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From the early days of colonisation to present date the Falkland Islands have had a long and close association with the British Navy.

On 12 January 1765 Commodore John BYRON of HMS Dolphin named Port Egmont in honour of the First Lord of Admiralty, John Perceval, 2nd Earl of Egmont.  A year later HMS Jason, a frigate of 32 guns, HMS Carcass a sloop, and the storeship HMS Experiment arrived in Port Egmont 8 January 1766.  The expedition under Captain McBride had all the provisions and necessaries to establish a permanent settlement on Saunders Island. 

In January 1833 Captain Onslow of HMS Clio resumed control of the Falkland Islands for Britain and in January 1842 the first land-based governor, Lieutenant Richard Clement Moody, Royal Engineer, arrived accompanied by a party of Royal Sappers & Miners carefully chosen for their varying skills. 

In 1863 the Admiralty ordered a party of Royal Marines to be stationed in the Falkland Islands and on 8 January 1864 1 officer & his wife, 20 men, 6 women, 8 children, RN surgeon, wife, child and female servant and 1 army surgeon arrived on board the Velocidade to form a permanent land-based garrison.  The Marine Detachment remained until the establishment of a civilian police force in 1878.

From 1964 to 1982 a Royal Marine garrison, Naval Party 8901, maintained a continuous presence in the Falkland Islands.

From the start naval ships made regular visits and a visiting naval ship meant challenges between locals and ships personnel such as football matches, boxing matches, shooting matches, rowing races and tactical exercises.  These visits were also looked forward to with social events being held such as dances, pantomimes and children’s parties.


Admiralty oil barge OC82 at East Jetty circa 1933 – FIC Collection, JCNA


Camber/Navy Point

pdfDEF-NCA-1-1. Coal and other naval stores at Port Stanley.pdf3.18 MB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-2. Proposed lease to the Colonial Government of Admiralty land at Navy Point.pdf469.42 KB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-3. Admiralty land at Navy Point.pdf261.63 KB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-4. Admiralty oiling stations.pdf351.9 KB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-5. Colonial Engineer. Submits report and plan of survey of land for proposed Naval Oil Fuel Storage.pdf190.93 KB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-6. Officer in Charge W-T Station. Sale of Admiralty crane at the Camber.pdf224.84 KB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-7. Report by GP Hayes Civil Engineer to the Admiralty on costs of constructional work at Navy Point.pdf1.43 MB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-8. Closing down of Admiralty works at Navy Point.pdf3.05 MB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-9. G L Challen. Applies to purchase hut and outbuildings at Navy Point.pdf687.73 KB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-10. AAP Neave. Respecting sale of Hutments at the Camber.pdf856.62 KB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-11. Erection of skeleton buildings for the housing of the plant purchased from the Admiralty.pdf772.91 KB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-12. HHR Gresham. Reports persons trespassing near Store Sheds at Naval Depot.pdf384.29 KB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-13. Manager FICo Ltd. Reported trespass at Naval Oil Fuel Depot Stanley.pdf478.34 KB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-14. HHR Gresham. Royalty payable by the Falkland Islands Company in respect of use of sheds at Admiralty Depot.pdf934.63 KB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-15. Purchase of coal ex ss Ullstad.pdf4.53 MB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-16. Report on stock of aviation spirit and lubricating oil maintained at Port Stanley by the Falkland Islands Company on behalf of Admiralty.pdf3.88 MB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-17. Provision of protection to the Admiralty oil fuel installation at the Falkland Islands.pdf1.03 MB

