The majority of 19th Century non-British settlers and workers came to the Falkland Islands from or through Montevideo, Uruguay. Other settlers were sailors who were either shipwrecked or decided to stay. Late in the 19th Century there was constant migration between the Falkland Islands and Chile & Patagonia or “The Coast” as it was referred to locally.

The Archives hold very few immigration records. The following lists often show the age and nationality of some of these early immigrants and seamen. These lists are those researched to date and are not necessarily complete and should not be treated as such.

NB Oriental is often used as an abbreviation for Banda Oriental in these documents.


pdf1843 Jan - FIC Contracts Montevideo - H3.pdf(5.49 MB)

pdf1847 Jun - per "Napoleon" - H8.pdf(1.17 MB)

pdf1847 Nov 11 - per "Vigilante" - H8.pdf(400.04 KB)

pdf1848 Feb 14 - to Montevideo - D3.pdf(618.25 KB)

pdf1851 - On Lafone's Estates - H8.pdf(488.05 KB)

pdf1851 Nov - Aliens Since Oct 1850 - D5.pdf(617.9 KB)

pdf1851 Nov 19 - to Montevideo - H13.pdf(1.34 MB)

pdf1852 Mar 26 - Registered to Date - H8.pdf(1.29 MB)

pdf1852 Mar 27 - Permission to Reside - E4.pdf(1.47 MB)

pdf1852 Apr 27 - Registered to Date - H8.pdf(442.19 KB)

pdf1852 Jul 01 - per "Amelia" - H8.pdf(477.94 KB)

pdf1852 Sep 25 - per "Stanley Cacique" to Hope Place - H11.pdf(358.12 KB)

pdf1853 Sep 14 - per "Amelia" - H12.pdf(410.59 KB)

pdf1853 Nov 12 - per Amelia - H13.pdf(585.51 KB)

pdf1855 Jan 16 - to Montevideo - H13.pdf(387.2 KB)

pdf1855 May - to Montevideo - D7.pdf(1.56 MB)

pdf1855 May - Statement of Livelihood - H8.pdf(2.81 MB)

pdf1855 May - Permission to Reside - H13.pdf(416.47 KB)

pdf1855 May 18 - Means of Livelihood - H12.pdf(715.16 KB)

pdf1855 May 22 - Employed by FIC - H12.pdf(1.36 MB)

pdf1855 May 25 - to Montevideo - H12.pdf(365.16 KB)

pdf1855 Jul - Permission to Reside - D7.pdf(1.48 MB)

pdf1855 Jul 16 - to Montevideo - H13.pdf(371.62 KB)

pdf1855 Sep - to Montevideo - D7.pdf(543.19 KB)

pdf1855 Sep 14 - Registered in Police Office - H8.pdf(1.31 MB)

pdf1856 Mar 01 - per "Victoria" - H13.pdf(206.34 KB)

pdf1856 Jun 06 - per "Victoria" - H13.pdf(445.81 KB)

pdf1856 Sep - Patagonian Mission Society - D7.pdf(490.35 KB)

pdf1856 Dec 26 - Soyla FRANCO Celestino ZAPATA - H14.pdf(3.91 MB)

pdf1857 Jan 02 - to Montevideo - H14.pdf(419.85 KB)

pdf1857 Jan 07 - per "Fairy" - H14.pdf(219.44 KB)

pdf1857 Jan 16 - Soyla FRANCO - H14.pdf(415.98 KB)

pdf1859 Wulaia Massacre - Crew of the Allen Gardiner Evidence etc.pdf(6.18 MB)

pdf1867 Jan 24 - USA & Captain SMYLEY - H25.pdf(733.29 KB)

pdf1867 Apr 15 - SA Missionary Society - H25.pdf(292.03 KB)

pdf1867 Jun 24 - List of Aliens - H25.pdf(1.58 MB)

pdfNaturalisations to May 1900 - FI Gazette Jun 1900.pdf(243.2 KB)

pdfNaturalisation - ALAZIA George A - BUG-REG-7.pdf(524.75 KB)

pdfNaturalisation - BERNTSEN Lars M - BUG-REG-7.pdf(564.58 KB)

pdfNaturalisation - BUNDES Jeff A - BUG-REG-7.pdf(512.96 KB)

pdfNaturalisation - ENESTROM Charles P - BUG-REG-7.pdf(475.25 KB)

pdfNaturalisation - LARSEN Charles A - BUG-REG-7.pdf(1.15 MB)

pdfNaturalisation - OLSEN Henry - BUG-REG-7.pdf(498.28 KB)

pdfNaturalisation - SAANUM Peter - BUG-REG-7.pdf(502.7 KB)

pdfNaturalisation - WANG Charles S - BUG-REG-7.pdf(514.25 KB)

pdfForeign Consuls in the Falkland Islands.pdf199.48 KB



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