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Ordinance No 4 of 1895, the Scab Ordinance, came into operation 26 September 1895 and required all sheep owners to give notice in writing to the Chief Inspector of Stock upon coming aware of any of their sheep being infected.  Scab (Psoroptes scabies)was eradicated within five years of the Ordinance being passed and the Falkland Islands were free from the disease from May 1900.  Fresh outbreaks occurred in 1924 and 1928, following the importation of sheep from South America, but were eradicated within a few months.

The first Government Stock Inspector, John Tinline Mowat from Blenheim, New Zealand, arrived with his family 25 September 1895.  Also on board were fellow Kiwis James Robertson and John Kennedy who were Assistant Inspectors of Stock.

In 1909 it was decided that the post of Chief Inspector of Stock should be held by a Veterinary Surgeon and Harry Walls Townson arrived in April 1910 to take up his appointment.


pdfAGR-QUA-1-1 Work required to be done at Quarantine Station.pdf280.16 KB

pdfAGR-QUA-1-2 Removal of Quarantine Station from its present site.pdf3.44 MB

pdfAGR-QUA-1-3 Suspected outbreak of lice at Port San Carlos.pdf883.79 KB

pdfAGR-QUA-1-4 Establishment of quarantine stations with view to facilitating export of pedigree livestock.pdf4.52 MB

pdfAGR-QUA-1-5 Memorandum of animal health in regard to the position of animal industry in the colonies.pdf2.14 MB

pdfAGR-QUA-1-6 Hire of grazing at Quarantine Station to Mr W J Hutchinson.pdf492.68 KB

pdfAGR-QUA-1-7 Proposed abolition of office of veterinary officer.pdf307.34 KB

pdfAGR-QUA-1-8 Proposed charges for maintenance of stock in quarantine station.pdf1.05 MB

pdfAGR-QUA-1-9 Proposed establishment of Quarantine Station on the north side of Stanley Harbour.pdf5.06 MB

pdfAGR-QUA-1-10 Proposal that quarantine station be erected at Fox Bay.pdf3.62 MB

pdfAGR-QUA-1-11 Importation of livestock from South America. Foot and mouth disease restrictions 1944.pdf1.97 MB

pdfAGR-QUA-1-12 Regulations relating to the quarantine of stock.pdf3.8 MB

pdfAGR-QUA-2-1 Tours itineraries requests for visits.pdf834.92 KB

pdfAGR-QUA-2-2 Legal - veterinary health certificates gazette notices.pdf1.49 MB

pdfAGR-QUA-2-3 Exports - wool hides skins certificates.pdf2.12 MB

pdfAGR-QUA-2-4 Other diseases.pdf116.62 KB

pdfAGR-QUA-2-5 Investigation of disease - specimens.pdf1.99 MB

pdfAGR-QUA-2-6 Agricultural department staff vacancy for a veterinary officer.pdf2.57 MB 



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