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On 15 November 1923 D R Watson, the Officer Commanding the Falkland Islands Defence Force wrote to the Governor applying for permission to form a rifle club for the members of the Defence Force.  This was approved 21 November 1923.

The Rifle Club applied to be affiliated with the National Rifle Association in June 1927 and the first local Bisley Meeting was held on the Old Range on 10th and 11th March 1928.  The local Bisley was held annually except for a break of four years during World War II.


pdfDEF-FIR-1 Falkland Islands Defence Force Miniature Rifle Club Committee Minute Book 27 June 1930 to 25 June 1964.pdf(9.88 MB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-1 OC Defence Force. F I Defence Force Rifle Club. Application for permission to formation of.pdf(144.64 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-2 Miniature rifle range.pdf(760.13 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-3 OC Defence Force. Result of the prize shooting held on the 14th February 1926.pdf(84.22 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-4 Proposed affiliation of the Defence Force Rifle club to the National Rifle Association.pdf(4.4 MB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-5 OC Defence Force. Defence Force Rifle Club.pdf(2.53 MB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-6 Competitions of the Falkland Islands Defence Rifle Club.pdf(4.71 MB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-7 Scores of the competition for the Stanley Cup. 8 December 1927.pdf(129.37 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-8 OC Defence Force. Bullet stop miniature rifle range.pdf(131.79 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-9 Rules of the FIDF Rifle Association.pdf(890.5 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-10 Presentation cups received from Vice-Admiral Sir Cyril Fuller KCB CMG DSO.pdf(189.97 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-11 Proposed formation of a miniature rifle club.pdf(238.27 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-12 Adjutant FIDF. Formation of a miniature rifle club.pdf(289.67 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-13 Competition for the Stanley Cup 8 December 1930.pdf(726.43 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-14 Miniature Rifle Club FIDF. Winners of Dominion Clubs team competition 1933.pdf(79.6 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-15 Adjutant FIDF. Overseas .303 full range postal match. Question of entering a team from Defence Force Rifle Association.pdf(79.6 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-16 The Stanley Cup. Conditions governing the award of.pdf(320.36 KB)

pdfDEF-FIR-2-17 Forces Day .22 rifle shooting competition 1946.pdf(569.46 KB)



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