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From 1833 to current day the population of the Falkland Islands has always been culturally diverse. With some families now able to claim eight or nine generations the following family files show the origin of some of the early families who lived, worked and often settled in the Falkland Islands.

These files are not a complete representation of families in the Falkland Islands in the 19th century but are those researched by the National Archivist since 2009.

To protect the privacy of people who are still alive some information has been redacted.

Another good source of information on local personalities is “The Dictionary of Falklands Biography” edited by David Tatham ISBN 978-0-9558985


pdfNATT George and Jane.pdf355.88 KB

pdfNEWING Lawrence and Bessie.pdf714.51 KB

pdfNICOL James and Helen.pdf714.53 KB

pdfNICOL James and Mary.pdf99.14 KB 

pdfNILSSON Edward or OBRIEN and Catherine.pdf555.77 KB

pdfNIXON John and Elizabeth.pdf(563.85 KB)

pdfNOBLE Peter and 1 Mary 2 Johann R.pdf603.77 KB

pdfNORTON Edith.pdf(252.2 KB)

pdfOGILVIE John and Jessie.pdf(171.56 KB)

pdfO'BRIEN Edward aka NILSSON and Catherine.pdf(555.68 KB)

pdfONEILL Timothy and Jude.pdf271.15 KB

pdfONEILL William and Elizabeth.pdf(163.3 KB)

pdfORRIERE Henriette and DUGAS Alexandre.pdf642.93 KB

pdfOSBORNE George and Clara.pdf254.28 KB

pdfOSMOTHERLY William and Maria.pdf134.56 KB

pdfPAICE Nathaniel and Sarah.pdf3.07 MB

pdfPALLINI or PAULINI Gaetano and Minnie.pdf(444.24 KB)

pdfPARKER Catherine Mary Honora.pdf(225.03 KB)

pdfPARRIN Henry and Caroline.pdf(194.95 KB)

pdfPARRY Francis and (1) Gregoria (2) Marcella.pdf(126.92 KB)

pdfPARRY Laurence and Rosana.pdf(138.12 KB)

pdfPARTRIDGE William and Martha.pdf(198.13 KB)

pdfPATTERSON James and Esther.pdf(216.2 KB)

pdfPAULINE Ralph and Sarah.pdf(173.65 KB)

pdfPAULONI William and Helen.pdf(395.87 KB)

pdfPEARCE John and Isabella.pdf1.27 MB

pdfPEARSON John and Ellen.pdf460.71 KB

pdfPEARSON William and 1 Elizabeth 2 Rose.pdf(362.81 KB)

pdfPECK John and Catherine.pdf(359.73 KB)

pdfPERALTA Domingo and Estanislada SUAREZ.pdf916.86 KB

pdfPERGOLIS Matteo and Harriet.pdf(198.05 KB)

pdfPERRING George and Ellen.pdf132.04 KB

pdfPERRY John and Palunia.pdf(433.78 KB)

pdfPETTERSSON Axel and Caroline.pdf1.35 MB

pdfPETTIT Henry and Bridget.pdf723.56 KB

pdfPHILLIPS Jesse and Harriet.pdf701.45 KB

pdfPHILLIPS John and Rachel.pdf(112.15 KB)

pdfPHILLIPS Samuel and Sawina.pdf(111.17 KB)

pdfPIERCE Frederick and Petrona.pdf(74.85 KB)

pdfPIMM Samuel and 1 Norah 2 Eva.pdf(182.67 KB)

pdfPINAZO Casimiro and 1 Gregoria 2 Sarah.pdf (125.37 KB)

pdfPINTOS Ciriaco and Pasquala.pdf (118.17 KB)

pdfPITALUGA Andreas and Margaret.pdf(711.66 KB)

pdfPLOGER Augustus and Lebreum Adel Octavie.pdf660.23 KB

pdfPOOLE Charles aka August LANGE and Celina.pdf(240.05 KB)

pdfPOOLE Charles aka LANGE August - papers relating to.pdf(3.88 MB)

pdfPOPPY John and Mary.pdf (163.29 KB)

pdfPORTER Joseph and Elizabeth.pdf (183.84 KB)

pdfPOWNEY Henry and Eliza.pdf(124.58 KB)

pdfPRATT Michael and Catherine.pdf118.7 KB

pdfPRESCOTT James and UnKnown.pdf210.28 KB

pdfPRIOR James and Kezia.pdf150.75 KB

pdfPRYCE Thomas and Violet.pdf97.82 KB

pdfRATCLIFFE William and Emily.pdf (485.72 KB)

pdfREADDIE David.pdf104.84 KB

pdfREARDON or RIORDAN William and Mary.pdf132.55 KB

pdfRECANO Pascual and Celestina formerly PITALUGA formerly ESPINO.pdf(137.67 KB)

pdfREDDIE James and Ellen.pdf799.17 KB 

pdfREDMOND William and Elspet.pdf292.99 KB

pdfREID James and Barbara.pdf240.91 KB

pdfREID James and Margaret.pdf198.33 KB

pdfREIVE Peter and Elizabeth.pdf1.73 MB

pdfRICHES Sidney and Annie.pdf625.66 KB

pdfRILEY William and Bridget.pdf(281.49 KB)

pdfRING Mark and Mary.pdf (131.02 KB)

pdfRITCHIE John and Christina.pdf(179.3 KB)

pdfROACH Edward and Ellen.pdf788.47 KB

pdfROBA Augustine.pdf343.89 KB

pdfROBB Alexander and Eliza.pdf(284.19 KB)

pdfROBERTSON James and Theresa.pdf (551.61 KB)

pdfROBERTS William and Ellen R.pdf885.12 KB

pdfROBINS James C and Emma J.pdf(123.56 KB)

pdfROBSON Timothy and Rosa.pdf(206.35 KB)

pdfROGERS John and Emma.pdf129.61 KB

pdfROSS Gordon and Margaret.pdf (56.02 KB)

pdfROSS John and Ellen.pdf (159.94 KB)

pdfROSS William and Joan.pdf (108.98KB)

pdfROWLANDS Francis and 1 Janet 2 Elizabeth.pdf4.33 MB

pdfRUDD John and Ellen.pdf(380.3 KB)

pdfRUMBOLDS William and Mary and Robert and Gertrude.pdf421.29 KB

pdfRUMMEL Henry and.pdf406.94 KB

pdfRUSSELL William and Catherine.pdf(128.17 KB)

pdfRUTTER William and Mary.pdf1.03 MB

pdfRYAN William A and Jane.pdf (340.37 KB)

pdfRYAN William H FIC cooper and Elizabeth.pdf (114.95KB)



While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors in these records.

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