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The Falkland Islands Company Limited was formed in January 1851 to purchase Samuel Fisher Lafone’s rights and interests in the land and wild cattle in the southern portion of East Falkland, later known as Lafonia. A preliminary meeting was held 30 April 1851 to discuss the purchase. The Charter of Incorporation was signed 23 December 1851 and the Deed of Settlement signed 10 January 1852. The new company was run by a board of directors in London aided by a Colonial Manager in Stanley. Books of records were kept in both places.


pdfCharter etc 1851.pdf(13.41 MB)

pdfDeed of Settlement of the Falkland Islands Company 1852.pdf(49.7 MB)


pdf30 April 1851 to 16 March 1852 - FIC-AM1.pdf(22.2 MB)

pdfA - 19 Jun 1851-28 Jun 1853 - FIC-AM2.pdf(19.13 MB)

pdfA - 5 Jul 1853-1 Jun 1855 - FIC-AM2.pdf(15.94 MB)

pdfB - 21 Jun 1855-7 Mar 1860 - FIC-AM3.pdf(24.45 MB)

pdfB - 29 Mar 1860-21 Dec 1863 - FIC-AM3.pdf(15.96 MB)

pdfC - 11 Jan 1864-15 Dec 1866 - FIC-AM4.pdf(15.44 MB)

pdfC - 17 Jan 1867-30 Jun 1873 - FIC-AM4.pdf(19.77 MB)

pdfD - 2 Jul 1873-5 Dec 1881 - FIC-AM5.pdf(21.57 MB)

pdfD - 2 Jan 1882-19 Nov 1889 - FIC-AM5.pdf(19.45 MB)


pdfAnnual Reports 1852-1854.pdf(534 KB)                pdfAnnual Reports 1921-1939.pdf(1.69 MB)     

pdfAnnual Reports 1866-1888.pdf(3.27 MB)               pdfAnnual Reports 1940-1947.pdf(855.1 KB)       

pdfAnnual Reports 1889-1904.pdf(1.84 MB)               pdfAnnual Reports 1948-1956.pdf(1.31 MB)  

pdfAnnual Reports 1905-1920.pdf(1.68 MB)


pdfDales Journal June 1852 to February 1854 and Dales Cash Book 1 March to July 1854.pdf(20.59 MB)

pdfWaste Book. Part 1. Hope Place - accounts day book and journals - 1852 to 1858.pdf(23.75 MB)

pdfWaste Book. Part 2. Lafonia - Stores drawn by men cash etc in 1868 and 1869.pdf(33.3 MB)


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