Culture and Early History



From 1833 to current day the population of the Falkland Islands has always been culturally diverse. From intermarriage and interaction between the different nationalities the unique culture of the Islands gradually evolved and is reflected today in traditions, place names and building styles.

Whalebone Arch. West Store in background FIC Collection JCNA

Whalebone Arch - FIC Collection, JCNA



Government Files

CUL-CEN-1-1. Centenary of the Colony.pdf9.84 MB

pdfCUL-CEN-1-2. Tuesday February 14 1933. The Centenary of the Colony 1933. Stock show. Proposed holding of.pdf3.79 MB

pdfCUL-CEN-1-3. Transfer of Cathedral Green to Government on the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of the Colony.pdf1.12 MB

pdfCUL-CEN-1-4. Proposed commemorative medal on the occasion of the centenary of the Colony in February 1933.pdf2.05 MB

pdfCUL-CEN-1-5. Possibility of a representative of the Standard and the Times being present in Stanley on the occasion of the Centenary.pdf1.48 MB

pdfCUL-CEN-1-6. Proposed erection of memorial in commemoration of the centenary of Colony.pdf769.34 KB

pdfCUL-CEN-1-7. Centenary of Colony 1933. Stock show sheep dog trials.pdf2.13 MB

pdfCUL-CEN-1-8. Centenary review.pdf273.26 KB

pdfCUL-CEN-1-9. Message from His Majesty the King on the occasion of the centenary of the Colony.pdf285.43 KB

pdfCUL-CEN-1-10. Appointment of special constables during the centenary celebrations.pdf470.74 KB

pdfCUL-CEN-1-11. Centenary of colony of Falkland Islands articles published in the Argentine press concerning.pdf1.04 MB

pdfCUL-CEN-1-12. Presentation of silver smoking set to Government House by citizens of Bristol on the occasion of the centenary of the Colony.pdf1.66 MB


pdfR-CUL-ANN-1-1. Falkland Islands Centenary 1833-1933.pdf1.2 MB 

Maps and Plans

pdfCentenary memorial plans.pdf487.16 KB

pdfWhalebone Arch plans.pdf224.61 KB 

150th Anniversary


R-CUL-ANN-1-2. Falkland Islands 1833-1983. 150th Anniversary. Souvenir Programme.pdf1.99 MB

Heritage Year


R-CUL-ANN-1-4. Heritage Year 1992. Souvenir Brochure.pdf6.16 MB

pdfR-CUL-ANN-1-5. Falkland Islands Heritage Year 1992.pdf200.45 KB

pdfR-CUL-ANN-1-6. Falkland Islands Heritage Year 1992 - logo by John Smith.pdf413.3 KB

pdfR-CUL-ANN-1-7. Heritage Year Dinner. Saturday 13 June 1992.pdf269.02 KB

pdfR-CUL-ANN-1-8. Heritage Year Dinner. Saturday 13 June 1992 - invitations etc.pdf322.06 KB

pdfR-CUL-ANN-1-9. Heritage Year stickers.pdf101.44 KB

pdfR-CUL-ANN-1-10. Heritage Year Diary 1992.pdf17 MB

pdfR-CUL-ANN-1-11. Falkland Islands Heritage Year. FI Guide Assn Heritage Year Ball to celebrate Falklands Day 14 August.pdf255.42 KB

pdfR-CUL-ANN-1-12. Programme to Commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the Sighting of the Falkland Islands. 11th to 19th August 1992.pdf227.46 KB

pdfR-CUL-ANN-1-13. Falkland Islands Heritage Year 1992 - teatowel.pdf335.22 KB

pdfR-CUL-ANN-1-14. Falkland Islands Heritage Year 1992 - Commemorative Medallion.pdf233.16 KB

150th Anniversary of the Relocation of the Capital


R-CUL-ANN-1-3. Certificate commemorating the move of the Capital from Port Louis to Stanley. For those taking part in the excursion from Port Louis to Stanley.pdf578.58 KB

Early History

Non-Government Files

N-CUL-GEN-1. Rear Admiral Hamond Correspondence 1834-1836.pdf35.86 MB

pdfN-CUL-GEN-1. Rear Admiral Hamond Correspondence 1834-1836 Transcription.pdf246.46 KB

Some of the following records are not necessarily 100% historically accurate but do give a great snapshot of life in the Falkland Islands at the time of being written.

Another good source of information on early life is “The Falkland Islands” by V F Boyson – Oxford University Press 1924

pdfBougainvilles Voyage by Dom Pernetty - 1771.pdf26.84 MB 

pdfThomas Helsby's account of the Port Louis murders - 1833.pdf16.62 MB

pdfFalkland Islands - Whitington 1840 by G T Whitington - 1840.pdf8.45 MB

pdfCopies or Extracts of any Correspondence relative to The Falkland Islands - 1843.pdf(10.75 MB)

pdfFalkland Watercolours by Dora Blake - 1880s.pdf 6.31 MB

pdfFalkland Islands South America by Gustav Schulz - 1890s.pdf 4.94 MB

pdfThe Story of the Falkland Islands by W L Allardyce - 1909.pdf 5.69 MB

pdfReminiscences of a Sojourn in the Falkland Islands 1910-1914 by Frances Howe-Hennis - 1915C.pdf 24.08 MB

pdfThe Falkland Islands South America by The Rev C McDonald Hobley - 1917 - RF L23.pdf2.71 MB

pdfThe Falkland Islands and Dependencies. An illustrated handbook by T R St Johnston - 1920.pdf 4.29 MB

pdfViews in the Falkland Islands - Second Series GEN L78.pdf1.51 MB

pdfViews of the Falkland Islands and its Dependencies RF L24.pdf1.39 MB

pdfLife in the Falkland Islands - 1965.pdf 2.66 MB



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

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