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The first Falkland Islands’ stamps were issued in June 1878.  The first internal airmail was carried in 1934 by the catapulted aircraft from HMS Exeter but a regular service was not introduced until 1948.  Until the introduction of a regular external mail service in 1971 overseas airmail was delivered by sea to South America for onward transmission by air.

Falkland Islands postage stamps were used in the Dependencies from 1909 until they issued their own stamps in 1944.

The Archives hold stamp designs, essays and proofs, correspondence between the Crown Agents and Government on stamp issues and the background to the development of telecommunications over the past 100 years since the introduction of wireless telegraphy in 1912.

Stamp issues, post and telegraph statistics are included in the Blue Books.


pdfMAI-STA-1-1 Stamps - issue from Treasury to Postmaster.pdf(165.68 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-2 Postage Stamps Application Made by Mr N R Foss in June 1914 for the Supply of.pdf(284.64 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-3 Mr Duivens Postage Stamp Dealings.pdf(235.53 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-4 Postage Stamps supplied to Dealers and through Crown Grants 1919.pdf(4.03 MB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-5 Submits Cables received regarding orders for War Stamps.pdf(1.72 MB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-6 War Stamps require by National War Museum and United States National Museum.pdf(254.45 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-7 Stamps ordered and refused by Dealers and returned through the Crown Agents.pdf(714.87 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-8 Suggests issue of Postage Stamps overprinted Dependencies.pdf(153.92 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-9 Notifies alteration in Stamp Watermark and proportion of cost of same chargeable to Colony.pdf(831.19 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-10 Rates of postage on letters to the United Kingdom and other parts of the British Empire.pdf(98.82 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-11 Sale of New Issues of Stamps.pdf (81.36 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-12 Reduction of Postal Rates.pdf(117.15 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-13 Proposed reduction in postage rule on postcards.pdf(169.03 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-14 Disposal of accumulation of Falkland Island penny stamps.pdf(223.63 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-15 Falkland Islands postage stamps design of.pdf(4.32 MB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-16 Proposed limit to number of different values of postage stamps in current use.pdf(301.63 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-17 Sale of Postage Stamps to Collectors.pdf(535.81 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-18 Falkland Island Colonial Postmark Question of Legibility.pdf(479.91 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-19 Public Exhibition of Postage Stamps of the British Empire.pdf(88.19 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-20 Proposed issue of 2d stamps for unstamped letters.pdf(161.24 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-21 Newspaper Penguin Notices postage stamps and notices to the effect. Telegraphic messages can be despatched at the rate of 1s per word. To be displayed in a prominent position on all incoming vessels.pdf(180.92 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-22 Proposed introduction of a fourpenny postage stamp of present issue.pdf(894.64 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-23 Suggested issue of commemorative set of Falkland Islands postage and revenue.pdf(4.14 MB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-24 Mr K V Lellman applies to purchase specimens of Postage stamps received from the Universal Postal Union etc.pdf(213.54 KB)

pdfMAI-STA-1-25 Suggestion that certain stamps of the current issue be destroyed at the same time as the Balance of Centenary issue.pdf(135 KB)



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

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