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Due to the geography and the isolation of the Falkland Islands shipping has always been an important part of life.

The opening of the Panama Canal in 1914 reduced the need for many ships to brave Cape Horn however the Falkland Islands remained an important strategic outpost and a convenient port for ships visiting and trading with southern South American countries.

Local vessels consisted of schooners, ketches, cutters and the like, and were a mixture of condemned vessels, whale boats that had been fixed up or converted for the local interinsular and coasting trade, locally built cutters, ketches and schooners, ready-built second-hand overseas purchases and custom-builds.

Visiting ships included whalers, sealers, mail ships and general cargo vessels.

SAK Penelope mv Protector III ss Golden Chance alongside Government Jetty Dec 1950

SAK Penelope, MV Protector III and SS Golden Chance alongside the Government Jetty, Stanley


Government Files

The Government file system was started post World War I; previous to this all correspondence was kept in manuscript books.  The following Government files contain information on local and visiting vessels.  Due to the volume of files and for ease of research they have been uploaded in loose alphabetical order.

pdfSHI-VES-9-1. Registration of German Schooner Feuerland at Stanley renamed Penelope.pdf897.82 KB

pdfSHI-VES-9-2. Arrangements made for entering and clearing the schooner Penelope belonging to Mr J Hamilton of Weddell Island.pdf1.71 MB

pdfSHI-VES-9-3. Auxilliary schooner Penelope - non-arrival of at Magellanes Chile.pdf384.64 KB

pdfSHI-VES-9-4. Behaviour of Mr George Kelway engineer Government launch Penguin.pdf428.05 KB

pdfSHI-VES-9-5. Rules governing the use of the Government steam launch Penguin.pdf307.62 KB

pdfSHI-VES-9-6. Proposed replacement of GL Penguin.pdf3.53 MB

pdfSHI-VES-9-7. Re-caulking of deck GL Penguin and general repairs to. Proposed sale of.pdf10.96 MB

pdfSHI-VES-9-8. Government launch Penguin.pdf3.73 MB

pdfSHI-VES-9-10. Perfecto Garcia ketch. Mr John James Davis asks for Survey on.pdf1.35 MB

pdfSHI-VES-9-11. Disappearance of crew of schooner Peronelle.pdf1.84 MB

pdfSHI-VES-9-12. Schooner Peronelle - request from owners to change name.pdf436.38 KB

pdfSHI-VES-9-13. Confirmation of payment of wages to firemen ex Philomel etc.pdf734.26 KB

pdfSHI-VES-9-14. Mr James Sutton a carpenter ss Philomel.pdf589.03 KB

pdfSHI-VES-10-1. MV Philomel.pdf7.58 MB

pdfSHI-VES-10-2. MV Philomel.pdf6.25 MB

pdfSHI-VES-10-3. MV Philomel.pdf8.74 MB

pdfSHI-VES-10-4. MV Philomel.pdf7.15 MB

pdfSHI-VES-10-5. MV Philomel.pdf2.71 MB

pdfSHI-VES-10-6. MV Philomel - Equipment and Stores.pdf7.3 MB

pdfSHI-VES-10-7. MV Philomel - Project - Robert John Christian Bundes.pdf2.45 MB

pdfSHI-VES-11-1. MV Philomel - Repairs.pdf2.34 MB

pdfSHI-VES-11-2. Slipway for MV Philomel and Forrest.pdf6.41 MB

pdfSHI-VES-11-3. MV Philomel. Survey.pdf3.59 MB

pdfSHI-VES-11-4. MV Philomel - Floating dock.pdf1.62 MB

pdfSHI-VES-11-5. MV Philomel - Plans and spare papers.pdf1.48 MB

pdfSHI-VES-11-6. MV Philomel - Proposal for use in South American trade.pdf811.71 KB

pdfSHI-VES-11-7. MV Philomel.pdf2.63 MB

pdfSHI-VES-11-8. Proposal to replace Philomel.pdf5.44 MB

pdfSHI-VES-11-9. Proposal to replace Philomel.pdf2.42 MB

pdfSHI-VES-11-10. Commission of enquiry into Philomel.pdf3.94 MB

pdfSHI-VES-11-11. Replacement of mv Philomel.pdf562.08 KB

pdfSHI-VES-12-2. Development policy. 4 Sea including port harbour facilities. Purchase of motor fishing vessel.pdf7.86 MB

pdfSHI-VES-12-5. The St Mary.pdf3.97 MB

pdfSHI-VES-12-6. The Vicar of Bray.pdf612.02 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-1. Call of ss Port Adelaide at Stanley.pdf576.47 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-2. W Levins - mv Port Dunedin. Discharged at Stanley for treatment in Hospital.pdf337.86 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-3. SS Port Richard. Requisitioning of for War Service renamed HMCS Afterglow.pdf2.47 MB

pdfSHI-VES-13-4. Stranding of schooner Porvenir on Kidney Island - near Lively Island.pdf179.56 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-5. Disposal of mfv Protector III.pdf1.66 MB

pdfSHI-VES-13-6. Clearance of Protector III to Montevideo.pdf645.5 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-7. Harbour Department mv Protector III. Also Landing by Philomel on Jason Elephant Is Maintenance of Philomel Philomel cathodic protection ML Alert correspondence.pdf2.48 MB

