34 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-40. Norge Whaling Company. Application for renewal of licences for factory and 4 catchers for South Shetlands and Grahamsland 1919-20 season.pdf292.63 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-41. Approval of renewal of licences for Norge Company for 1919-20 season with 3 but not 4 catchers.pdf200.84 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-42. Approval of proposal of Hektor Company to employ one large floated factory in place of two smaller vessels.pdf186.33 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-43. Hektor and Hvalen Companies. Application for renewal of whaling licences South Shetlands Orkneys season 1919-20.pdf909.87 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-44. Issue of Whaling licences 1919-20 season.pdf368.03 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-45. Preliminary report from Mr A G Bennett on whaling operations South Shetlands and Grahams Land 1918-19 season.pdf328.51 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-46. Hektor Co place contract for building floating factory to replace Hektoria and Benguela.pdf196.77 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-47. Captain G Johnsen forwards names of vessels of Norge Co operating at South Shetlands 1919-20 and asks permission to retain a reserve catcher at Deception Islands.pdf309.2 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-48. Captain G Johnsen applies for permission for Norge Co to employ a fourth catcher at South Shetlands 1919-20 season.pdf123.57 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-49. Reports death by accident of two Norwegians employed in whaling fleet South Shetlands.pdf388.23 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-1-50. Whaling returns from South Shetlands for British Museum 1918-19.pdf145.26 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-1. Report by Mr A G Bennett on whaling operations South Shetlands and Grahams Land during 1918-19 season.pdf937.66 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-2. Payment of rent for Deception Island by Hektor Whaling Co for year ending 30 September 1920.pdf143.07 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-3. Messrs Andvig and Co to obtain concession to take whale bones from Deception Island.pdf340.54 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-4. Messrs Chr. Nielsen Co apply for permission to erect a store house near their mooring place at Deception Island.pdf392.59 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-5. Messrs Bryde and Dahl granted permission to operate in South Shetlands with factory 3 catchers 4th refused 1919-20 season.pdf325.16 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-6. Mr Mitchell Steel. Renews application for a whaling licence for South Shetlands and South Orkneys.pdf1.5 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-7. Odd Company applies for renewal of licences South Shetlands for 1920-21 season.pdf573.5 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-8. Attempt to commit suicide by Carl Andersen on board ss Solstrief at South Shetlands.pdf322.36 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-9. Capt G Johnson ss Solstrief asks permission to lay a mooring in Guvernoren Harbour Belgica Strait South Shetlands.pdf285.12 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-10. Issue of whaling licences 1920-21 season.pdf426.31 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-11. Report by Mr S H Riches on whaling operations South Shetlands and Grahams Land during 1919-20 season.pdf1.18 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-12. Messrs Bryde and Dahl granted permission to operate in the waters of the South Shetlands with factory and three catchers season 1920-21.pdf637.31 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-13. Grant of lease of land at South Orkneys to the Tonsberg Whaling Company.pdf2.15 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-14. Refusal of application for whaling licences made by Mr Mitchell Steel.pdf464.32 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-15. Grant of lease of land at South Orkneys which includes whaling licence to Tonsberg Whaling Company.pdf921.75 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-16. Hektor Whaling Company ss Ronald. Applications on behalf of Hektor Whaling company to operate in the South Shetlands and South Orkneys with factory five catchers season 1921-22.pdf586.03 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-17. Report of Mr J E Hamilton Magistrate South Shetlands on whaling operations at South Shetlands and Grahamsland for season 1920-21.pdf2.65 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-18. South Shetlands season 1920-21 whaling returns. Transmission to British Museum of.pdf413.93 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-19. Tender of 300 by Salvesen and Co in payment of licence fees.pdf933.11 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-20. Whaling position South Shetlands season 1921-22.pdf322.51 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-21. Issue of whaling licences for the 1922-1923 season.pdf2.13 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-22. Hektor and Hvalen Whaling Companies. Application for whaling licences for South Shetlands for season 1922-23.pdf1.2 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-23. Southern Whaling Co ss Svendfoyn. Export duty for season 1921-22.pdf1.33 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-24. Hektor Whaling Company. Export duty for season 1921-22.pdf1.13 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-25. Norge Whaling Co ss Solstrief. Export duty for season 1921-22.pdf1.74 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-26. Bryde and Dahl ss Thor I. Export duty for season 1921-1922.pdf714.13 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-27. Bryde