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The following files include general World War II files which don’t necessarily fit within one of the other categories and those files which encompass more than one category.

Miscellaneous Records

pdfFIC-EG-1-13. Evacuation of children from Stanley to Camp - 1942.pdf1.35 MB

pdfFIC-EG-18-12. To from Falkland Islands Defence Force - FIDF - 1942-1944.pdf1.47 MB


pdfCUL-LIB-2-1 Piece of damaged plating from HMS Exeter presented to the Colony for exhibition in the Museum at Stanley.pdf218.71 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-1-1. Arrangements whereby British merchant ships are provided in the time of war with secret wireless telegraphy call signs.pdf910.87 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-1-2. War telegrams.pdf315.18 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-1-3. Call to National Service from the Prime Minister.pdf1.84 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-1-4. Draft of the ships and aircraft transfer restriction bill which would be introduced after the outbreak of war.pdf731.93 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-1-5. Measures to be taken in peace fo the defence of shipping against enemy attack in war.pdf3.22 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-1-6. Admiralty documents for the armed boarding vessel which would be armed at Stanley in emergency.pdf238.19 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-1-7. Co-operation desired on the part of Colonial Governments in order to facilitate preparations for the Ministry of Information and its work in war.pdf5.4 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-1-8. Maintenance of food supplies in the Colonial Dependencies in time of war ODC 697-M.pdf3.61 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-1-9. Arrangements for the control of passenger traffic in time of war.pdf223.87 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-1-10. Aircraft. Instructions regarding the system of recognition of to be brought into use immediately in emergency.pdf1001.36 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-1-11. Strained relations with Germany. Copies of telegrams received before and after the outbreak of war.pdf5.1 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-1-12. His majestys Ships. Casualties on and deaths as a result of Battle.pdf598.65 KB 

pdfWAR-W2H-2-1. Imports and exports. Control of during the war.pdf3.52 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-2-2. Prohibition of export of certain articles in time of war.pdf481.71 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-2-3. Question of allowing wives and familites of officials to join their husbands in Dependencies in the event of war.pdf89.27 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-2-4. Notice which will be issued by Admiralty to all British merchant vessels in the event of war. British vessels registered in the UK require to be licensed before making a voyage.pdf1.19 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-2-5. Pastor W F McWhan and others offer their services in any capacity during present crisis.pdf206.41 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-2-6. Defence Finance Regulations. Part I.pdf6.42 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-2-7. Co-operation between public and Government during international crisis.pdf570.16 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-2-8. Defence scheme. Action under a declaration of war.pdf1.4 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-2-9. Declaration of war on Germany. Mobilisation of Defence Force c.pdf5.43 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-2-10. Message of loyalty from the people of the Colony to H M the King on the outbreak of war.pdf105.02 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-2-11. Dismantling of radio gear in enemy aircraft and radio apparatus on enemy ships.pdf81.62 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-2-12. Sailings of Lafonia under war requirements.pdf56.35 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-2-13. Financial arrangements to meet military and other unforeseen expenditure consequent on the war.pdf3.02 MB 

pdfWAR-W2H-3-1. Release of officials for war service. Temporary suspension of arrangements for return of officials on leave.pdf443.44 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-2. Concentration of Germans reported in Southern Argentine and activities of German ships in South America. Threatened German campaign in South American waters.pdf2.28 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-3. His Majestys Ships - notification of arrival at Port Stanley during the war for oil fuel and other purposes.pdf692.96 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-4. Strain of a prolonged war Govt activities to continue where no difficulty is found in financing from local revenue.pdf391.3 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-5. Port war signal station.pdf1.92 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-6. Taxation to meet additional expenditure due to the war.pdf3.93 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-7. Notes on the running of the examination service at British defended ports.pdf114.25 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-8. Men anxious to proceed to the Unted Kingdom to service in the armed forces of the Crown.pdf3.14 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-9. Illicit wireless transmission by enemy agents.pdf464.87 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-10. Proposed 300 mile zone under Panama Conference on coasts of North and South America. Jurisdiction over the River Plate by the Argentine and Uruguay.pdf379.76 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-11. Method adopted for controlling the export of essential food supplies from the United Kingdom to Dependencies.pdf4.13 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-12. Possibility of Government issuing War Tax postage stamps by surcharging the existing issue.pdf715.28 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-13. War examination vessel ss Roydur failure of to answer signals on the 19th Nov 1939.pdf437.98 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-3-14. Foreign exchange required to maintain normal purchases of tobacco during the war.pdf170.54 KB 

pdfWAR-W2H-4-1. Naval wounded in hospital. Medical specialist for.pdf158.93 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-2. The Battle of the River Plate and other incidents in the maritime security zone proposed in the Declaration of Panama.pdf376.36 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-3. Appeal on behalf of King Georges Fund for Sailors.pdf2.34 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-4. Correspondence between Wm Smythe and person signing himself Alf.pdf74.52 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-5. Imperial War Museum exhibits to be made available at end of present war.pdf324.54 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-6. Defence Finance Regulations. applications made under.pdf488.3 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-7. His Majestys Ships. Firing and other exercises by.pdf60.17 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-8. Magazines. Construction of two for storage of reserve ammunition.pdf3.14 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-9. Ammunition magazines.pdf2.17 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-10. Minefield. Draft orders for the York Point-Arrow Point minefield.pdf132.93 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-11. German propaganda newspaper Pampero. Representative of proposes to embark for Falkland Islands.pdf430.71 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-12. British protection of Norwegian and other shipping.pdf1.86 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-13. Consideration of duty free tobacco and cigarettes for men actually on active service.pdf579.17 KB