pdfSHI-VES-13-8. Restriction of number of visitors boarding RMMV Reina del Pacifico.pdf787.26 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-9. Finding of wreckage in Port William believed to be part of the Rosa Baker.pdf760.76 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-10. Visit of ss Rotterdam to Falkland Islands.pdf345.75 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-11. Special voyage made to Lively Island by ss Roydur in connection with the drowning fatality which occurred there.pdf808.98 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-12. Seaman William Joseph. Discharge of from mfa San Casto.pdf2.35 MB

pdfSHI-VES-13-13. Purchase of vessel San Porvenir by Messrs Donald John McLeod and Jess Bundes and refusal of Chilean authorities to clear vessel for Stanley.pdf940.4 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-14. Reported existence of a rock in Lat 43 12 W by Captain Conor OBrien of the yacht Saoirse.pdf313.24 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-16. Schooner Shamrock. Complaint from Mr S H Riches in regard to.pdf245.92 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-17. Transfer of registry of vessels Spina Signa and Shila to Falkland Islands.pdf237.79 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-18. Mr Frank Barnes Applies to purchase wreckage from Danish Barque Sixtus.pdf290.04 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-19. History of Tijuca and other items of historical interest.pdf707.7 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-20. Terence M Fullerton deceased Ex mv Trecarrell.pdf2.31 MB

pdfSHI-VES-13-21. Casualty to ss Ullstad.pdf549.47 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-22. John Hamilton Application for regsitration of Cutter Liguri under name of Weddell.pdf473.85 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-23. Loss of cutter Weddell at Dyke Island West Falklands.pdf343.81 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-24. Consul Punta Arenas Enquires whether Mr William Ratcliffe is competent for commanding schooner Weddell.pdf426.45 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-28. SS Woodville carries over 100 men on board without a Doctor.pdf131.03 KB

pdfSHI-VES-13-29. Stranding of ss Woodville in Watt Cove.pdf1.01 MB


Log Books and Crew Agreements


Penelope 1930 to 1949:

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-1. Penelope. Agreement and Account of Crew. 5 July to 23 December 1930.pdf1.52 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-2. Penelope. Agreement and Account of Crew. 2 February to 3 April 1931.pdf1.2 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-3. Penelope. Agreement and Account of Crew. 10 August 1931 to 10 April 1932.pdf1.55 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-4. Penelope. Agreement and Account of Crew. 10 April to 10 October 1932.pdf1.05 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-5. Penelope. Agreement and Account of Crew. 10 October 1932 to 10 April 1933.pdf1.28 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-6. Penelope. Agreement and Account of Crew. 10 April to 10 October 1933.pdf1.31 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-7. Penelope. Agreement and Account of Crew. 10 October 1933 to 10 April 1934.pdf1.31 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-8. Penelope. Agreement and Account of Crew. 10 April to 10 October 1934.pdf1.16 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-9. Penelope. Agreement and Account of Crew. 10 October 1934 to 3 May 1935.pdf1.36 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-10. Penelope. Agreement and Account of Crew. 3 May 1935 to 30 May 1936.pdf1.42 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-11. Penelope. Agreement and Account of Crew. 30 May 1936 to 23 July 1938.pdf1.04 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-12. Penelope. Agreement and Account of Crew. 23 July to 1 December 1938.pdf1001.1 KB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-13. Penelope. Agreement and List of Crew. 19 May 1939.pdf679.56 KB

pdfSHI-LOG-PE-14. Penelope. Official Log Book and Agreement and List of Crew. 11 July to 1 November 1949.pdf2.42 MB


Philomel 1952 to 1955:

pdfSHI-LOG-PH-1. Philomel. Agreement and List of the Crew. 12 to 30 June 1952.pdf859.93 KB

pdfSHI-LOG-PH-2. Philomel. Official Log Book and Agreement and List of the Crew. 1 to 25 November 1952.pdf1.64 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PH-3. Philomel. Official Log Book and Agreement and List of the Crew. 2 January to 2 February 1955.pdf1.69 MB


Pretext 1956:

pdfSHI-LOG-PR-1. Pretext. Agreement and List of the Crew. 24 April 1956.pdf964.72 KB


Protector III 1952 to 1953:

pdfSHI-LOG-PT-1. Official Log Book and Agreement and List of the Crew - 20 March 1952 to 12 May 1952.pdf2.08 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-PT-2. Agreement and List of the Crew - 14 March 1953 to 30 September 1953.pdf938.22 KB

pdfSHI-LOG-PT-3. Official Log Book and Agreement and List of the Crew - 30 September 1953 for six months.pdf1.55 MB


San Casto 1942:

pdfSHI-LOG-SA-1. San Casto. Agreement and List of the Crew. 31 October 1942.pdf1.33 MB


Weddell 1941:

pdfSHI-LOG-WE-1. Weddell. Agreement and Account of Crew. 6 January to 12 September 1941.pdf865.2 KB


West Falkland 1932 to 1933:

pdfSHI-LOG-WF-1. West Falkland. Agreement and Account of Crew. 5 January to 15 September 1932.pdf2.39 MB

pdfSHI-LOG-WF-3. West Falkland. Agreement and Account of Crew. 2 January to 26 May 1933.pdf2.52 MB



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any omissions or errors in these records.

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