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A daily news sheet issued six days a week, Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays.  The Penguin was started sometime between 28 June and 20 August 1927 and produced in Stanley under the auspices of the Falkland Islands Government. At the time it was the most southerly daily newspaper in the world and was began at a time when there was no broadcasting system and few, if any, wireless receiving sets in the Falkland Islands. By 1928 The Penguin had a regular circulation of more than two hundred copies, a number of which were sent overseas.  When local radio broadcasts started in 1929 via the re-diffusion system the Penguin also gave notice of programs as well as items of local and international news with an emphasis on international events.  The Falkland Islands Government closed down the paper 30 June 1938 due to wireless receiving sets coming into general use and combined with the local broadcasting system overseas news was therefore readily accessible.

NB: Originally there was a cover sheet for each day’s issue but to reduce file size these have not all been scanned.

Period Covered: Circa 28 June/20 August 1927 to 30 June 1938. 

Status: Incomplete set.


  • 1927 - all;
  • 1928 - all except first two pages of 1 Nov;
  • 1929 - all of Jan to Nov except for 13 Feb, 27 Feb, 27 May, 1 Aug, 30 Jul; 23-24, 27-31 Dec; plus many days of those held are one sheet only
  • 1930 – 2, 4, 6-10, 15, 17, 31 Jan; 17, 19 Feb; 6, 22 Mar; 16 Jun; 3, 7 Aug; 20, 30 Sep; 4, 13 Oct; 29 Dec; plus many days of those held are one sheet only;
  • 1931 - 13 Jan; 3 Feb; 30 Nov
  • 1934 – 1-26, 29-31 Jan; 1-31 Mar; 6, 9, 25 Jun; 10 Jul; 1-8, 11-31 Aug; 8, 10, 20, 22 Sep; 10, 14, 16-17, 24 Nov
  • 1935 – 4, 6-8 Mar; 16, 17 Apr; 14-15 May; 6, 17 Jun

Public Holidays:

  • 1st January - New Year’s Day (recommenced 1937);
  • 28th January 1936 - funeral of King George V
  • 15th and 16th February 1934 - Sports Days
  • Good Friday and Easter Monday;
  • 12th May 1937 - Coronation Day;
  • 24th May - Empire Day;
  • 3rd June - (1929 to 1935) - King’s Birthday;
  • 23rd June 1936 - King’s Birthday;
  • 9th June - (1937 to 1938) - observance of King’s Birthday;
  • 1st Monday in August - Bank Holiday;
  • 16 October 1930 - Special Holiday
  • 11th November - Armistice Day (later Remembrance Day);
  • 8th December - Battle Day;
  • 25th and 26th December (or nearest) - Christmas and Boxing Day.
  • 27th December - Sports Day


pdf1928 November 1.pdf134.56 KB 

pdf1929 February 13.pdf338.79 KB

pdf1929 February 27.pdf1.51 MB

pdf1929 May 27.pdf490.15 KB 

pdf1929 July 30.pdf3.32 MB

pdf1929 August 1.pdf2.35 MB

pdf1929 December - incomplete.pdf3.93 MB 

pdf1930 January to March - incomplete.pdf17.59 MB

pdf1930 April to June - incomplete.pdf18.77 MB

pdf1930 May 31 - incomplete.pdf280.81 KB

pdf1930 July to September - incomplete.pdf18.42 MB

pdf1930 October to December - incomplete.pdf17.72 MB

pdf1931 January to March.pdf27.56 MB

pdf1931 April to June.pdf24.45 MB

pdf1931 July to September.pdf25.48 MB

pdf1931 October to December.pdf28.82 MB

pdf1932 January to March.pdf21.28 MB

pdf1932 April to June.pdf21.13 MB

pdf1932 July to September.pdf28.5 MB

pdf1932 October to December.pdf23.96 MB 

pdf1933 January to March.pdf24.98 MB

pdf1933 April to June - incomplete.pdf18.6 MB

pdf1933 July to September.pdf20.42 MB

pdf1933 October to December.pdf21.91 MB

pdf1934 January 27.pdf353.42 KB

pdf1934 February.pdf6.98 MB

pdf1934 April to June - incomplete.pdf16.69 MB

pdf1934 July - incomplete.pdf5.73 MB

pdf1934 August 9 and 10 - incomplete.pdf249.1 KB

pdf1934 September - incomplete.pdf5.11 MB

pdf1934 October to December - incomplete.pdf19.57 MB

pdf1935 January to March - incomplete.pdf21.84 MB

pdf1935 April to June - incomplete.pdf18.03 MB

pdf1935 July to September.pdf23.27 MB

pdf1935 October to December.pdf23.2 MB 

pdf1936 January to March.pdf25.55 MB

pdf1936 April to June.pdf19.63 MB

pdf1936 July to September.pdf19.3 MB

pdf1936 October to December.pdf21.47 MB

pdf1937 January and February.pdf24.2 MB

pdf1937 March and April.pdf22.19 MB

pdf1937 May and June.pdf23.84 MB

pdf1937 July and August.pdf26.02 MB

pdf1937 September and October.pdf26.57 MB

pdf1937 November and December.pdf25.08 MB

pdf1938 January and February.pdf24.01 MB

pdf1938 March and April.pdf22.1 MB

pdf1938 May and June.pdf23.74 MB 

Copyright guide

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