pdfDEF-NCA-1-18. Naval oil fuel depot Stanley.pdf1.11 MB


pdfDEF-NGE-1-1. Return of Princess Marys present for HMS Carnarvon.pdf381.59 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-2. Flour Naval Depot. Application to purchase 200 bags.pdf202.67 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-3. Retention of the Admiralty launch.pdf420.66 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-4. Admiralty steamboat Mosquito. Report on present condition of.pdf213.12 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-5. Competitor Collier. Arrival of also Norman Monarch.pdf1.03 MB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-6. British Transport Collier. Arrival of.pdf431.8 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-7. Admiralty flour. Sale of locally.pdf325.67 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-8. Admiralty steamboat Mosquito. Necessary action respecting.pdf182.45 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-9. Admiralty flour. Suggestions respecting the disposal of proceeds of sale of approved.pdf127.87 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-10. Use of the rifle range on Government property by the Navy.pdf169.4 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-11. Naval Range at Port Stanley. Despatches unanswered CO Reg 180.pdf264.71 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-12. Admiralty Rifle Range. Enquiry as to possibility of Government purchasing.pdf390.14 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-13. Proposed extension of Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Movement to Colonies.pdf628.13 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-14. Naval General Questionnaire ID Form NGQ.pdf1.56 MB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-15. Proposal that warship should be allocated to Stanley as a permanent base.pdf736.95 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-16. Fund for the relief of the dependants of the victims of the submarine Thetis disaster.pdf615.35 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-17. Control of traffic in British defended ports. Advance copy of Chapter VII of the Manual of Coast Defence 1939 CB 3031-39.pdf363.58 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-18. Colonial Naval Volunteer Reserve. Organisation and cost of. Contains MP S12-24.pdf4.03 MB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-19. Rental of offices used by the Naval authority.pdf673.72 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-20. Naval stores discharged at Stanley liable to import duty.pdf968.21 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-21. Pilfering of cargo - ss Esperance Bay.pdf207.92 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-22. Intelligence report by Naval Officer in Charge Falkland Islands.pdf1007.35 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-23. Destruction of fishing net by naval craft.pdf587.85 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-24. Destruction by fire of naval stores known as First and Last.pdf1 MB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-25. Naval Officer-in-Charge. Erection of Nissen huts for storage of naval stores.pdf617.4 KB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-26. Admiralty surplus stores for disposal.pdf3.28 MB

pdfDEF-NGE-1-27. Visit of Uruguayan Naval Officers.pdf513.3 KB

 Visiting HMS Ships

pdfDEF-NVI-1-1. HMS Macedonia. Arrival of.pdf140.77 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-2. HMS Avoca. Orders for.pdf367.24 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-3. Proposed visit to Falkland Islands of British Cruiser Squadron.pdf311.16 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-4. Visit of HMS Colombo to Port Stanley.pdf767.3 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-5. Challenge to the America and West Indies Station Command.pdf1.88 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-6. Forthcoming visit of HMS Cornwall to the Falkland Islands.pdf1.08 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-7. HMS Colombo. Programme of cruise of.pdf973.72 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-8. Visit of HMS Despatch.pdf2.17 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-9. Programme of the cruise of the HMS Durban and HMS Caradoc. March to October.pdf947.73 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-10. Manoeuvres in connection with the Visit of HMS Durban arrangements for transport of troops etc.pdf438.43 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-11. Governor. Requests photographs of HM Ships which have visited the Colony since 1888.pdf729.84 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-12. Visit of HMS Delhi March 1930.pdf1.76 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-13. Visit of HMS Dragon in July 1930.pdf2.23 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-14. Proposed visit if HMS Despatch in February 1931.pdf1.62 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-15. Visit of HMS Danae Dec 1930-Jan 1931.pdf2.11 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-16. Visit of HMS Dauntless.pdf1.74 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-17. Proposed visit of HMS Durban.pdf1.92 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-18. Extracts from a report of proceedings of the Commodore South America in HMS Durban at Stanley from December 1931 to January 1932.pdf164.99 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-1-19. Forthcoming cruises of the Commodore Commanding South American Division of the America and West Indies Station.pdf3.38 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-2-1. Commodore South America expresses gratitude for advice and assistance rendered by Mr G Roberts and Mr LWH Young during visit of HMS Durban at Stanley in 1932-1933.pdf170.01 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-2-2. South American Division. A and WI Station. HMS Cruisers Exeter and York.pdf6.4 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-2-3. Visits of His Majestys warships to Stanley.pdf8.45 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-2-4. James White. Damage of motor boat by pinnace from HMS Exeter while at Stanley November 1937.pdf407.28 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-2-5. Commodore Exeter. Proposed bombardment practices by HM Ships Exeter and Ajax.pdf912.15 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-2-6. Alleged landings of dutiable goods from HMS Exeter.pdf667.24 KB

pdfDEF-NVI-2-7. HM Ships comprising America and West Indies Station. Visits to Stanley.pdf5.32 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-2-8. Visit of His Majestys ships.pdf7.1 MB

pdfDEF-NVI-2-9. Visit of His Majestys ships.pdf7.41 MB

 Maps and Plans

pdfNaval Admiralty general maps and plans.pdf19.14 MB


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