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In the Falkland Islands anywhere outside of Stanley is referred to as “Camp”. In the early days the only way to reach most of these remote settlements was by sea and without regular or easy contact with Stanley burials were performed close to or where people died.

Earliest recorded burials are at the French colony at Port Louis in 1764 and the British colony at Port Egmont, Saunders Island in 1766.

With sealing and whaling commencing on a commercial scale in 1774 by crews from the United States, the harsh and dangerous lifestyle meant deaths from accidents and disease. As well as recognisable gravesites dotted around outlying Islands on the West, there are stories of bones being found and graves unearthed near the remains of huts and tryworks.

From the 18th to the early 20th centuries, Cape Horn was a part of the clipper routes which carried much of the world's trade. The Falkland Islands, situated 300 miles to the leeward of Cape Horn in some of the most consistently savage seas of the world, was often seen as the first safe haven for battered vessels trying to round Cape Horn however the Islands presented their own dangers with rocky coasts, hidden reefs, thick kelp and rough seas. With more than 300 wrecks estimated to be around Falkland Islands shores, over 100 of which have been recorded, there are also many unnamed graves of shipwreck casualties with the coastline becoming their final resting place as they drowned and were washed ashore or they made it ashore only to die from exposure and exhaustion. If found the bodies would be buried where they were found with sometimes a rock or cairn to mark the place.

NB: Initial information and some photographs from research done by Joan Spruce and from her Cemetery & Grave Refurbishment Project for the Museum & National Trust 2003. Details and photographs for many of the sites also contributed by Derek Lee. Hill Cove and Port San Carlos Cemetery Plans from old farm records. North Arm Cemetery from research and a plan by Sonia Felton.


pdfAlbemarle Burials.pdf(88.16 KB)

pdfBeaver Island - Cemetery Plan with Text.pdf(213.85 KB)

pdfBeaver Island Burials.pdf(210.2 KB)

pdfBull Point Lafonia burials.pdf(324.27 KB)

pdfCape Dolphin Burials.pdf(361.64 KB)

pdfCarcass Island Burials.pdf(462.77 KB)

pdfChartres - Cemetery Plan with Text.pdf(69.32 KB)

pdfDouglas Station burials.pdf(48.9 KB)

pdfDunbar Burials.pdf(151.24 KB)

pdfDunnose Head - Cemetery Plan with Text.pdf(143.65 KB)

pdfDyke Island Burials.pdf(12.01 KB)

pdfFox Bay Burials.pdf(1002.82 KB)

pdfGeorge Island Burials.pdf(246.67 KB)

pdfGolding Island burials.pdf(27.33 KB)

pdfGreat Island burials.pdf(425.92 KB)

pdfGun Rock Hill Burials.pdf(437.77 KB)

pdfHill Cove - Cemetery plan with text.pdf(81.79 KB)

pdfHill Cove - Ned Caseys Hill Burials.pdf(130.9 KB)

pdfHope Place Saladero Burials.pdf(424.25 KB)

pdfIsland Harbour Burials.pdf(27.25 KB)

pdfKeppel Island burials.pdf(304.45 KB)

pdfLimpet Creek Salvador Burials.pdf(30.22 KB)

pdfLively Island Burials.pdf(260.71 KB)

pdfMullet Creek Burials.pdf(28.5 KB)

pdfNew Island Burials.pdf(680.68 KB)

pdfNorth Arm - Cemetery Plan with Text.pdf(118.28 KB)

pdfPebble Island Cemetery - plan of with text.pdf(164.72 KB)

pdfPebble Island Cemetery - plan of with photos.pdf(197.29 KB)

pdfPebble Island Other Burials.pdf(258.74 KB)

pdfPort Edgar Burials.pdf(366.53 KB)

pdfPort Howard - Cemetery Plan with Text.pdf(86.65 KB)

pdfPort Louis burials.pdf(200.77 KB)

pdfPort San Carlos - Cemetery plan with text.pdf(100.71 KB)

pdfPort San Carlos burials.pdf137.54 KB

pdfPort Stephens - Cemetery plan with text.pdf(417.76 KB)

pdfPort Stephens - Cemetery plan with photos.pdf(763.22 KB)

pdfRiverside Farm Burials.pdf(94.92 KB)

pdfRoy Cove burials.pdf(612.25 KB)

pdfSalvador burials.pdf(153.11 KB)

pdfSan Carlos Burials.pdf(28.63 KB)

pdfSaunders Island burials.pdf192.41 KB

pdfSea Lion Island burials.pdf(347.17 KB)

pdfSecond Creek Port Howard Burials.pdf(332.1 KB)

pdfSpring Point Burials.pdf(388.29 KB)

pdfTeal Inlet Burials.pdf92.44 KB

pdfThird Corral San Carlos Burials.pdf(28.47 KB)

pdfTranquilidad Lafonia Burials.pdf(75.26 KB)

pdfWeddell Island Burials.pdf(530.98 KB)

pdfWestpoint Island Burials.pdf(111.28 KB)



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