and Dahl ss Thor I. Application for whaling licence to operate at South Shetlands 1922-23.pdf1.15 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-28. Nor Whaling Company ss Orn II. Export duty for season 1921-1922.pdf753.21 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-29. Hvalen Whaling Company ss Pythia. Export duty for season 1921-22.pdf993.84 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-2-30. South Shetlands whaling returns. Transmission of to British Museum for season 1921-1922.pdf698.86 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-1. Regarding the wreck of the ss Minerva at South Shetlands.pdf1.69 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-2. Report by Mr A G Bennett Whaling Officer on whaling operations at South Shetlands for the season 1921-1922. Temporary permits for taking of humpbacks.pdf3.41 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-3. Report on survey of moorings at Deception Island South Shetlands. Procedure with regard to breaches of the Whaling Regulations.pdf2.29 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-4. South Shetlands whaling forms. Alteration of.pdf589.42 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-5. Application for whaling licences season 1922-23 ss Falk ss Orn II.pdf686.06 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-6. Watering rights at South Shetlands.pdf259.79 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-7. Treatment of stowaways. Complaint against Capt Sinclair ss Sevilla at South Shetlands season 1922-23 for defying authority.pdf3.82 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-8. Taking of humpbacks. Complaint against captain of Neko for taking humpbacks without a permit.pdf1.61 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-9. Southern Whaling Company. South Shetlands ss Svend Foyn season 1922-23.pdf723.12 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-10. Application for licences South Shetlands ss Sevilla and ss Neko season 1923-24.pdf6.87 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-11. Season 1922-1923. Complaint against Messrs Salvesens factories South Shetlands for furnishing false returns of whales caught.pdf2.58 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-12. Odd Whaling Company ss Pythia. South Shetlands season 1922-23.pdf1.79 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-13. Wreck of whale catcher Sacra at South Shetlands 29 March 1923.pdf1.01 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-14. Bragueta Whaling Company. Enquiry regarding existence of.pdf1.76 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-3-15. Report by Mr A G Bennett on whaling operations South Shetlands season 1922-23.pdf3.88 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-1. Southern Whaling and Sealing Co. Refusal of permission to take humpbacks during 1922-1923 season.pdf2.33 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-2. Attempted sale by Mr Mitchell Steel of a whaling company.pdf193.37 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-3. Norge Whaling Company. Transfer of to Messrs Lever Bros.pdf704.42 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-4. Appointment of whaling officer and assistant whaling officer South Shetlands 1923-1924.pdf1.45 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-5. South Orkneys. Whaling operations season 1923-1924.pdf1.64 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-6. Dependencies research fund. Respecting crediting of remittance charges on whale oil export duty.pdf3.81 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-7. Government naturalist. Applies for an assistant during visit to South Shetlands.pdf2.32 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-8. On the question of the grant of a third catcher licence for Messrs Salvesens ss Neko.pdf1.49 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-9. Hektor and Hvalen Whaling Co. Reported total loss of catcher Bransfield.pdf1.84 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-10. Thorleif Bjarne Hansen. Reported death of at Deception Islands South Shetlands.pdf343.13 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-11. Information respecting whaling in the Ross Sea.pdf693 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-12. Excessive use of alcohol on board whale catchers.pdf618.11 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-13. Application for Mr S H Riches to be allowed to write an account of whaling operations for Falkland Islands Magazine.pdf313.33 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-14. Expedition at South Shetlands reported to be investigating possibilities of pelagic whaling.pdf870.31 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-15. Control of wireless telegraphy on ship stations at the South Shetlands.pdf1.1 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-16. Loss of ss Professor Gruvel belonging to the Ornen and Nor Whaling Companies.pdf1.3 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-17. Requests information regarding total gross revenue received in 1913 from whaling industry based on South Orkneys and in respect of most recent complete financial year.pdf1012.79 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-18. Marking of whales. Note on conversation with Mr Nielsen Manager Shore Station Deception Island.pdf301.37 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-19. Mr G Brechin Whaling Officer. Failure to pay into Treasury certain monies collected at South Shetlands during the whaling season 1930-1931.pdf2.51 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-20. Hektor Whaling Company Limited. Requests that payment of duty on whale oil in respect of 1931-32 season may be deferred until the seasons whale oil has been sold.pdf5.27 MB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-21. Whaling prospects at South Shetlands season 1923-1924.pdf581.25 KB

