The Warrah and Wildlife Conservation in the Falkland Islands



The Warrah, the journal of the Falkland Islands Trust, UK, was first issued in 1981. 

The Falkland Islands Trust, UK merged with the Falkland Islands Foundation early in 1991 and a formal launch of Falklands Conservation was held in London on 1 August 1991.  Falklands Conservation issued their first newsletter in November 1991.

In October 2001 the name of the periodical was changed from the Warrah to Wildlife Conservation in the Falkland Islands and it was issued as a glossy magazine full of colour photographs.

Both publications deal with conservation issues in the Falkland Islands.

114. Rockhopper penguins

Period Covered: 1981 to 2015. 

From January 2016 subsequent issues are available on the Falklands Conservation website.

Status: Complete.


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