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Argentine armed forces invaded the Falkland Islands on 2 April 1982 and South Georgia on 3 April 1982.  South Georgia was liberated by British forces on 26 April 1982 and a British task force landed at San Carlos Water on 21 May 1982.

Major Jeremy Moore accepted the surrender of the Argentinean commander, General de Brigada Mario Menéndez, in Stanley on 14 June 1982.


Headquarters, Land Forces

Falkland Islands


I, the undersigned, Commander of all the Argentine land, sea and air forces in the Falkland Islands surrender to Major General J.J. MOORE CB OBE MC* as representative of Her Britannic Majesty's Government.

Under the terms of this surrender all Argentine personnel in the Falkland Islands are to muster at assembly points which will be nominated by General Moore and hand over their arms, ammunition, and all other weapons and warlike equipment as directed by General Moore or appropriate British officers acting on his behalf.

Following the surrender all personnel of the Argentinian Forces will be treated with honour in accordance with the conditions set out in the Geneva Convention of 1949. They will obey any directions concerning movement and in connection with accommodation.

This surrender is to be effective from 2359 hours ZULU on 14 June (2059 hours local) and includes those Argentine Forces presently deployed in and around Port Stanley, those others on East Falkland, West Falkland and all the outlying islands.


                                           [General de Brigada Menéndez's signature]    Commander Argentine Forces
                                            [Major General Moore's signature]                   J. J. MOORE

                                                                                                                               Major General

                                            [Colonel Brian Pennicott's signature]              Witness

                                                                                                        2359   hours 14 June 1982



From 1983 onwards, Liberation Day is celebrated annually as a public holiday on the 14th of June.



pdfFalklands Campaign - deaths whilst on deployment to the Falkland Islands.pdf223.6 KB



pdfR-WAR-W82-1-1. Committal of British Forces War Dead at Blue Beach Military Cemetery San Carlos 25 October 1982.pdf2.98 MB

pdfR-WAR-W82-1-2. A Service of Remembrance RFA Sir Tristam 14 November 1982.pdf844.67 KB

pdfR-WAR-W82-1-3. Some poems by members of Task Force - originals and copies.pdf720.74 KB

pdfR-WAR-W82-1-4. White Heather Memorial Stanley 28 November 1982.pdf2.34 MB

pdfR-WAR-W82-1-5. Reburial of Argentine War Dead at Burnside 19 February 1983.pdf2.53 MB

pdfR-WAR-W82-1-6. Unveiling of Memorial Plaque in St Marys Church Stanley in Honour of the Roman Catholics who died in the Falkland Islands Conflict 27 October 1983.pdf331.43 KB

pdfR-WAR-W82-1-7. Photographs of reburial of Argentine war dead after the Committal of February 1983.pdf1.57 MB

pdfR-WAR-W82-1-8. Burial of Lt M Gimenez Argentine Airforce 4 October 1986.pdf2.9 MB

pdfR-WAR-W82-1-9. Honorary Freedom of the Falkland Islands bestowed on Margaret Thatcher 10 January 1983.pdf83.62 KB

pdfR-WAR-W82-1-10. Instruments of Surrender for South Georgia and for the Falkland Islands - 26 April 1982 and 14 June 1982.pdf144.92 KB


Maps and Plans

pdf1982 Invasion and Aftermath.pdf13.01 MB


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