pdfDEP-WHA-4-22. Analysis of the movements of whales by Mr A G Bennett.pdf2.27 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-1. Whale oil. Ordinance to prohibit export of to destination other than port in United Kingdom without written licence Customs. Export prohibition act.pdf1.02 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-2. Rethval Thule Company. Frederiksen states he applied for renewal of licence also forwarded cheque for 400 how does matter stand.pdf243.92 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-3. Ss Columbus Messrs Salvesen.pdf311 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-4. Report all clearances of whales oil.pdf1.15 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-5. Sociedad Ballenera de Magallanes. Whaling operations of.pdf147.67 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-6. Whaling licences. British firms to be granted additional next season. Relaxation of regulations to increase output of whale oil during current season.pdf127.04 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-7. Exportation of whale oil to United Kingdom. Want of system for checking delivery of.pdf428.57 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-8. Whale oil. Output of from Falkland Islands and their Dependencies.pdf341.78 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-9. Whale bones for manufacture of oil and manure.pdf527.75 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-10. Whale oil. Exportation of to United Kingdom.pdf79.61 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-11. Rollo and Grib Whaling Companies. Request for report on.pdf309.54 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-12. Whaling licences 1916-17. Messrs Dannevig and Sinclair informed that their applications cannot be entertained.pdf133.99 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-13. Whale oil and sea elephant oil. Method adopted in order to check the due arrival in United Kingdom of.pdf309.74 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-14. Whale oil from FI. Arrival in United Kingdom of in. Restitution Coronda Terence Orwell Ocean Teie.pdf153.17 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-15. Whale oil. Quarterly returns of.pdf556.61 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-16. Whaling licence. Application by Messrs David Geddes Son for in South Georgia or South Shetlands.pdf222.05 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-17. Whale fins or finners. Prohibition of export of.pdf548.9 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-18. Whale oil. Arrival of cargo of in ss Albuera.pdf162.93 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-19. Whale oil exported from Colony. Arrangements for controlling cargoes of.pdf357.39 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-20. Arrangements proposed by Messrs Salvesen Co for whaling operations during 1917-18 season.pdf267.51 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-21. Enclosing draft ordinance re suggested super tax war on whale oil exported by foreign companies to meet estimated deficit of 1918 revenue.pdf175.88 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-22. Forwards copies of a memorandum on the whaling industry of the Falkland Islands Dependencies.pdf1.48 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-23. Composition of Board of Directors of Compania Argentina de Pesca.pdf981.4 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-24. General licence for export of whale oil and seal oil.pdf165.61 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-25. Requests that Mr Hamilton be asked to report what amendments should be made to the different whaling regulations now in force.pdf3.63 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-26. Killer whales. Reduction of numbers of.pdf1.77 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-27. British Museum. Report on whaling operations in Dependencies.pdf5.98 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-28. Duty on whale oil. Transferred to the Dependencies Research Fund by the Crown Agents.pdf241.73 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-29. Whaling licences. Suggested amendments to.pdf302.14 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-30. Utilisation of the waste parts of whales.pdf570.21 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-1-31. Dependencies share in cost of administration whaling industry.pdf7.56 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-1. Duty on whale oil. Transfer of to Dependencies Research Fund of.pdf2.89 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-2. Govt Naturalist. Details of Norwegian whaling companies operating in the Falkland Islands submitted by.pdf158.59 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-3. Imperial Institute. Asks regarding sample of semi-fossilised whale bone.pdf1.34 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-4. Resume of the activities of Messrs Salvesen and Co in the Colony and Dependencies.pdf1.14 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-5. Whaling officers. Suggested instructions to.pdf344.48 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-6. Salvesen and Co. Payment of rent and fees for the years 1915 to 1921 by.pdf3.18 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-7. Whaling share certificates for delivery to Mr J D McKay.pdf298.44 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-8. Salvesen and Co. Notify transfer of whaling licences issued for South Shetlands to South Georgia Co Lts also transfer of lease of Allardyce Harbour South Georgia.pdf969.91 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-9. Govt Naturalist submits notes on whaling in the Dependencies for the season 1922-23.pdf122.38 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-10. British Museum report on various aspects of the whaling question.pdf2.77 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-11. The use of whale flesh as food. Report by Miss M Dyer Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.pdf1.78 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-12. Whale oil. Question of rebate of export duty Investigations by Southern Whaling and Sealing Co with view to improving industry.pdf872.75 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-13. Unreliability of statistical returns furnished by Messrs Salvesen and Co. Report of Director Br Museum.pdf2.04 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-14. Respecting employment of alien master on British whaler Southern Breeze.pdf683.07 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-15. Question of grant of licence for 3rd catcher for Messrs Salvesens ss Neko.pdf275.97 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-16. Col Secretary Granada. Request for particulars of whaling industry in Falklands.pdf637.89 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-17. Whaling Officer South Shetlands. Forwards report respecting methods of hunting and killing of humpback whales.pdf226.05 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-18. Sums received in payment of whaling fees still on deposit.pdf325.88 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-19. Operations of ss Sevilla at South Shetlands 1924-25 season. Examination of figures of whalers log books.pdf2.18 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-20. Whaling. Recent developments in method of correspondence with Andvig and Co on subject refusal of additional licence to Andvig and Co.pdf2.21 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-21. Basis on which bonuses are paid to gunners on whale catchers.pdf1.13 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-22. Pelagic whaling. Developments in.pdf3.72 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-23. Registration in the Falkland Islands of ss Southern Chief and ss Southern Foam belonging to the Southern Whaling and Sealing Company.pdf174.28 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-24. Proposed extension to 30 September 1933 of all existing whaling concessions in the Dependencies.pdf1.98 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-2-25. Registration of whale catcher Southern Field at Port Stanley.pdf238.26 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-3-1. Water boat belonging to Southern Whaling and Sealing Company Ltd Liverpool.pdf3.29 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-3-2. Whaling operations of Messrs Chr. Salvesen Company during the 1930-1931 season.pdf1.27 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-3-3. Restriction of whaling operations in the Antarctic during the season 1932-33.pdf1.83 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-3-4. Boycott declared by Norwegian trade unions against British whaling companies.pdf757.8 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-3-5. Special registration of Norwegian whaling companies whaling shares.pdf489.19 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-3-6. Pelagic whaling 1944-45 season.pdf655.09 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-3-7. Control of whaling international agreement.pdf5.23 MB

pdfSGD-WHA-3-8. Pelagic whaling.pdf598.97 KB

pdfSGD-WHA-3-9. International whaling conventions infractions.pdf1.05 MB


Maps and Plans

pdfWhaling Maps and Plans.pdf2.44 MB



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