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John Street was probably named after Captain John DAVIS who is credited with the discovery of the Falkland Islands in his ship the Desire on 14 August 1592 but may have been after one of the other early explorers such as John BYRON or John MacBRIDE.  In the early days of Stanley it was sometimes referred to as Byng Street which was most likely after Henry Lycester BYNG, clerk and later Colonial Secretary from 1863 to 1870.

Fitzroy Road was named for Captain Robert FITZROY, the commander of the survey ship HMS Beagle on her 1828 to 1836 voyage to South America and the Falkland Islands.

Dean Street was named after John Markham DEAN who arrived at Port Louis 17 November 1840 as a clerk to J B WHITINGTON.  He later set up the trading firm J M Dean & Son which was a great rival to the Falkland Islands Company Ltd until he sold his holdings to them. Part of his holdings consisted of property on the corner of Dean Street and John Street. 

Arch Green took its name after the whale jawbone arch was erected.

Philomel Street or Hill was named after HMS Philomel which, under Captain B J SULIVAN, brought stores to the Falkland Islands in 1842 and stayed as a survey ship until 1845.  During the latter part of the 19th Century it was also known colloquially as Prince of Wales Hill, after the public house situated on the site of what is now known as the Victory Bar, and during the earlier part of the 20th Century as Con Lehen’s Hill after Cornelius LEHEN who had inherited the same property.  It was also known as Jubilee Hill after the Jubilee Villas at the bottom of the street.

 72. Stanley from Cathedral tower 1st part Government School Church House Pig and Whistle Jennses Cottage 1927 1929 - The building in front was the Government School, to the left are the Hambledon gardens - FIC Collection, JCNA

These files are not a complete representation of buildings past and present on these streets and are not necessarily a complete history but are intended to give a timeline for some of those that have been researched to date and will be added to from time to time.


Arch Green

pdfArch Green - Herkes House and Biggs House and Whalebone Arch.pdf1.12 MB

pdf1 Arch Green - Botts House or Hannafords House.pdf846.02 KB

pdf2 Arch Green - middle house.pdf695.2 KB

pdf3 Arch Green - Church House.pdf488.52 KB

Dean Street

pdf2 Dean Street.pdf267.46 KB

pdf5 Dean Street.pdf282.97 KB

pdf7 Dean Street.pdf900.77 KB

Fitzroy Road

pdf3 and 5 Fitzroy Road.pdf927.03 KB

pdf6 Fitzroy Road.pdf753.02 KB

pdf7 and 7a Fitzroy Road - Bon Accord House and the Old Bakery.pdf636.42 KB

pdf9 Fitzroy Road.pdf667.06 KB

pdf11 Fitzroy Road.pdf615.69 KB

pdf17 Fitzroy Road.pdf333.64 KB

pdf19 Fitzroy Road.pdf506.97 KB

pdf21 Fitzroy Road.pdf531.38 KB

pdf23 Fitzroy Road - Stacey House or Osborne House.pdf398.72 KB

pdf25 Fitzroy Road.pdf254.29 KB

pdf27 Fitzroy Road - Ada Jenning's haberdashery shop.pdf519.55 KB

pdf29 Fitzroy Road - Woodbine Bakery later Woodbine Takeaway.pdf712.28 KB

pdf31 Fitzroy Road - Ratcliffe's Store later FI Home Industries and Falklands Collectibles.pdf831.67 KB

pdf33 Fitzroy Road - Perseverance Hotel later David Mitchell's Boarding House or Flagstaff Coffee House later Pink Shop.pdf773.39 KB

pdf41 Fitzroy Road - Sedgwicks Shop Jubilee Store.pdf604 KB

Fitzroy Road East

pdf3 and 4 Fitzroy Road East - Coopers House or Dolphin Cottage.pdf491.1 KB

John Street

pdf2 and 3 John Street - Imperial Hotel Later Lellmans Grocery and Millinery Store Government Employees Canteen Stanley Co-Operative Society and Southern Imports.pdf599.7 KB

pdf23 John Street.pdf238.41 KB

pdf24 John Street - Church, Dispensary, Hospital and Schoolroom later The Speedwell Speedwell Cottages and The Speedwell Store.pdf1.13 MB

pdf34 John Street - Colonia Cottage.pdf870.94 KB

Philomel Street and Philomel Place

pdf1a Philomel Street - Prince of Wales; Victory Bar.pdf1.42 MB

pdf2 Philomel Street - Granny McAskills House.pdf1.45 MB

pdf3 Philomel Street - Globe Store.pdf868.15 KB

pdf5 Philomel Street.pdf490.95 KB

pdf7 Philomel Street - Primrose Villa.pdf520.14 KB

pdf9 Philomel Street.pdf1.29 MB 



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