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Allardyce Street was named after Governor ALLARDYCE who was a very popular governor and devoted to the Falkland Islands.  Brandon Road was originally known as Dairy Paddock Road but was renamed in memory of the late Dean BRANDON in October 1933.  At that point it was approximately quarter of a mile long and ran from the Magazine Valley Road over a section of what was once a part of the Dairy Paddock to the Rose Hotel Hill. The original and current Dairy Paddock Roads were named after the dairy which the Falkland Islands Company Ltd used to have in the area.  Moody Street was named after Governor MOODY.  King Street, also known as McGill’s Hill after the McGill Butchery which was located there, was named after Commander Philip Parker KING who was the captain of the survey ship HMS Adventure.  St Mary’s Walk was named after the Roman Catholic Chapel.

Allardyce Street 15 June 1925

Allardyce Street looking west from the east side of King Street 15 June 1925

These files are not a complete representation of buildings past and present on these streets and are not necessarily a complete history but are intended to give a timeline for some of those that have been researched to date and will be added to from time to time.

Allardyce Street

pdf2 and 3 Allardyce Street Double house.pdf522.8 KB

pdf4 Allardyce Street.pdf226.36 KB

pdf14 Allardyce Street - Keva Cottage later Bennett House.pdf440.65 KB

Brandon Road

pdf7 Brandon Road West - Moody Street Hostel later Moody Street Flats.pdf511.97 KB

King Street

pdf2 King Street - Norwegian Bungalow.pdf467.11 KB

Moody Street

pdf8 Moody Street - Sunnymede Villa.pdf181.39 KB

St Mary's Walk

pdf5 St Marys Walk.pdf1.24 MB

pdf12 St Marys Walk - Douglas House later Scotia House.pdf322.56 KB

pdf14 St Marys Walk - Bungalow No 1.pdf343.6 KB

pdf16 St Marys Walk - Bungalow No 2.pdf519.2 KB



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