pdfWAR-W2H-4-15. Thorough search to be carried out of all neutral ships in port in the Colony and Dependencies.pdf68.62 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-16. Reported enemy raider operating in South Atlantic.pdf478.78 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-17. Searched channel - Port William.pdf73.69 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-18. The Treachery Act 1940.pdf483.21 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-4-19. Defence electric lights for illumination of entrance to Port William.pdf5.05 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-1. Proposal to transfer to the Imperial Government stock to the redemption value of 50000 for the purchase of aircraft.pdf1.9 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-2. Contraband of war.pdf319.98 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-3. Defence Finance Regulations. Exchange control. Part II.pdf4.41 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-4. Grant of Kings emergency commissions.pdf244.88 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-5. Collection and preservation of essential material rquired for a history of the war.pdf3.93 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-6. Falkland Islands girls volunteer for service in the United Kingdom.pdf65.73 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-7. Imports and exports. Control of during the war. Part II.pdf3.6 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-8. London Relief Fund.pdf855.46 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-9. Intelligence report on the Falkland Islands.pdf424.68 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-10. Intelligence report on the Falkland Islands.pdf69.7 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-11. Civil defence Part I.pdf3.79 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-12. War Damage Act 1941.pdf754.39 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-13. Memorandum on the Auslands-Organisation and German activities in South America.pdf2.95 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-14. Formation of a Bellows Fund in the Falkland Islands for the purchase of spitfires.pdf1.7 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-5-15. E1 forms essential foods.pdf5.54 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-1. Rationing clothes etc.pdf2.91 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-2. Secret cyphers for use of officer commanding troops Falkland Islands.pdf836.55 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-3. Issue of badge to personnel of fighting services of merchant navy and fishing fleet invalided during present war.pdf272.13 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-4. Report on visit of Rear Admiral commanding South America division to Falkland Islands.pdf249.83 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-5. Womens Auxiliary Corps.pdf546.14 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-6. Japan - probability of attempted capture of Falkland Islands by.pdf1.22 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-7. Evacuation of children from Stanley.pdf5.84 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-8. Falkland Islands defences. Maintenance of etc.pdf978.67 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-9. Anti-gas precautions.pdf190.2 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-10. Scorched Earth policy. Application of in Colonies.pdf2.02 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-11. Economic policy in war. Cost of living.pdf569.64 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-12. Suggested contribution towards the main war effort in Great Britain.pdf1.57 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-13. War Office requests immediate information regarding enemy action in Falkland Islands.pdf55.5 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-6-14. Defence Finance Regulations. Exchange control. Part III.pdf4.14 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-7-1. Civil defence. Part II.pdf5.95 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-7-2. Proposed church canteen. Application for the purchase of articles for the running of.pdf271.43 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-7-3. Roll of honour. Death of Falkland Islanders while on active service during the war 1939.pdf1.08 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-7-4. Applications for the grant of occasional licences to sell liquor at military dances held in Town Hall or Gymnasium.pdf210.01 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-7-5. Imports and exports. Control of during War. Part III.pdf1.8 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-7-6. Propaganda. Savings Bank.pdf763.18 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-7-7. Leakage of secret information.pdf208.15 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-7-8. Requisitioning of motor vehicles for defence purposes.pdf474.02 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-7-9. Emergency powers defence regulations 1939. Part III.pdf1.34 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-7-10. Statements of supplies of essential foods etc.pdf5.99 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-1. Applications to join His Majestys Forces.pdf6.32 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-2. Publication entitled Nazi Underground by Fernandez Artuccio.pdf185.83 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-3. Application from Mr A Kennedy to take up war work in the Falkland Islands.pdf160.05 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-4. Re-absorption into normal employment of men demobilised from the forces at the conclusion of hostilities. War gratuities.pdf2.82 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-5. Review of existing arrangements in relation to the grant of leave during the war.pdf1.09 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-6. Armistice with Italy and their declaration of war with Germany.pdf607.41 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-7. Arrangements for safeguarding the security of information about current economic industrial military and transport conditions.pdf2.04 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-8. Remission of death duties in the case of persons killed as a result of war activities.pdf1.02 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-9. Review of legislation enacted in the Colony to meet the special circumstances of the war.pdf4.44 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-10. Applications for exit permits.pdf177.29 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-11. Post war planning.pdf1.92 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-12. Restrictions in passenger traffic to ports outside the Colony.pdf1.47 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-8-13. Overseas service grant after Armistice in Europe.pdf217.21 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-9-1. Defence Finance Regulations. Exchange control. Part IV.pdf3.06 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-9-2. VE Day - procedure.pdf4.07 MB 

pdfWAR-W2H-9-3. Defence Finance Regulations. Exchange control. Part V.pdf2.29 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-9-4. Victory parade.pdf4.21 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-9-5. Offences committed under the Customs Ordinance.pdf837.29 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-9-6. Gift parcels.pdf2.63 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-9-7. Surplus materials for disposal through Ministry of Supply.pdf1.86 MB 

pdfWAR-W2H-9-8. War expenditure of Falkland Islands Government.pdf437.54 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-9-9. Rationing in Stanley.pdf2.27 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-9-10. War gratuities.pdf312.22 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-9-11. Termination of state of war with Germany.pdf246.02 KB

pdfWAR-W2H-9-12. Butter ration 1952.pdf2.74 MB

pdfWAR-W2H-9-13. L Gleadell. Disposal of ARP huts.pdf651.04 KB


pdfR-NAT-GEN-F-6. No 2 Topographical Section REs documents and survey data.pdf12.25 MB

Maps and Plans

pdfWorld War II.pdf2.92 MB


While every effort has been taken to ensure accuracy the Jane Cameron National Archives does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in these records.

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